Saw Gerrera .Vs. Mon Mothma/In Depth Look

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first act commenced with Senator Mon Mothma dispatching Jyn Erso to the planet of Jedha to mend the rift between herself and Extremist Saw Gerrera. After Saw Gerrera made his debut in Season Three of Star Wars Rebels, he resurfaced in the second trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season Four. It is clear based off of footage from the trailer that we will see the dramatic schism of the Rebel Alliance, mentioned in Rogue One, play out  between cell leader and extremist Saw Gerrera, and major alliance leader Mon Mothma. In a clip of upcoming episode, “In the Name of the Rebellion,” Saw and Mothma have a very heated argument. From this, it is clearly evident that a break is going to happen.

Before we dive deep, Dave Filoni, touched that topic in Rebels recon back in Season 3 of the finale, “You will see Mon Mothma again, you will see Saw Gerrera again, You’ll get much more of an insight into seeing how that relationship breaks down and breaks apart….”

First we need to take a closer look at the history of these two different leaders. The morals and values that they each believe in are a result of the different lives that have each led up to this point.

We saw, Saw (no pun intended) fight for his home planet, Onderon, back in the Clone Wars. As was frequently hinted, Saw viewed the war as a “crusade” to liberate the planet from the Separatists one that depended solely on military action. As he mentioned in the first episode of the arc, “War on Two Fronts,” “politics have failed us. We have no choice.” For this reason, he loved do heavy damage against the Separatists. However, he already showed signs of being a different leader. Unlike his sister Steela, who stressed the objective of winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the Onderon people, Saw had no qualms about the collateral damage that took place despite. (S05E05). Things drastically changed in the final battle of the war when a Separatist gunship killed his sister. He blamed himself for her death and deeply regretted what had happened. In this way, Saw became aware of the bitter cost of war.


Many of these continuities that took place in the Onderon arc returned in Star Wars Rebels. After the Republic became the Empire, Onderon endured another military occupation. With all of his hard work undone, it is understandable that Saw became bitter. He blamed the Jedi for losing the war (as he hinted in Ghosts of Geonosis part II) and thus once again believed that Onderon was on its own in its fight against the Empire. This most likely built his extremist mind. He created his own rebel cell and committed himself to the fight against the Empire. “I’m fighting for you and everyone not to lose what they’ve got” Then after the empire took over he was one of the first leaders to create a rebel cell.

Mon Mothma, the Senator of Chandrilla, is different from Saw in that she views war from an opposing lens. In the final years of the Galactic Republic, she engaged in a political endeavor to preserve the democratic institutions of the Republic from within the Senate, on Coruscant. However, she was fighting against an unstoppable force: the Emperor and his gradual takeover of the Senate, which gradually became less democratic and instead more upholden to the Chancellor’s dictatorial policies.  In some deleted scenes back in Revenge of the Sith, we see her working alongside Bail Organa, Padme Amidala and some other senators in a coalition known as the Delegation of 2000 draft a petition demanding that Palpatine restore democracy once the war was at an end. But it was an unmitigated failure. In this way, when the Emperor announced the creation of the “first galactic empire,” what Mon Mothma and other Senators lost was the democratic government that she was so desperately trying to save and preserve.

Later when both leaders appeared in Rebels we see the leaders enter Season three in two very unique ways. Saw is already on a mission, and he lost his entire team. Mon, on the other hand, is on the run and hunted by the Empire. He is very aware of the evil of the empire and has only suffered another loss. Mon is still holding out that diplomacy will prevail.In an interview with EW Filoni spoke about Saw, “Saw’s always seeking his own path, and he’s certain of the evil the Empire’s up to and there can be no peace,” he says. “He’s been pushed even further down that path of belief.” How can that be hard to believe given that he became the guardian of the creator’s daughter of the Death Star project? Along the way hes also found bits and pieces indicating “that the empire was up to something big”. Word passes around. He was on Geonosis looking for clues.

How can that be hard to believe given that he had the creator’s daughter of the evil project? Along the way hes also found bits and pieces indicating “that the empire was up to something big”. Word passes around. He was on Geonosis looking for clues.

So how does the ghost crew fits into this storyline? What kind moves do they make? The Rebels in season 2 were unaware when they found the debris and stations surrounding the planet Geonosis that that they had stumbled onto the biggest project in the galaxy. However, they were suspicious, given that there were no signs of life on the surface.

It also seems as though Ezra could start to see Saw’s point of view, although they didn’t see eye to eye with their first counter. “The Empire is already on the verge of winning a war. Most of the rebel alliance doesn’t already believe it’s begun” Does his opinion change after losing in Zero Hour? We know how desperate he wants to save his home, Lothal. Love for his home is not the only thing that drives his character. A large part of Ezra’s arc was to learn more about what happened to his parents, and after he discovered from Ryder Azadi that they had heard his message in Season 1, Ezra perhaps hopes to honor his parents dying wish. And ironically in the clip we see Ezra talking to Kanan and making his thoughts known on how they should fight.

In the same interview Dave added that Alliance leaders including Mon and Bail, “still hold out hope the Senate can find a peaceful way to resolve everything, and it won’t come to all-out war. Saw is trying to get the evidence and prove out that he’s right. We have some fun scenes when he interacts with Mon Mothma and it shows the fractures between the two.”

The new clip definitely shows the fractures. The voice of Mon Mothma sent shivers down my spine. Such command in her voice, it was quite a performance! Most likely when we see the episode, it will only get better for what she has to say.


