Saw Gerrera .Vs. Mon Mothma/In Depth Look

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first act commenced with Senator Mon Mothma dispatching Jyn Erso to the planet of Jedha to mend the rift between herself and Extremist Saw Gerrera. After Saw Gerrera made his debut in Season Three of Star Wars Rebels, he resurfaced in the second trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season Four. It is clear based off of footage from the trailer that we will see the dramatic schism of the Rebel Alliance, mentioned in Rogue One, play out  between cell leader and extremist Saw Gerrera, and major alliance leader Mon Mothma. In a clip of upcoming episode, “In the Name of the Rebellion,” Saw and Mothma have a very heated argument. From this, it is clearly evident that a break is going to happen.

Before we dive deep, Dave Filoni, touched that topic in Rebels recon back in Season 3 of the finale, “You will see Mon Mothma again, you will see Saw Gerrera again, You’ll get much more of an insight into seeing how that relationship breaks down and breaks apart….”

First we need to take a closer look at the history of these two different leaders. The morals and values that they each believe in are a result of the different lives that have each led up to this point.

We saw, Saw (no pun intended) fight for his home planet, Onderon, back in the Clone Wars. As was frequently hinted, Saw viewed the war as a “crusade” to liberate the planet from the Separatists one that depended solely on military action. As he mentioned in the first episode of the arc, “War on Two Fronts,” “politics have failed us. We have no choice.” For this reason, he loved do heavy damage against the Separatists. However, he already showed signs of being a different leader. Unlike his sister Steela, who stressed the objective of winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the Onderon people, Saw had no qualms about the collateral damage that took place despite. (S05E05). Things drastically changed in the final battle of the war when a Separatist gunship killed his sister. He blamed himself for her death and deeply regretted what had happened. In this way, Saw became aware of the bitter cost of war.


Many of these continuities that took place in the Onderon arc returned in Star Wars Rebels. After the Republic became the Empire, Onderon endured another military occupation. With all of his hard work undone, it is understandable that Saw became bitter. He blamed the Jedi for losing the war (as he hinted in Ghosts of Geonosis part II) and thus once again believed that Onderon was on its own in its fight against the Empire. This most likely built his extremist mind. He created his own rebel cell and committed himself to the fight against the Empire. “I’m fighting for you and everyone not to lose what they’ve got” Then after the empire took over he was one of the first leaders to create a rebel cell.

Mon Mothma, the Senator of Chandrilla, is different from Saw in that she views war from an opposing lens. In the final years of the Galactic Republic, she engaged in a political endeavor to preserve the democratic institutions of the Republic from within the Senate, on Coruscant. However, she was fighting against an unstoppable force: the Emperor and his gradual takeover of the Senate, which gradually became less democratic and instead more upholden to the Chancellor’s dictatorial policies.  In some deleted scenes back in Revenge of the Sith, we see her working alongside Bail Organa, Padme Amidala and some other senators in a coalition known as the Delegation of 2000 draft a petition demanding that Palpatine restore democracy once the war was at an end. But it was an unmitigated failure. In this way, when the Emperor announced the creation of the “first galactic empire,” what Mon Mothma and other Senators lost was the democratic government that she was so desperately trying to save and preserve.

Later when both leaders appeared in Rebels we see the leaders enter Season three in two very unique ways. Saw is already on a mission, and he lost his entire team. Mon, on the other hand, is on the run and hunted by the Empire. He is very aware of the evil of the empire and has only suffered another loss. Mon is still holding out that diplomacy will prevail.In an interview with EW Filoni spoke about Saw, “Saw’s always seeking his own path, and he’s certain of the evil the Empire’s up to and there can be no peace,” he says. “He’s been pushed even further down that path of belief.” How can that be hard to believe given that he became the guardian of the creator’s daughter of the Death Star project? Along the way hes also found bits and pieces indicating “that the empire was up to something big”. Word passes around. He was on Geonosis looking for clues.

How can that be hard to believe given that he had the creator’s daughter of the evil project? Along the way hes also found bits and pieces indicating “that the empire was up to something big”. Word passes around. He was on Geonosis looking for clues.

So how does the ghost crew fits into this storyline? What kind moves do they make? The Rebels in season 2 were unaware when they found the debris and stations surrounding the planet Geonosis that that they had stumbled onto the biggest project in the galaxy. However, they were suspicious, given that there were no signs of life on the surface.

