Music of The Force Awakens – LIVE!

Do you love the music of Star Wars as much as I do? To the point where it plays almost non-stop on your commute to work, or at home, or at work…to the point where your two-year old son and five-year old daughter both hear it so often that they can identify specific themes at so early an age? But I digress. The music of Star Wars is as much a part of the experience as lightsabers, X-wings and cinnamon bun hairdos. What John Williams has provided to Star Wars fans is nothing short of fundamental to Star Wars. Try to envision Darth Vader without the Imperial March? The Ewoks without their Parade? It just doesn’t compute!

OVMF The Music of The Force Awakens contest

We’re super excited to announce that we’re now running a contest to grab a pair of tickets to see the OVMF perform the music of The Force Awakens LIVE! For those living in and around Montreal, The OVMF (Orchestre à Vents de Musique de Films) is performing the music from The Force Awakens LIVE on June 12, 16, and 19 this coming June. The event is nearly sold out across the board (the June 12 and 19th shows are sold out, and the June 16th event soon will be), but we’ve got a pair of tickets to the June 19th show to give away to a lucky listener of the TumblingSaber podcast!  To enter for your chance to win, check out the TumblingSaber podcast on iTunes, and leave us a 5-star review. Then, send the text of that review to Simple as that! We will pull a winner at random on the May 30th episode of the show, just be sure that you can get to Montreal if you enter!

We’re also doubly excited to announce that we’ve got Jocelyn Leblanc, Conductor of the OVMF on the next episode of the TumblingSaber podcast! We’re going to get deep on the music of Star Wars, so be sure not to miss this episode!

The OVMF puts on an excellent show, and you do not want to miss the chance to see this music performed live and in person! Here’s one example of how awesome this show will be:

See John Williams at Work


If you consider hearing some music to The Force Awakens a spoiler, then don’t watch the video here. But if you simply can’t wait resist (I couldn’t), then check out this 8-minute video, featuring a few short snippets of the new soundtrack. A few shots of the movie are in there as well, so if you’re avoiding everything until you see the movie, you’d best click away now.


The Force Awakens Soundtrack Listing


Those who remember 1999 might remember when the soundtrack to The Phantom Menace was released. Coming out well in advance of the movie’s release, the titles of the songs were a spoiler fan’s delight – or an anti-spoiler fan’s nightmare.

With track titles like “Anakin defeats Sebulba”, “The Droid Invasion”, “Qui-Gon’s Noble End”, and “Qui-Gon’s Funeral”, you didn’t have to spend too much energy thinking about the course of events in the film.

While I’m certain that Lucasfilm would have preferred to keep the track titles completely under wraps until December 18th, that was probably an unrealistic expectation. It was reported this afternoon that the French Amazon site has the track listing for The Force Awakens. So what can we glean from the track titles? (Update: Amazon France has removed the track titles from its site) If you really want the track titles, I’ve posted them far below, but there’s actually not too much to worry about if you’re spoiler-phobic. Most of the track titles hearken to scenes we’ve already seen in TV spots and trailers, but there are a couple that send up red flags.

A couple weeks ago I posted what I thought would be heard on the soundtrack. While my titles were broad, generic guesses, I think I nailed at least half of them. Sure, many of them were layups, like Rey’s theme, or the Main Title, but I called out 22 different tracks, while the official listing has 23. I’ll call that a win!

Referring to the titles by number, I don’t understand what the difference is between #2 and #6 since they’re both clearly about the same person. I have no idea what #9 is, and #10 has me wondering what that could be other than admitting to doing some crappy things in the past.

Want to join in the discussion? Check out the track listing here, and either hit me up in the comments or @tumblingsaber.





1. Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village

2. The Scavenger

3. I Can Fly Anything

4. Rey Meets BB-8

5. Follow Me

6. Rey’s Theme

7. The Falcon

8. That Girl with the Staff

9. The Rathtars!

10. Finn’s Confession

11. Maz’s Counsel

12. The Starkiller

13. Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle

14. The Abduction

15. Han and Leia

16. March of the Resistance

17. Snoke

18. On the Inside

19. Torn Apart

20. The Ways of the Force

21. Scherzo for X-Wings

22. Farewell and the Trip

23. The Jedi Steps and Finale

Special Look at The Force Awakens This Thursday!


It seems as though JJ Abrams was lying through his teeth, or he had no idea how much content from The Force Awakens Lucasfilm/Disney planned to release before the film’s opening. Tune in to ABC for a special look at The Force Awakens this Thursday, November 12th at 8pm ET (7pm CT).


What are we going to see? My guess is this will mostly be recycled content with a few new shots and generic lines of dialogue snuck in just to keep us hardcore fans drooling.

Also, if you were planning on skipping the AMA’s, well now you have a reason to stick around, as John Williams will be conducting a special performance of some kind of Star Wars music. Will it be the opening title music? Or something from The Force Awakens? With all of the curve balls tossed our way in the last little bit, I won’t be the least bit surprised if they stun us with something new.

What do you think of these two announcements? Let me know in the comments below or @tumblingsaber.

The Force Awakens Soundtrack – Guessing at Content


This blog post has been at the draft stage for a few weeks now, but before anything leaks, I think it’s time to put it out there, especially since a quick snipped about John Boyega attending a scoring session of The Force Awakens soundtrack has emerged online:

Ask any group of Star Wars fans what they enjoy most about the Star Wars saga, and you’re sure to get at least a few people saying that John Williams’ work is their favorite part of the movies. With such iconic cues like the Main Title, Imperial March, Rebel Fanfare, Duel of the Fates, and Battle of Heroes, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who can’t identify Star Wars music, whether they’re fans of the movies or not.

When the full trailer dropped a couple weeks ago, we were treated to tons of new visuals and given a smattering of dialogue. But we also heard some familiar tunes, rearranged either specifically for the trailer, or that might also appear in the film. The rearrangement of both Leia’s and The Force’s theme were amazing, even if it wasn’t John Williams’ work. It all got me thinking about some of the familiar, and new music we’re bound to hear come December 17, or 18, depending on when you get to see the movie (or if you fly Air France on December 14th you lucky dog).

So let’s take a half-baked stab at some of the themes and cues that we’re bound to hear based on what we think is known about the film so far. I’m not trying to line them up in the order in which we hear them, I just want to get them listed.

There’s spoilery things in the titles below, so tread carefully if you’re sensitive to such things.

  • Rey’s theme
  • Finn’s theme – confirmed, right?
  • Kylo Ren’s theme
  • C-3P0, R2D2 theme
  • BB-8’s theme
  • Supreme Leader Snoke’s theme
  • Leia & Han’s theme – revisited
  • The Force / Obi-Wan’s theme – revisited
  • Luke’s theme – revisited
  • Theme for Maz Kanata’s lair
  • Flying through Star Destroyer wreckage
  • Skirmish with pirates/thugs
  • First Order March
  • Jakku village
  • Massacre on Jakku
  • Flashback sequence / Knights of Ren
  • Starkiller base reveal / Starkiller base does its thing
  • Speeder chase
  • Final battle sequence
  • Death of somebody Star Wars fans love
  • Kylo vs Finn
  • Celebration / Medal ceremony – revisited

Obviously there’s a lot of classic themes that John Williams will have to weave in to the soundtrack, but in an updated form. From what is being said from those who have heard the music, John Williams has outdone himself, which is an insanely high bar to set. I probably listen to the soundtracks more than I watch the movies these days, so to say that I’m looking forward to the release of the soundtrack is an understatement!

Feel free to let me know via the comments below, or at @tumblingsaber what else you think we may hear (or not hear) in The Force Awakens.