Mon wanted to talk to Saw…..but why? Agreeing to disagree? How this war should be fought? It was clear that she would stand her ground.”So long as our allies in the senate have hope of a peaceful resolution to this conflict. I will not risk” Then she called Saw a criminal. Naming what he has done to innocents and his enemies that have surrendered. She has a moral code of honor and highly believes in rules of engagement and on not rising to their opponent’s level. Which moves on to the second topic  

Is Saw really a criminal? “The empire considers us both criminals, at least I act like one”.  He openly admit that he is a criminal. And he wasn’t ashamed of it. He targets civilians and as Mon pointed out he “breaks every rule of engagement”. However, up until this point, and until his death in Rogue One, Saw was fighting an actual war. Unlike Mon, he sees men and women die every day and has become quite aware of how bloody and costly war is. Saw perhaps feels that Mon is not aware of what it takes. And sometimes sacrificing honor is necessary. It’s hard for a man to feel pain when they’ve already been through too much.

I personally don’t agree with his extremist ideology, but war, as it does with all soldiers, gradually makes them more implacable and resistant to the costs. As Mon Mothma says, it “degrades them” to the point of becoming inhuman. In the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan also says: “war also distorts our point of view. If we sacrifice our code even for victory, we risk losing something more important. Our honor.”

The issue of becoming too embroiled in open warfare against the Empire is a theme that plagues the Rebels at the end of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. In the Zero Hour, we saw the rebels forces crushed! They were plainly unprepared to fight. It is not just a catastrophe since the Phoenix Squadron lost on Atollon. The fact that General Dodonna, General Sato and Captain Syndulla, three of the best generals in the Alliance, got outclassed by Thrawn, convinces Mon Mothma that full scale war would destroy the Alliance. This only shows how weak, and disorganized the Rebellion still is, and how much growth it still needs to make. Mon, understandably, doesn’t want to fight and would prefer to wait for the right time. Part of this mindset may be hers and Bail’s goal of keeping Senator Amidala’s memory alive. Even in Rogue One, we may see how divided the Rebel Alliance council leaders were on whether or not they were prepared for war against the Empire. As one of the leaders stated, “if it’s war you want, you will fight alone.” Another questioned General Dravin’s decision of attacking the Imperial base on Eadu. Earlier, when we meet Mon Mothma in Secret Cargo, a team of Rebels from Gold Squadron escort her. In the Rebels Recon episode of Secret Cargo, Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy note how different many of the rebel cells are. In the case of General Dodonna and Gold Squadron, they most likely operated on a more covert level, protecting convoys and attacking soft Imperial targets. This may explain why they were so critical of the Phoenix Squadron and their bold attacks on the Empire. As Gold 2 scolded Ezra, “You might think twice before you pull off another stunt like that. The imperials have tightened security throughout the entire Outer Rim as a result. You are making things harder for all of us.” The fact that Gold 2 thinks this way shows how not all of the rebellion fights in the same way. Nor do they all see eye to eye. This is a brilliant move on the part of the makers to make the Rebellion that much more complex and realistic as an organization.

In our current story in Season 4, the reference about ignoring the ‘Delindi relay’ only shows the actual struggle that the Rebels have, and how important this episode will be to the larger story on ‘the growing up story’ of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

In conclusion, this story will show of that the rebellion was not a well-oiled machine when we first saw them in A New Hope. These two unique leaders of the star wars universe are both wrong and right. A decision of war is a hard one. There is always conflict within. And I can’t wait to see the story unfold until then. Watch the clip that I was referring to below. And May the force be with you.


Solo: A Star Wars Story

We just got news that Ron Howard has wrapped shooting on the Han Solo movie, and that it’s going to be titled Solo: A Star Wars Story.

  • It’s a bit bland but if it hints at Han’s eventual role as an estranged, lone wolf then I think it works. Simple and elegant.
  • The logo also evokes a vintage Star Wars feel, but has a slightly cartoonish angle to it, which maybe hints at a bit of the comedic tone the film may have.
  • Bigger takeaway is May 25th. They seem very intent on this. I wouldn’t mind if they moved it to allow for a non-rushed post production but they’ve got 7+ months to get this done. That’s enough when you consider the major reshoots for Rogue One in August of 2016 still permitted the movie to drop in December.
  • The biggest factor that fans likely don’t give a rip about probably has the biggest impact: Manufacturers are plowing ahead with production of toys and other products for this film. Food chains, and other retailers are building out their marketing programs which require fixed dates for planning. Once product is in production, and partners are crafting marketing plans, we pass the point of no return. 
  • I’d still like to see it moved to Xmas for selfish “new tradition” reasons, but it’s not going to happen.

What do you think of the title?

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The Least of All Evils

Recently we ran a poll that gave out a pretty surprising result. But first, the question:


So, Reylo ran away with this one. I can’t say I disagree. It’s an awful, depressing thought for many reasons, the least of which that it takes a great character like Rey, and reduces her to yet another girl with bad judgement in guys. Nope, Rey is better than that and Kylo…well…he doesn’t deserve her.

But what about the other options? 23% of respondents thought that revisiting the chosen one prophecy is a bad idea. This is my pick for most annoying option. Let’s tarnish the legacy of Lucas’ work, and the central character by reducing his role to that of a never-was. Everything we learned about Anakin and his power, his destiny would have been for naught.

Luke without a lightsaber? A fright to be sure, but I *think* there’s a version of this trilogy where a saberless Luke can still be compelling. I don’t want to see it, but I’m preparing myself for it.