It also seems as though Ezra could start to see Saw’s point of view, although they didn’t see eye to eye with their first counter. “The Empire is already on the verge of winning a war. Most of the rebel alliance doesn’t already believe it’s begun” Does his opinion change after losing in Zero Hour? We know how desperate he wants to save his home, Lothal. Love for his home is not the only thing that drives his character. A large part of Ezra’s arc was to learn more about what happened to his parents, and after he discovered from Ryder Azadi that they had heard his message in Season 1, Ezra perhaps hopes to honor his parents dying wish. And ironically in the clip we see Ezra talking to Kanan and making his thoughts known on how they should fight.

In the same interview Dave added that Alliance leaders including Mon and Bail, “still hold out hope the Senate can find a peaceful way to resolve everything, and it won’t come to all-out war. Saw is trying to get the evidence and prove out that he’s right. We have some fun scenes when he interacts with Mon Mothma and it shows the fractures between the two.”

The new clip definitely shows the fractures. The voice of Mon Mothma sent shivers down my spine. Such command in her voice, it was quite a performance! Most likely when we see the episode, it will only get better for what she has to say.


Mon wanted to talk to Saw…..but why? Agreeing to disagree? How this war should be fought? It was clear that she would stand her ground.”So long as our allies in the senate have hope of a peaceful resolution to this conflict. I will not risk” Then she called Saw a criminal. Naming what he has done to innocents and his enemies that have surrendered. She has a moral code of honor and highly believes in rules of engagement and on not rising to their opponent’s level. Which moves on to the second topic  

Is Saw really a criminal? “The empire considers us both criminals, at least I act like one”.  He openly admit that he is a criminal. And he wasn’t ashamed of it. He targets civilians and as Mon pointed out he “breaks every rule of engagement”. However, up until this point, and until his death in Rogue One, Saw was fighting an actual war. Unlike Mon, he sees men and women die every day and has become quite aware of how bloody and costly war is. Saw perhaps feels that Mon is not aware of what it takes. And sometimes sacrificing honor is necessary. It’s hard for a man to feel pain when they’ve already been through too much.

I personally don’t agree with his extremist ideology, but war, as it does with all soldiers, gradually makes them more implacable and resistant to the costs. As Mon Mothma says, it “degrades them” to the point of becoming inhuman. In the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan also says: “war also distorts our point of view. If we sacrifice our code even for victory, we risk losing something more important. Our honor.”

The issue of becoming too embroiled in open warfare against the Empire is a theme that plagues the Rebels at the end of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. In the Zero Hour, we saw the rebels forces crushed! They were plainly unprepared to fight. It is not just a catastrophe since the Phoenix Squadron lost on Atollon. The fact that General Dodonna, General Sato and Captain Syndulla, three of the best generals in the Alliance, got outclassed by Thrawn, convinces Mon Mothma that full scale war would destroy the Alliance. This only shows how weak, and disorganized the Rebellion still is, and how much growth it still needs to make. Mon, understandably, doesn’t want to fight and would prefer to wait for the right time. Part of this mindset may be hers and Bail’s goal of keeping Senator Amidala’s memory alive. Even in Rogue One, we may see how divided the Rebel Alliance council leaders were on whether or not they were prepared for war against the Empire. As one of the leaders stated, “if it’s war you want, you will fight alone.” Another questioned General Dravin’s decision of attacking the Imperial base on Eadu. Earlier, when we meet Mon Mothma in Secret Cargo, a team of Rebels from Gold Squadron escort her. In the Rebels Recon episode of Secret Cargo, Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy note how different many of the rebel cells are. In the case of General Dodonna and Gold Squadron, they most likely operated on a more covert level, protecting convoys and attacking soft Imperial targets. This may explain why they were so critical of the Phoenix Squadron and their bold attacks on the Empire. As Gold 2 scolded Ezra, “You might think twice before you pull off another stunt like that. The imperials have tightened security throughout the entire Outer Rim as a result. You are making things harder for all of us.” The fact that Gold 2 thinks this way shows how not all of the rebellion fights in the same way. Nor do they all see eye to eye. This is a brilliant move on the part of the makers to make the Rebellion that much more complex and realistic as an organization.

