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And just like that, we’ve hit the mid-season break! Man has this gone all too quickly! But never fear, we’re back to talk about the thrilling mid-season finale “Rebel Assault” in all its glory!

We also work in a couple listener interactions, and talk a bit about what’s to come in the final 6 episodes!

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Bridger Transmissions

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Comments (2)

  1. Good work by you guys

    Hera said in Ep 8 end that launching attack on Next rotation or in other words the Next day, So a ceremony was held in these 18 + hours and she became general while her crew is stranded on Lothal.

    Kallus wasn’t in Rogue one which doesn’t make sense as he was imperial (Unless DEAD)

    Thrawn was pretty much silent in season 3 as well, where he let goes rebels e:g Ep 1 Hera heroes etc and then only attacks once. May be we will get a full orbital bombardment like in Ezra’s vision (Trailer first instant)
    I am also thinking that Thrawn is calling Vader in 2nd part to end this rebellion as the word Sinister plays a meaning.

    I would say that some episodes were just dragged here and some were great but not fully concluding like Saw being normal in S4 and no leg Saw in Rogue 1

    Ahsoka stroy might be handled like a 1 episode thing and may be of about 45 minutes and just wrap her story

    The trailer might confirm what is going to happen and I hope it’s great

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, and especially for listening! How did you find us?

      I agree with you that there had to be a promotion between episodes. My problem is that Hera is special enough that we should have seen that happen. She deserves that, doesn’t she?

      I still think Kallus is going to pay the price, which will fully explain why he wasn’t in Rogue One. As for Ahsoka…I’m hoping for solid answers but not expecting them.

      Thanks again so much for listening and commenting!

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