Snoke is Plagueis? A scant 10% don’t like this idea. Seems like people are more or less cozy with the idea that Palpatine’s old master is in fact still around. It’s not awful, but I’m hoping for something original.

What do you think? Let me know on twitter, facebook or in the comments below.

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Gong Solo

Last night’s bombshell about Lord & Miller’s firing from the Han Solo film is still making waves. Because this is the internet, and because nobody asked, here are some scattered bullet point thoughts on the unfolding drama:

  • What conversations took place when Lord and Miller were hired? What were they told about how much of their vision was actually wanted? Did Kennedy and Lucasfilm even know how “meddlesome” they’d eventually be? Remember, Lord and Miller were hired in early July of 2015 – a full year before the drama of Rogue One’s making came to light. Maybe neither party had reason to think that creating a standalone would come to this?
  • But it has come to this. Why? Who’s to blame? Personally I don’t think it reflects very well on Lucasfilm and Kennedy at the moment. If the Han Solo movie still turns out to be a hit, all will be forgiven, and Kennedy will have even more faith (and power) than she already does. Let’s not forget that this is one of the most accomplished people in the movie business. Her moves may not be popular, but she’s entirely capable of rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty.
  • Apparently this happened because Kasdan wrote one thing, and Lord & Miller decided to put their own spin on what he wrote. In a Variety article outlining the drama, it says “People need to understand that Han Solo is not a comedic personality. He’s sarcastic and selfish,” This makes it sound like Kasdan wrote one version, while the other was being captured on film. Here’s the news, folks: if you don’t do what your bosses ask of you, you will be fired. The boss may be wrong. Stubborn. Shortsighted. Weak. Afraid, even. But they are the boss, and removing insubordinates is their prerogative. And if they think multi-million-dollar projects are in jeopardy of going sideways, it’s their responsibility to act, even if chaos ensues.
  • I respect both sides of this; for Kennedy’s firm hand in knowing how to bring a Star Wars movie to life, and making a bold call now that may border on unprofessional. But she’s siding with the person who knows Han Solo better than anyone not named George Lucas. How is that a bad thing?
  • Rogue One’s reshoots had to be a jarring experience for all, and Gareth Edwards’ decision to be part of the solution is a commendable one. On the flip side, Lord and Miller decided that their integrity as artists was important, and forced Kennedy’s hand. I respect that they stood up for themselves, and their vision. It’s a shame we won’t get to see their film on screen because everything they’ve ever done has been really entertaining. But both Lord and Miller will land on their feet. They’ve been doing this long enough that they’re not going to be out of work for very long. This isn’t a case of putting a family out on the street due to joblessness.
  • As for allegations that the set was a very polarizing place, and that the co-directors were prone to going off-script? I have no idea if that’s true or not. Quotes and soundbites from the cast made it sound like a positive place to be, so who really knows? But I’ll refer to an earlier point: don’t alienate your bosses. Bad move.
  • I wonder if this drama is part of the reason why Lucasfilm has taken SO long to announce the next standalone? Obviously there is a lot of friction when it comes to making non-saga movies. Lucasfilm wants a Star Wars movie to be a Star Wars movie, and with good reason. We pretend to be open, forgiving fans. There’s no shortage of people saying they want different voices and different looks to the galaxy far, far away, but Lucasfilm evidently doesn’t believe that. I personally don’t believe that, either. The prequels were proof positive of that. Hardcore fans will crucify the powers that be if they bungle a movie, even once. Kennedy and Lucasfilm is using all powers within their right to avoid making a bad movie. It’s messy, but I’ll never accuse them of being careless.
  • This is a gutsy call from Kennedy, and Lucasfilm. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right call. But whatever Han Solo turns out to be, had better be really, really good. What we had seen from Lord and Miller’s version had taken skeptics by surprise and gotten them excited. Version 2.0 better live up to this gong show. If Han Solo makes a billion dollars, all is forgiven. That will mean Star Wars fans across the world loved it, and it will probably mean critics loved it too.
  • One thing’s for sure: critics are going to scrutinize this movie much harder now. Lord and Miller are a respected duo, so replacing them now had better result in a movie worthy of critical praise.
  • While this is grounds for serious concern, the good news is that the movie is still happening, and it looks like Kasdan himself, Ron Howard, or Joe Johnston will come to the rescue. That’s not a bad thing. It’s also projected to be on time, unless someone decides that what Lord and Miller have filmed is unuseable.
  • This dramatic chapter in Star Wars history illustrates with great zeal that creatives don’t quite have the autonomy that they’d all have us believe. Star Wars movies have to be made like a Star Wars movie, and have to feel like a Star Wars movie. When it comes to the standalones, Lucasfilm is still clearly uncomfortable with the process, and are being heavy handed in securing their vision. What does this mean for future standalones? More diverse voices? Or reverting to names and faces that they already know? (i.e. the old boys club is now on speed dial?)
  • In the end, this sucks. But Lucasfilm is 2-for-2 in the Disney ownership era. Until they produce crap, they get the benefit of the doubt, right?

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Episode 77 – The Iconic Thing

Hey everyone!

Welcome back for another rousing “Totally New TumblingSaber Tuesday”! Unless you live under a rock, you no doubt saw the amazing Vanity Fair photos from the set of The Last Jedi, as well as the incredibly insightful stories that went along with them. We’ll talk about them all, and focus in on General Leia.