In our current story in Season 4, the reference about ignoring the ‘Delindi relay’ only shows the actual struggle that the Rebels have, and how important this episode will be to the larger story on ‘the growing up story’ of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

In conclusion, this story will show of that the rebellion was not a well-oiled machine when we first saw them in A New Hope. These two unique leaders of the star wars universe are both wrong and right. A decision of war is a hard one. There is always conflict within. And I can’t wait to see the story unfold until then. Watch the clip that I was referring to below. And May the force be with you.


Bridger Transmissions #2 – Heroes of Mandalore Review

Hello everybody!

Get ready for a spoilery review of Heroes of Mandalore, the season 4 premiere of Star Wars Rebels! What did we think? Hit play and find out what we loved, what we didn’t and what’s next for everyone’s favourite Mandalorian Rebel!

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Bridger Transmissions

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere Heroes Of Mandalore Part 1 and 2 Review


Mesmerizing, extremely entertaining, 10/10, Filioni and the crew have done it again!!!!

Thats what the season premiere of star wars rebels season 4, in the final stretch of its ending gave us, in the early morning of Monday. Heck I had to power nap just to make sure I could go to work. But it was so worth it and it came out with a mando explosion!!!

I dont even know where to begin, it was so crazy that we have to start with the meatiest of the meatiest. The best out of the best.


Since Ezra is my all time favourite I have to start with him. He was the comedy relief of the premiere. I can’t imagine where the show would have gone if it weren’t for him. All things considered the show had a slight darkness to it. Yet his antics with the jetpack was so funny!! During the Tie fighter scene with Bo, he reminded me of a pesky fly hitting the windshield. Along with the interaction with all the Mandalorians and with Sabine’s family, I’d say that they all really enjoyed having Ezra at their side. Then again who doesn’t. I personally enjoyed how he stepped up to get Sabine’s father out of the transport. He had such formal attitude in front of Alrich. But I think he still has to work on the graceful jump ;).

Lets not forget all the spot-on quotes that came from him.

“Yeah that sounds like a me plan”

“Yeah I’m with Sabine, I mean not with her, with her. I’m just friends with her”

“Im notta Manda-.Mandalorian. I don’t wanna be a Mandalorian”

“I finished my mission. Now I have to finish yours too”

Need I say anymore.


Lets tip our hats off to Sabine!!! She, herself has come a long way in her journey!!! Its hard to see the same person we met back in Season one. The way she moved and fought clan Saxon and those Stormtroopers…..WOW!! She has also used the Darksaber very effectively showing the true nature of her Mandalorian past. Dealing with the responsibility of the duchess and the clans is legendary. I’m so glad we finally got to see her roots totally unfold. Seeing her talk art with Alrich literally warmed my heart because after all she comes from a very cold, colourless home-world! Instantly Alrich knew it was Sabine when she tagged the tank, showing how deep the bond between Daughter and Father for art really is.  When she comes back to the rebellion, I believe she will feel refreshed since she basically cut the weapon in half and freed herself. Also with her clan not shunned out must put some ease to her mind as well. I’m thrilled to see Sabine evolve and I believe her story line with Mandalore for Rebels has drawn for a close.

“Your a Jedi, I’m sure you’ll pick it up on the fly”

“Never had a chance to. This is what continuous war has done to my home”

“with your guidance, you have the wisdom of a ruler, there’s no one I trust to wield the Darksaber more than you. And I’m not alone”

Bo Katan

Hello, Bo Katan. We missed you. Bo Katan is also a recurring character from the clone wars. From working with the Death Watch and then becoming the leader for Mandalore, shes had a total different path in her arc. I saw some pretty negative comments about her. That didn’t surprise me. Because After all she was with a terrorist organization called Death Watch. And then she was preaching to Sabine about honor and cowardice. Yet I think, after losing her sister, Maul taking off with the Darksaber, and the empire invading her home she’s changed a lot!  Becoming a bit more honorable and realizing her wrongs. A definite redemption story.  I loved how she handled Sabine. Being a voice for her when Sabine lost her cool. Making her truly a leader. I’m curious to see how the empire will retaliate, if we see it, and how she will proceed to lead the people of Mandalore.

