In 1984, I was six years old. Sitting with my cousins, I watched a Star Destroyer chase down a small Corellian Corvette. I had never seen anything like it, and from that moment Star Wars became a lifelong passion. It only took 31 years for me finally start a Star Wars blog and accompanying Star Wars podcast, but here we are. Here we’ll be sharing our thoughts on anything related to the saga from the movies, animated shows, toys, collectibles, books, comics, games and more, whenever the mood strikes, or whenever you might ask.

As much as we want to dump our thoughts, we want to hear yours, too! Whether it’s on a comment on a blog post on this site, or on the facebook page, on twitter, instagram, or by email, if you have any comments, questions, or want us to chime in on anything related to the galaxy far, far away, please don’t be shy. We went through many years keeping our passion for Star Wars quieter than it deserved to be to all but to a select few who have tolerated us with varying degrees of patience! We definitely want to share this saga with you so please connect in whatever way you want.

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We’re a founding member of the Star Wars Commonwealth, a band of podcasters looking to push the envelope on Star Wars talk across the galaxy!