We also talk about Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, no love story in The Last Jedi, and more! To cap things off, we have a slew of listener questions to dissect! So strap yourselves in and enjoy the show!

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You’re Going to Regret This

Continue Leia's story

Caution: potential major spoiler for The Last Jedi below. Consider yourselves warned.

Star Wars fans have spent countless intense hours debating what Lucasfilm should do with Leia’s character in the aftermath of Carrie Fisher’s passing. The opinions range from “kill her off in The Last Jedi” to “kill her early in episode 9”, to “recast the role, and see Leia’s story through to it’s original conclusion”. Each case has it’s pros and cons.

But for this blogger, there’s only one correct answer.

Finish Leia’s story as it was originally intended.


Because many moons ago, some very smart, creative, and talented people got together and fleshed out story arcs for our beloved heroes from the galaxy far, far away. But in December 2016, the big bad wolf huffed, puffed, and blew the house down. Carrie Fisher was struck down before Leia’s complete story could be told.

As stated in the huge Vanity Fair piece, the powers that be had to move from grieving to pragmatism very quickly. A retooling of episode 9 had to take place, presumably to work around Carrie’s passing.

What a mistake. Telling passages from David Kamp’s Vanity Fair piece seem to make Leia’s future quite clear:

Fisher’s death doesn’t change anything about The Last Jedi except make it more poignant: the film farewell of both the actress and the character. But it does change Episode IX, for which, as Fisher hoped, a central role for Leia had been planned. Kennedy, Trevorrow, and the Lucasfilm team have been compelled to swing from grieving into pragmatic mode, working out how to reconceive the next film in the saga, which is scheduled to start shooting in January.

What? Did they just spoil Leia’s fate in The Last Jedi? More than six months before the film’s release? What the hell just happened here? Softening the blow? Letting us down gently? To call this a curious decision is putting it mildly, especially considering how insanely close-to-the-vest Lucasfilm likes to keep things. Is there another way to interpret this quote? It’s definitely the farewell for Carrie. Is The Last Jedi the end for Leia as well? I can’t imagine Lucasfilm green-lighting this spoiler at any stage of the film’s production, or ramp-up period, yet here we are.

Look, I get it. Carrie is Leia. Leia is Carrie. They’re intertwined, forever synonymous with each other. They are both a part of our DNA as fans of this franchise. We’ve all grieved, and some are still grieving over her loss. That’s fine. For many, the thought of seeing another actress on-screen as Leia is revolting and a non-starter. I understand the sentiment.

But mark my words: if Lucasfilm takes the easy path of writing Leia out because Carrie is no longer with us, we’ll all regret it soon enough. We will all have to bear the brunt of that mistake for the rest of our saga-loving lives. Five, or maybe ten years from now you’ll sit down to watch episode 9. You’ll get cozy, grab a cold drink, and some popcorn. Dim the lights, crank up the volume….and there’s Leia’s premature death. Your fan brain will note this was done because Lucasfilm was AFRAID to forge ahead with the (presumably) terrific story they had conceived for her, for fear of fan backlash over a new face accepting the mantle as General Organa. You’ll forever wonder what the original plans for the film, and character was. If the saying “your first instinct is usually correct”, then episode 9 is bound for a let-down.

That’s a damn shame.

Cutting the knees out from under Leia’s story does a disservice to the story of Star Wars, and it’s especially a disservice to Leia, who deserves as epic and fitting a farewell as Anakin, Han Solo, Obi-Wan, and at some point, Luke.

It’s a disservice to fans, even the ones who don’t yet realize it.

It’s a disservice to Carrie, a great storyteller in her own right. I’d bet my last dime that she would not want her character to be disposed of hastily just because she was no longer in the credits.

But it’s done now. The powers that be re-wrote episode 9 earlier in 2017 in light of Carrie’s passing. Perhaps a decision made with compromised feelings due to her death?

It’s not engraved in stone to say that there’s only ONE WAY to end Leia’s story. Version 2.0 of Leia’s fate can be a fitting, and satisfying one. That duty now falls to Colin Trevorrow, the guy who directed Jurassic World; a film that while a spectacle, was not noted for it’s storytelling. The trust also falls to Derek Connolly, the guy who wrote the screenplay for Jurassic World, and to this flop:

Still optimistic? As Obi-Wan says: “Don’t let your personal feelings get in the way!”

Don’t let your nostalgic sensibilities get in the way of a good story.

I had hoped for more from Kathleen Kennedy and the leaders at Lucasfilm; bravery, confidence, and resoluteness in the face of backlash. It’s a shame that appears to not be the case. I pray that I’m wrong. I’ve nodded with enthusiastic agreement over nearly every single choice that has they’ve made on behalf of the saga, and it’s fans. This seeming decision threatens to tear that all down.

As always, comments are welcome. If you enjoyed this, or find the least bit thought-provoking, please give it a share on twitter or facebook so the debate can rage on.

Endless Star Wars 6 – What if Ahsoka hadn’t left the Jedi Order?

Hey everyone! It’s time for another trip in to the unknown with Endless Star Wars! This week we ask our amazing panel of writers to tackle the following question:

“What if Ahsoka hadn’t left the Jedi Order?”

She would stay loyal to Anakin and join the Dark Side. Surprised?

You shouldn’t be.

Ahsoka struggles with the same attachment issues as Anakin. She’s headstrong, she’s passionate, and she’s loyal to a fault. She would do anything for Skyguy, and that includes joining him on Team Sith.