“Its not our way! Its their way. You came here to make things right. Will the future of Mandalore be one of honor or cowardice, hope or fear, the choice is yours.”

“A mandalorian with a jetpack is a weapon”

“Dont just stand there protect her!”

Tyber Saxon

Once again Dave lassoed in another HBO Rome actor!!! Also was featured on the Game of Thrones…. Tobias Menzies!!! Its very cool to have the Romans become the Mandos for Star Wars. It makes this whole thing so much more special. It was interesting to see Tyber after his brother Gar. To be honest I liked Gar more. Tyber seemed to be drowned with power and definitely underestimated how well the Clans were organized. Tyber completely turned his back on the Mandalorian culture and seriously sucked in by the Empire! For Gar I believe he didn’t totally forget his root as he had different armor on. Poor planning for Tyber was ultimately his downfall. Never let Sabine get her hands on the weapon she created!

This Episode was the best premiere and sadly the last. Each season just kept on getting better and better. But if its any indication on how amazing this episode was, then we are really in for a treat for the rest of the season. Along with the stunning animation and amazing soundtrack!!! While current waiting for the name of the rebellion, feast your eyes on Rebels recon and go behind the scenes!!!



The #RebelsPhotoChallenge/Interview

For the last 3 weeks, On twitter, If you are a Star Wars Rebels Fan and have twitter, You’d be most likely  participating in the #RebelsPhotoChallenge

It was totally fun, and opened up the fan-base, myself included.  There were many great moments in these 3 weeks! I’ve highlighted some of my very favourites from the others below….. but first I had the privilege to talk to the wonderful lady who created it all! Amy Wishman Nalan!

Amy Wishman Nalan is the talented lady that created the #RebelPhotoChallenge. Shes a mother, avid reader and a contributor to Unmistakablysw. You can follow her @AmyWishman.

Em: What gave you this idea to make the Photo Challenge?

AWN:  I Saw some folks doing 100 day countdown to The Last Jedi and I wanted to do something to spotlight Rebels, especially as the final season (sob) approaches.

Em: Totally, I’m so crushed but at least the show gets to end on their own terms!

AWN: Yes. I am grateful for that too. This show has such a special place in my heart.

Em: Did you think that your idea would become so popular so quickly? Were you excited? Were you surprised?

AWN:  I was genuinely surprised but thrilled! I thought maybe a couple people would join, so the response has been amazing! The best parts have been connnecting with the other Rebels fans and reliving so many of the grat moments from the show.

Em: For sure! These guys are the heart of the rebellion!?

AWN: Definitely.

Em: Does your kids what the show with you too? And who’s their favourite?

AWN: Yes we watch it together, which makes it even more special. My 7-year-old likes Ezra and Sabine the most. My 9-year-old favorites are Zeb and Sabine.

Em: Awe! It continues to generation! I wonder if you could something for the season 4. Just before the finale of the season?

AWN: Thats a good idea. A send off and Celebration would be appropriate.

Em: Totally, because i can imagine it will be a roller coaster of emotions *Thanks Dave*

AWN: I’m sure it will be. *cries*

Em: Couple more questions….how long have you’ve been a fan of the show? And in Star wars in general?

AWN: I was born in 1980, and grew up watching the original Trilogy on the VHS in our living room. I found Rebels in 2015 and fell in love with it immediately .

Em: Then the female aspect too of movies/shows, becuase for me i was teased in school for loving Star Wars, the impact it gives, for us, to show that star wars is just not for the boys!?

AWN: Yes. My brother and i went to see the special editions in theatures and we just a handful from our school. No one was really into Star Wars. So now showing their Fandom with pride.

Em: With the cosplays, and even Vanessa, Tiya, Ashley, Daisy and Felicity breaking down a path for us!

AWN: Absolutel. Historically there’s an imbalance and representation. Its time to balance the scales.

Em: Finally! Thanks So much once againn for talking with me about your wise brain and pulling out the fans from the woodwork with this fantasctic countdown!

AWN: Thanks. Finding you online has been one of the highlights!

Em: Thanks so much! My little lothcat gets the credit!

That was very kind words of her at the end……Here are some of my favourites from the last 3 weeks from the other fans! All of them were Amazing!