It wouldn’t even be difficult to convince her that the Jedi are corrupt. After all, when she was framed for murder, they threw her under the landspeeder. Her response to that treatment was to quit, but had she stayed instead, she certainly would have harbored some resentment. As she watched the Jedi turn a cold shoulder to Anakin’s concerns for Padme’s life, she wouldn’t forget Anakin’s loyalty to her when everyone else had turned their backs. She would return the favor when he informed her the Jedi were traitors against the Republic and that he was going to do something about it.

Combine that with her friendship with the clones, her youth and naivete, and I believe she’d be too deep in the trees to see the forest of lies surrounding her. She would side with her friends over those grouches in the Jedi Council, and it wouldn’t be until much later that she would start to unpack what she had done and regret it. That is, if the Dark Side hadn’t already taken complete hold of her by that point.

Ultimately, it’s best that she left the Jedi when she did. She separated herself from Anakin’s toxic influence and saw the Empire’s rise from the margins, where she could more fully comprehend its horror. Had she been in the thick of it, I believe she would have made very different choices.

Michael is a writer for RetroZap regularly contributing to the Power to the Prequels and Bond Night columns: and
He’s also the co-owner of George Shot First, an apparel company dedicated to celebrating and showing support for George Lucas:
You can find him on Twitter @oconnoblog and @georgeshot1st; He also has Facebook pages for both George Shot First and OCONNOBLOG.


Ben from The Skyhoppers Podcast

Ahsoka is a character with principles, and sticking to those principles is what keeps her from returning to the Jedi Order after they accuse her of being a terrorist, even though that means walking away from everything she’s ever known. How can she trust an organization that doesn’t trust her? However, if she’d decided to stay, it might’ve have altered galactic history.

When Anakin goes to assist the other Jedi in their confrontation of Palpatine, it would stand to reason that he would bring Ahsoka with him. Sure, he might view her as inexperienced and leave her behind, but there’s an equally strong argument for him wanting her help. When the two of them walk in on Mace Windu cornering Palpatine, things might begin to happen much the same way that they do in canon. However, Anakin has the support of Ahsoka in his moment of weakness. She’s there to subconsciously remind him of the Jedi way and act as a pillar of strength when he would otherwise fold completely. Ahsoka wouldn’t necessarily help Anakin accept Padme’s death, but she could pull him back from the brink and keep him from becoming Darth Vader.

With Anakin still planted firmly on the Light side, it’s very possible that he and Ahsoka defeat Palpatine then and there, ending the Rule of Two and narrowly keeping the Sith from taking over the galaxy. Anakin is clearly regretful when he kills Windu, so it’s clear that he’s still only on the edge of the Dark side. With Ahsoka there to pull him back, the galaxy is never plunged into darkness and the Original Trilogy never happens.

You can find the Skyhoppers on twitter, and they’re newly added to Google+. Find all of their podcast episodes here.


Nathan Roberts, from the Luminous Beings Podcast:

Asajj crept through the bowels of Coruscant, her lock of blonde hair blown slightly out of place by a jet of hot air from an overhead vent. She growled to herself. She liked this new look of hers, but it was much more maintenance than she had become used to.

Up ahead Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano questioned passersby about a missing clone trooper. Some trivial matter Asajj couldn’t care less about. She had cut down enough clones during the war she didn’t see them as people. Admittedly, she wasn’t sure if that was by choice or not. But what was her choice was the vengeance she would soon take against Padawan Tano. That treacherous little Togruta had betrayed her! They had a deal and when it was time for Tano to pay her due she had left Asajj high and dry as the Jundland Wastes. There was never going to be any pardon. The Jedi would never have just let her off the hook for her actions during the war. They’d rather saber off their own limbs than trust a former Sith acolyte and general of the Confederacy. Unlike Tano, Ventress had actually committed the horrific acts that she was accused of. Her new job as a bounty hunter didn’t much help.

As she softly tread closer and closer to the two Jedi she suddenly felt something. It was strange. Like a black cloud that slowly became thinker and thicker, surrounding the two Jedi. It reminded her of twilight on Dathomir, if a time of day could have a feeling. As though darkness was falling on – no. As though they were falling into darkness. But while she felt it happening, it wasn’t happening now. She was seeing the future for the first time. This revelation astounded her. Two heroes of the Republic – famous in Republic and Separatist space – were bound to fall.

How perfect. Asajj saw a better revenge than murder. She knew how the dark side betrayed all who use it in the end. Letting Tano live, allowing fate to have its way with her, was the worst pain Ventress could afflict on an enemy.

She crept back into shadow, leaving Ahsoka Tano to her doom.

You can find Nathan on twitter, and his podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!


We hope you enjoyed this instalment of Endless Star Wars! Fist bumps to Rob, Katie, and Tyler for another job well done! Be sure to check them all out on the twitter machine, and at their social media sites.

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Endless Star Wars 5 – Kylo Goes Home

Endless Star Wars

Greetings earthlings! Thanks for coming back for another edition of Endless Star Wars! This week, our brave panel tackles the interesting question of:

“What if Kylo had gone home with Han?”

Let’s see what they have to say!

Rob from Talk Star Wars:

Kylo holds out his lightsaber for Han to take. In this instant, we switch the result, and Han is able to grab the lightsaber from Kylo unimpeded. He tosses it over the balcony to the abyss below (after all, it’s a symbol of his dark side persona and who needs to be reminded?)

“Thank you”, Kylo breathes.

Nice and tidy, ride off into the sunset ending? Not quite. Worth keeping in mind the numerous First Order Stormtroopers watching the exchange. At this point, no doubt, they’d open fire on Han and Ben. Of course, we know from the opening act that Ben can intercept and hold blaster bolts, but can he stop a barrage of them? I’m going to say yes, but for a short period.

Ben runs in front of Han and holds his hands aloft. The bolts are intercepted in mid-air, and Han and Ben move forwards out of their reach before they are left to fire into the bridge. Another barrage, but it’s clear he’s struggling to contain them. He’s at full strength, but he’s still tapping his reserves with each round of bolts.

Eventually, one gets through. I’m going to assume for the purposes of storytelling that it hits Han. He’s been filling the Obi-Wan role from ANH throughout the movie. He staggers back, but this time Ben’s face doesn’t feel the touch of Han’s outstretched hand. He tumbles into the abyss with Ben’s lightsaber.

Ben is angry. How could this have happened? He wasn’t strong enough. Vader wouldn’t have let one through. The target of his ire is initially the troopers. He begins attempting to send the bolts back the way they came, suddenly drawing on his anguish at having lost a father he’d just regained. Chewie is probably doing his bit to help out, so there may not be as many troopers to fight as there might have been.

Ben is still angry. He needs an outlet. He looks up, and sees Finn and Rey. Of course, if not for the traitor and the girl, Han wouldn’t be in this mess and none of this would have happened. He will find them and make them pay.

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Kate from Blabba the Hutt:

If Kylo had went home with Han I imagine a difficult transition with his family. Kylo would need to do something big in order to prove his alliances and win back their trust. Perhaps a good start would be the destruction of Snoke. With Snoke out of the way, Kylo could help The Resistance bring down the First Order and restore peace to the Galaxy…

You can find Kate at Nerds of Paradise, and of course, Blabba The Hutt!


From Tyler at Unmistakably Star Wars:

Kylo going home with Han, instead of running him through, would impact Rey’s story the most. Instead of whooping on Kylo in a lightsaber duel and reaching out to discover her ability to harness the Force in yet another way she would have hopped on the Falcon and flown off to the Resistance base along with the guy who just tried to torture her.

Instead of focusing on Rey’s development as a Force user it will have shifted to the return of Kylo (or should we start calling him Ben?) and the reconciliation of his relationship with his family, which will present an immense challenge, especially with his uncle. Due to the guilt both Han and Leia feel about their poor parenting (or at least so they insinuate) mending their relationship would likely be easier, think Prodigal Son meets Home Alone — everybody made poor choices. Yet, Ben murdered Luke’s new Jedi order, no easy fix there.

Instead of Rey going to find Luke, now it is a reunited Solo family. The mending process has a sense of urgency with the First Order still looming, but will still take time to rebuild trust. And what better way than an all expenses paid family retreat on Ahch-To?

With the Skywalker/Solo clan back together the Resistance’s effort is now doubled with the information Ben Solo provides. The family asks Rey to join them in the fight and offer to train her, but with no dramatic event to convince Rey that she should abandon her hope that her family will return what is she to do? She considers the offer, looking longingly at what could be her adopted family, (the screen even turns to a warm fuzzy vignette around them as she looks on at all the fun they are having together) she decides she will never truly belong and returns to Jakku never to realize her full potential. She lives out her days on Jakku entertaining young orphans with her under developed Force powers.

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Endless Star Wars 4 – Failure to Communicate

Endless Star Wars 4

Welcome back one and all to this week’s edition of Endless Star Wars, where we attempt to answer the unanswerable questions from the galaxy far, far away!

This week’s panel is an abbreviated one, but that just gives us more time to ponder the wild possibilities presented by Tyler of Unmistakably Star Wars, and Tim from The Nerd Room.

This week’s question was:

“What if Jyn’s team failed to transmit the plans to Raddus’ ship?”

From Tyler at Unmistakably Star Wars:

I can see one of two scenarios happening…

#1. As soon as Krennic realizes that Jyn is trying to transmit the plans via the dish at the top of the Citadel Tower, he orders it destroyed by a Tie Fighter swooping past. This leaves Jyn and Cassian no choice but to run across the beach, dodging fire from AT-ACTs and jump into a waiting U-Wing, which has arrived with the full ground assault team, following the destruction of the planetary deflector shield by the quick thinking Admiral Raddus, and the brave sacrifice of the Hammerhead corvette Lightmaker’s captain Kado Oquoné and his remaining crew. The U-Wing takes off and, after some quick maneuvering, and a few dicy moments with Ties on their tail, jump into hyperspace just before the arrival of Vader on the Devastator. (So the ending of Rogue One before reshoots?) The plans arrive at Yavin IV for analysis, and the attack on the Death Star is planned. All the while, Leia escapes the battle over Scarif, but because she doesn’t have the plans Vader does not pursue. She is able to reach the surface of Tatooine and pick up Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke in person. Obi-Wan explains the whole family dynamic in order to avoid any insestual situations (thankgoodness!) and together the Skywalker Twins destroy the most powerful weapon in the galaxy! Obi-Wan goes on to reunite with Yoda and they train a new generation of Jedi, starting with Luke and Leia. The New Order confronts the Emperor and Vader, winning of course, and bring an end to the Empire. The Jedi Order, the Republic, and Galaxy-wide peace are restored.