Bridger Transmissions #1 – Rebels Season 4 Preview

What’s this? Another new podcast? Yep! Not only that, but we’ve added to the team, as well!

It is our pleasure to introduce Em as the newest member of the TumblingSaber team! Em is going to join us on the Bridger Transmissions Podcast to recap the final season of Rebels. Beyond that, she’ll be here when we talk animation, and you’ll see her write here from time to time. You can follow Em on twitter here, and check out her blog here. Just make sure to reach out and say hello to Em! We’re excited to have her as a part of the team and part of our awesome community!

We sat down and recorded our thoughts on season 4, talking about each member of the Ghost crew and some of the issues facing our favourite motley crew! In true TumblingSaber fashion, we veer all over the map and have a fun, but far-ranging discussion about the final season of this excellent show!

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Endless Star Wars #2 – What if Maul Had Killed Kenobi in Twin Suns?

What if Maul had Killed Obi-Wan in Twin Suns?

Welcome back to the second edition of Endless Star Wars! Last week’s installment went over so well that we’ve added 3 more panelists to kick around this week’s question.

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While we digest the finale of Star Wars Rebels season 3, let’s not forget what we saw a week ago in Twin Suns. So with that in mind, this week we flip the script and ask:

“What if Maul Had Killed Kenobi in Twin Suns?”

Nathan Roberts, from the Luminous Beings Podcast:

All it took was the same manoeuver that had cost Qui-Gon Jinn his life: a knock to the nose with the hilt of Maul’s saber and a quick run through with the blood-colored blade. There were no robes falling to the floor, no mystery. There lay Maul’s foe of decades, his torment. Ben Kenobi was dead. In a panic of confusion and lack of purpose, Maul was silent. His great accomplishment, the anticipation of decades dissolving, finally broke him. His madness had returned, and with an anguished scream he ran into the desert.

But where the body of Kenobi had fallen, there were only dusty robes.



The voice was familiar. Could it be? Running across what seemed to be pure light was Qui-Gon Jinn.


“Obi-Wan! Oh, sorry. You probably haven’t heard that name in a long time – a long time. You’re going by Ben now?”

“Uh… yes Master. But… what happened?”

“Old Maulio hit you with the same move he got me with. Really, Ben, you should have seen that coming.”

“Huh. Well, this certainly throws a hydrospanner into things. So this is the Force then?”

“Oh, yes! This place is great! I’ll show you around. It turns out that we can do anything here! We each have a palace, death sticks are actually good for you, and there are as many skimpy Twi’leks as you could ask for!”

“It’s certainly not what I expected, Master.”

“No kidding! After years of living in that temple with the pleasures of the Galaxy forbidden us, I figure we’ve earned this. Now, speaking of pleasures, my friend, let’s go get a few rounds of Jawa Juice. Then I’ll introduce you to the rest of the Ghosty Gang.”

“Oh my.”

You can find Nathan on twitter, and his podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!


Ben from The Skyhoppers Podcast

Obi-Wan Kenobi lies dead at Maul’s feet in the cold Tatooine night. What are his next steps? After reveling in what he believes to be his final victory over Obi-Wan Kenobi, he’s reminded of the fact that Kenobi was on Tatooine protecting something. Never one to leave vengeance half-delivered, Maul makes it his new goal to find and destroy whatever Kenobi deemed important enough to waste away on Tatooine for all those years for. Being as crafty and intelligent as he is, Maul makes short work of finding Luke and his family and wiping them out, completing Obi-Wan’s failure and dooming the galaxy in the process.

Outside the Lars homestead, Maul’s exultant screams of victory morph into sobs of despondency. He’s coming to terms with the fact that his hatred of Kenobi is the only thing he was living for. It was the only thing that sustained him in his exile on Lotho Minor, and it was his primary motivator for all of his actions during his life after his return. Now he has nothing. He does not feel fulfilled or vindicated, just alone and directionless. In a strange twist, he ends up living as a hermit in Obi-Wan’s hut in the Dune Sea, attempting to recapture the hatred that once drove him forward and completely oblivious to his former master’s now-unbreakable hold on the rest of the galaxy, having laid all blame on Palpatine’s throwing him aside on himself for being defeated by Kenobi on Naboo.

You can find the Skyhoppers on twitter, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out their latest video about Dark Forces II. Find all of their podcast episodes here.