#2. Jyn and Cassian resign to the fact that they cannot survive, and they have their beach party as they wait for the arrival of the warm glow of vaporizing light and energy from the weapon Jyn’s father created. Raddus’ assault on Scarif is deemed a total failure and the fragile Alliance falls apart. Leia still attempts contact Obi-Wan Kenobi, but her transmissions are intercepted by the Empire. Vader pursues his old master, and destroys him. Leia is imprisoned and tortured. The Empire uses the Death Star to reign terror down on Rebel Systems, destroying the only thing they ever really had… hope. But! Luke finally makes it to Tosche Station to pick up power converters, so at least there’s that…

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Tim from The Nerd Room Podcast:

The failure to transmit the Death Star plans would cripple the Rebellion’s ability to fight the most powerful weapon in the galaxy but it certainly doesn’t lead to their demise.

The transmission of the Death Star plans was the catalyst for Vader’s pursuit of Princess Leia. Leia’s capture directly lead to the destruction of Alderaan and the discovery of the Rebel Base on Yavin 4. So in the event the plans are not transmitted it is entirely possible that the Rebel Base remains hidden from the Empire and Alderaan avoids destruction.

Now with Vader’s focus elsewhere, Leia would have still made her trip to Tatooine to contact Obi-Wan only without the Empire hot on their tail. Recognizing the importance of Leia’s presence, Obi-Wan would have agreed to join the fight against the Empire bringing ‘the chosen one’ along with him.

The landscape of the galaxy is dramatically changed with the Empire’s ability to use the Death Star but the Rebellion now has one of the last Jedi and his new Padawan at its core. 

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Endless Star Wars 3 – Rey Took the 60 Portions!

What if Rey traded BB-8 for the 60 portions?

Welcome one and all to Endless Star Wars #3!

In the not-so-distant past, we saw our favorite resident of Jakku turn down a deal that would have kept her fed and, well…fed. That’s about it. But a full belly is important, right? So with that said, this week’s question is:

“What if Rey had traded BB-8 for the 60 portions?”

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Kate from Blabba the Hutt:

If Rey had traded BB-8 for 60 portions I imagine a scenario where BB-8 deploys some sort of defense mechanism, thus freeing himself from Unkar Plutt before he’s given to the First Order. The First Order is led to believe the droid is destroyed and focus their attention on another lead of Luke’s whereabouts. Rey goes off with her 60 portions, feasts that night, only to have BB-8 return to her abode once again pleading for her help. She agrees, and shortly thereafter Poe tracks down BB-8! Poe is able to convince Rey to join them on their journey. Rey uses the rest of her portions to secure a small ship and they all head off to D’Qar. But they end up stopping at Takodana for a pit stop where Rey finds the lightsaber and learns about the force from Maz.

Then they meet up with Han and Chewie who are also on Takodana visiting Maz at Chewbacca’s request. Maz and Chewbacca convince Han to reunite with Leia and they all head to D’Qar. Since BB-8 stayed on the ship, the First Order didn’t send troops to Takodana and Rey didn’t get kidnapped.

Poe, BB-8, Rey, Han and Chewie all go to the Resistance Base and are they’re able to read the map and find Luke in time to bring him back for the Starkiller Base assault. He faces off with his former apprentice but is killed by Kylo. Luke’s force ghost tells Rey to search for a lost Togrutan warrior to train her…

Meanwhile, back on Jakku Finn finds Rey’s abandoned AT-AT home and takes it over as he begins his new life as a scavenger…

You can find Kate at Nerds of Paradise, and of course, Blabba The Hutt!


Ben from The Skyhoppers Podcast

The most important answer to this question is the Poe and BB-8 are never reunited and BB-8 goes the rest of his days thinking Poe is dead, which is UNACCEPTABLE.
But for real, the implications of Rey trading BB-8 are incredibly far-reaching. Finn and Rey don’t really have any reason to meet up and get off of Jakku, so Rey sticks around on Jakku until her 60 portions are gone and her life goes back to normal. It could even be argued that she’d never leave Jakku, since her family isn’t coming back and she never encounters a catalyst to trigger her exodus.
Finn would probably never meet up with Rey, and if he did, he wouldn’t really have any reason to try to get her off the planet. He’d most likely just end up going into hiding on the Outer Rim as he plans to do on Takodana.
The consequences for the Resistance/New Republic are the most severe. Since Finn and Rey never steal the Falcon, Han and Chewie never pick them up, which means none of them get pulled into the Resistance. Without them planting the explosives on Starkiller Base, the Resistance attack would’ve failed, and the First Order would possess one of the most powerful weapons the galaxy has ever seen.
Additionally, since BB-8 has the map to Luke, no one has any way of finding him. How that affects the galaxy remains to be seen, but it certainly can’t be good. Luke-lessness is bad for all involved no matter how you spin it.

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Ash from The Skyhoppers Podcast

I think the most obvious thing that would have happened is that the map to Luke would never have been found and Rey would never get the opportunity to train with him to become stronger in the force and eventually defeat The First Order/ Kylo Ren/Snoke. BB-8 would probably be stripped down and sold for parts which is one of the most horrifying things I can think of, Poe would go the rest of his days thinking he failed the most important mission he ever got and Finn would probably not amount to very much either choosing to stay on Jakku or try to get on a ship out of there and hide for the rest of his life.

You can find the Ash on twitter, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out their latest video about Dark Forces II. Find all of their podcast episodes here.