Devin from Unmistakably Star Wars

I would’ve hurled my TV through the front window, tracked down the nearest Girl Scout troop to drown my outrage with Thin Mints, and weaved together a tapestry of expletives so profane that even the President of the United States would blush. I mean, can we possibly get any more sacrilege than this question!? Whose in charge of this thing!?

Yikes! You can find Devin and his awesome team on Twitter, Facebook, and their home base on the web. Be sure to check out their thoughts on Twin Suns here!


Tim from The Nerd Room Podcast:

Having satisfied his thirst for revenge by killing Obi-Wan, Maul now set his sights on destroying Palpatine and the Sith. Maul now knows Obi-Wan’s purpose on Tatooine was to protect ‘someone’ of great importance.

So let’s assume that Maul eventually finds Luke (the last name might give it away) and slowly corrupts and manipulates him into a weapon against the Sith.

For the sake of the argument, let’s also assume that Maul and Luke don’t immediately factor into the greater narrative. I want to take a closer look at some of the other direct repercussions of Obi-Wan’s death.

Most galactic events leading up to the battle of Scarif would continue relatively unimpeded. In the build up to the battle of Scarif Bail says he needs to send for Obi-Wan as opposed to directly contacting him. So it is entirely possible that due to Obi-Wans isolation and lack of communication, his death would have gone unnoticed by the very few who knew he was alive (assuming Ezra didn’t witness it).

At the end of the battle of Scarif, Leia finds herself in possession of the Death Star plans heading for Tatooine to seek out Bails ‘Jedi Friend’. With no Obi-Wan (or Luke) to receive and act on Leia’s message, the droids would eventually be captured along with the Death Star plans.

Han Solo’s encounter with Obi-Wan on Tatooine wouldn’t have happened and he and Chewy wouldn’t have joined the Rebellion or met Luke or Leia. With the mission to Alderaan no longer occurring Princess Leia is left imprisoned on the Death Star and without capturing and tracking the Falcon, the Empire has no means to immediately locate the position of the hidden Rebel base, delaying or even preventing the Battle of Yavin.

So the drastic altering of Luke’s path in the wake of Obi-Wan’s death has its merits to consider but the more immediate galactic repercussions would be felt in the events following the Battle of Scarif. Obi-Wan’s death would completely alter the course of the Galactic Civil War and although the Rebellion would live to fight another day, the ‘hope’ delivered after the battle of Scarif is lost (maybe forever) and the Death Star is left to force the remainder of the galaxy into complete submission.

Find Tim on twitter, and check out the latest Nerd Room Podcast! Find their terrific podcast on iTunes, and Stitcher!


Michael O’Connor at RetroZap and George Shot First

To quote Yoda, “To a dark place this line of thought will carry us.”

Obi-Wan is the linchpin of A New Hope. Without his involvement, things get real dodgy real quick for the good guys. And then you have to factor in the curveball that is Darth Maul still being alive.

Knowing Maul’s obsession with Kenobi, the first thing he does is track down this promising disciple that Obi-Wan speaks of. He discovers Luke and realizes he should upgrade his apprentice plan. So he knocks off Ezra and begins to train Luke in the Dark Side of the Force, promising him adventure and glory amongst the stars and a surefire way to destroy the hated Empire.

Meanwhile, those Death Star plans never make it off Tatooine. While R2-D2 goes searching for a Jedi Master who is no longer alive, the stormtroopers eventually track him down and blow him to pieces. Princess Leia is executed as a traitor about the Death Star. And the Empire keeps on keeping on, just blowing up planets left and right until they locate the Rebel base on Yavin IV.

While the Rebellion dies a hideous death, Maul and Luke confront Darth Vader. That’s when the plot twist happens. Darth Vader reveals that Luke is his son, and he turns him against Maul. With lightsabers flashing, the two butcher Darth Maul, cutting him in half and then into quarters, just to make sure. Then Vader and Luke set their sights on the Emperor; not even the dreaded Sith Lord can stop the both of them from overpowering him.