Wesley from the Houndstooth Blog

The timing for this is actually pretty tight, and the Force has a way of making things happen. So in the end, I don’t think this would change things all that much. Stormtroopers show up looking for BB-8 regardless, and they’ll cause enough commotion for both Rey and Finn to notice and get involved. Neither will stand for the droid to get hurt, and so the same party of three ends up together, fleeing Jakku in the Falcon.

Since BB-8 is out of sight in Plutt’s hut though, it takes the First Order slightly longer to find him. With stormtroopers ransacking Niima Outpost, one courageous constable steps forward. He draws his gun and quickly dispatches the faceless oppressors. Only heavy reinforcements are enough to finally overwhelm this hardcore hero. Rey takes note. She will forever remember the brave soul who gave his life so the main cast could escape.

In the end, the plot of The Force Awakens is unchanged. The only difference? Action figures of this brave desperado are so popular they’re hard to come by. Every household has a toy of the film’s big hero: Constable Zuvio.

Be sure to catch Wesley on twitter, and at his outstanding blog – a must follow!


Rob from Talk Star Wars:

We can presume from Unkar Plutt’s reaction to Rey turning down the offer of 60 portions, where he signals to two of his goons to get the droid, that there is a pretty strong desire on his part to obtain BB-8.

We’re led to presume that one of two things is true: He’s been tipped off by the First Order that the droid is priority 1, or he recognises a tremendous amount of scrap value in a working BB unit, particularly as it’s possible that Poe’s declaration of the droid as “one of a kind” is more than just an expression.

I’m going to presume the former for the purposes of my theory. Unkar Plutt wants BB-8 to hand over to the First Order, which we know will also hand them the map portion Ren craves so desperately.

So in this case, BB-8 gets traded to Unkar Plutt, who alerts the First Order that the droid is in his possession. Ren obtains the droid, which presumably means he obtains the map portion (BB-8 might have ways to delay the handing over of the fragment, but we can reasonably assume as the droid is technology-based there are probably means to force the relinquishing of the map piece).

He now has everything he needs to find Luke on Ahch-To, which we can presume he does, taking his Knights of Ren to the planet and engaging Luke in battle. Luke has to fight alone, and it’s unclear whether he would prevail or not based on the limited information we have at this stage.

What, though, of our other heroes? Poe makes it back to the Resistance base, but without his BB unit is probably considerably bummed out. Leia continues life as normal, presumably having to sign off on some sort of new droid order form. Han and Chewie don’t encounter the Falcon, continuing their Rathtar transportation mission uninterrupted.

“Wait, Rob, you glorious fool!” I hear you interject. Why don’t Han and Chewie encounter the Falcon? Simply put, Rey and Finn don’t leave Jakku together in the Falcon. In fact, they probably never encounter each other. Let’s recall that BB-8 was the one who spotted Finn and brought their worlds together, and that was after a failed attempt to restrain Rey and obtain BB-8 by Plutt’s goons, which as we’ve established no longer needs to happen. Without BB-8, Rey has no reason to pursue Finn unless she holds any kind of racist attitudes (which we’ve seen no evidence for).

Finn most likely makes his way off planet at the next available opportunity, most probably via a “work for transport” deal similar to what he was arranging on Takodana and Rey has to get a new lock on her FLAT-AT (Credit: Steve at Talk Star Wars) as she’s now got a couple of hundred meals’ worth of food in her possession. I doubt she’s the type to squander the food, she seems pretty level-headed and that counter on the wall has got to be a reminder.

Poe probably buys a new jacket regardless. Some things don’t change.

Find Rob on his blog/podcast called Emotionally 14, and of course at Talk Star Wars, where they produce so much quality content, you’ve got to check it out for yourself!


Nathan, from the Luminous Beings Podcast:

BB-8 couldn’t believe that the girl had done it. He’s traded her to that fat fish guy. The droid didn’t have those sensors, so he couldn’t tell for sure, but he looked comparable to what humans would call “smelly”.

When the girl said “yes” BB-8 had sat their for a moment, his processors bewildered. He had to run the numbers several times to be sure his sensors had picked up what his circuits were telling him. As soon as he was sure he had rolled as fast as he could across the sand towards the open desert. He wasn’t sure what he would do when he was in the middle of it, but Poe Dameron had programmed him to evade capture at all costs.

Not looking where he was rolling, he bumped into somebody drinking from a watering trough. BB-8 explained his distress, and after the man explained Dameron’s death they realized that they were now both on the run. With a lot of luck they escaped Jakku together.

They now tour as an Indie Pop duo called Finn & Eight.

You can find Nathan on twitter, and his podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!


Tim from The Nerd Room Podcast:

Rey is clearly an important piece to the post-ROTJ galactic puzzle and I’m willing to bet that no matter the sequence of events, she would eventually find herself embroiled in the eternal struggle between the light and dark. She has a destiny (that’s anyone’s guess at this point) and a decision to trade BB-8 would only alter her path, not change the inevitable destination.

The immediate repercussions of Rey trading BB-8 would be felt by the remainder of the Galaxy. The assault on Starkiller base is ultimately successful because of Han, Chewbacca, and Finn. These three are brought together and find themselves aligned with the Resistance because of Rey’s decision to not trade BB-8

Without the trio taking down the bases defensive shields, a crushing blow would be delivered to the Resistance in addition to the annihilation of the New Republic. This would firmly establish the First Order as the new and dominate power in the Galaxy.

I guess Snoke and Kylo would know where Luke is, that is probably not a great thing either.

The Resistance and the Galaxy should be thankful that Unkar Plutt is super cheap…..

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