Together, they rule the galaxy as father and son. At least until Luke decides the old man is cramping his style…

Michael is a writer for RetroZap regularly contributing to the Power to the Prequels and Bond Night columns: and
He’s also the co-owner of George Shot First, an apparel company dedicated to celebrating and showing support for George Lucas:
You can find him on Twitter @oconnoblog and @georgeshot1st; He also has Facebook pages for both George Shot First and OCONNOBLOG.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of Endless Star Wars! Be sure to check in with us again next week when we kick around another unanswerable question! If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your Star Wars loving friends!

Sith Disturbers – Nursing It

Welcome back one and all for a late-week dose of Star Wars talk!

James got around to seeing Twin Suns, and we express a few more thoughts on that epic episode. Yes, it was epic. You might disagree, and I’ll defend your right to be incorrect.

We also do some quick trivia, and let Cory throw himself under the bus.

And now on to our usual begging…

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Will Ahsoka meet Obi-Wan again?

The hamster wheel keeps turning at the TumblingSaber! This week I’m wondering:

  1. When did Obi-Wan Kenobi learn about Anakin becoming Darth Vader? and,
  2. How and when Ahsoka Tano can be re-inserted in to canon, in an impactful way?
  3. Can the above two points be combined in to one spine-tingling, hair-raising moment?

One of canon’s great unexplored gaps is of Obi-Wan learning of Anakin survival, and life as Darth Vader. I’m sure Lucasfilm knows how Obi-Wan will discover the truth about his former apprentice. In fact, I’m sure that we’re already seeing the first steps down that story line in the Ahsoka novel. Merely including Obi-Wan in an unrelated plot point hints at that…why else include him if not to lay groundwork of his future story?

Dave Filoni has hinted that Ahsoka will be back following the Rebels season two finale, ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’. But in his typically cryptic style, Filoni was non-committal about when, where, how, or in what form Ahsoka would return. It wasn’t very long before we got more Ahsoka in the form of a young adult novel. Except that it pre-‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ Ahsoka where she becomes Fulcrum, a role she would keep for the next 15 or so years.

Set roughly one year after Order 66, the Ahsoka novel picks up when the Rebellion is in it’s early building stage. Ahsoka has no idea who Vader is, let alone who’s beneath the mask. In the novel, E.K. Johnston reminds usthat Bail Organa knows Obi-Wan is alive on Tatooine. But he preserves Obi-Wan and Luke’s safety by choosing not to tell Ahsoka, a curious choice. I don’t know if Johnston would have revealed that tidbit if there wasn’t more to come…in a sequel novel (of course there will be a sequel novel!).

During the time between being hired as Fulcrum, and learning of Anakin’s fate, could Senator Organa eventually reveal to Ahsoka that Obi-Wan is alive? What would Ahsoka do with this information? Might Bail ask Ahsoka to recruit Kenobi to the rebellion?

Depending on when (and if) Ahsoka returns, she would have to be the bearer of bad news that Anakin is now encased in the Vader armour, no? How powerful a moment would that be when Obi-Wan learns of his galaxy-altering mistake by not finishing Anakin off? At some point Obi-Wan has to learn this news. It’s a must-see moment! It could be the trigger that leads to us meeting the truth-altering, cynical Obi-Wan from A New Hope. And let’s face it: nobody in canon is a more appropriate choice to deliver that news to Obi-Wan than Ahsoka. Except maybe for Qui-Gon Jinn, who could be the one to tell him once Obi-Wan masters connecting with him through the Force.

“But Kyle, both of those things are needless. Obi-Wan could have just felt Vader in the Force and figured it out himself!” In my opinion it’s doubtful that Kenobi could “feel” Anakin’s presence behind that dark suit of armour if Ahsoka couldn’t. Ahsoka would continually reached out to Anakin’s presence after Order 66, but he just wasn’t there. He was gone; consumed by Darth Vader, as Yoda would say.

There are hurdles to jump in order to make this theory work, as is the case with nearly all fan theories. They would have to shoehorn this storyline in to a relatively short window between ‘Twilight’ and ‘A New Hope’. And if Ahsoka returns, why would she run back to the Rebellion?

The Obi-Wan we know in the prequels is much different than who we meet in A New Hope, and it would be a missed opportunity not to hit on this key moment in Obi-Wan’s journey. Sure, years of isolation on a desolate planet following the collapse of freedom that you were partially responsible for would be enough to sour anyone. But seeing Obi-Wan’s reaction to the news that his former apprentice is alive is a must-see.

What do you think? Is Ahsoka the right person to break the news to Obi-Wan that Anakin is alive?

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Twin Suns, Endless Possibilities

Rebels taking us to Tatooine?

Have you seen Holocrons of Fate yet? Have you read our review? Ready for another round of crazy speculation? No? Me neither, but I’m doing it anyway!

In Holocrons of Fate, Ezra reveals to Maul that he wants the key to destroying the Sith. Maul says he’s looking for hope, whatever that means (I say it’s a trick). So they merge the Jedi and Sith holocrons, and drink in the visions, which point them to Tatooine…we think.

Given the way Maul staggered off in post-vision shock, he probably assumed Obi-Wan dead. Not many secrets seemed to have eluded Maul over the years, but this was one of them. In a daze, Maul completely abandons his broken down space station, the Sith holocron, and the crew of the Ghost and immediately departs for Tatooine…right? He’s had a long-running feud with Kenobi that he believed to be over, but apparently it’s game on!

And what of Ezra? His interpretation of the holocron’s image showed him an image of twin suns, an image we fans know all too well. Maul knows it well, too, as he was there about 30 years earlier to kill Queen Amidala, but instead had to settle for round one with Qui-Gon. We don’t know how long it will take for Ezra to figure out what the image of the twin suns ought to lead him but it’s not hard to see this season leading up to heated confrontations on the burning sands of Tatooine.

We already know that Ezra and Maul both fail in their goals; Ezra doesn’t destroy the Sith, and Maul doesn’t take down Obi-Wan. So what would happen, assuming there’s some sort of clash there?

Once on Tatooine, Ezra would want the participation and support of whatever / whoever the key to destroying the Sith is (remember, at this point Ezra doesn’t know). Obi-Wan would certainly deny Ezra access to Luke at this point. Would Obi-Wan even reveal what he’s doing on Tatooine, or who he’s protecting? Remember, Luke doesn’t even know what the Force is in A New Hope, so there’s no way he can join the conflict.

We’ve seen Ezra’s temper flare more than once over feeling like he isn’t powerful enough to protect his friends. Could Obi-Wan’s refusal to help Ezra gain access to Luke provoke some kind of fight between them? It’s difficult to imagine Obi-Wan “the negotiator” Kenobi being incapable of de-escalating the situation, but if it went down this gut-wrenching road, it would signal the beginning of the end of Ezra.

If Ezra and Obi-Wan is a simmering kettle, all we need to bring it to a boil is a dash of dark side mischief. Enter Maul, who still wants to kill Obi-Wan for well-known reasons. Maul, ever the pro trickster, seizes an opportunity to tip the scales in his favour, and lure Ezra closer to becoming his apprentice at the same time. Maul prods a frustrated Ezra, telling him that Obi-Wan is really the enemy. With a common goal of destroying the Sith, why is Obi-Wan withholding the key to destroying the Sith? It’s not hard to believe that Ezra would buy in to this.

Ezra is an open pipe of natural gas, and Maul is the match. Kanan, not to be forgotten, tries desperately to reason with Ezra, but the die have been cast. Maul pushes Ezra beyond his breaking point, and chaos ensues. We get a four-way battle on the sands of Tatooine. In this corner, Maul and Ezra vs Obi-Wan and Kanan in the other corner, no holds barred!

Dire consequences would have to ensue after this kind of throw down. Who stands, and who falls? Surely another meeting between Maul and Obi-Wan has to be Maul’s last stand, doesn’t it? If Maul were to discover Obi-Wan’s secret, there’s no way Kenobi could let him leave with that information, right? What about Kanan? Would he survive such a battle? And where does Ezra’s allegiance lie when the dust settles? My kingdom for a mid-season finale where Maul escapes with Ezra in tow, and Kanan’s fate unresolved!

This potential storyline will have a ripple effect, and may reveal whether we ever get an Obi-Wan standalone movie. I know my imagination is running wild (it wouldn’t be the first time), and I bet yours is, too! I’m dying to see what the team at Lucasfilm have in store for us. More than likely, all of this is bunk and we’re in for something completely different. Or maybe you have a wild imagination of your own and want to share your version of events! Please feel free to do so in the comments below, on twitter, or facebook!

What do you think of this potential direction?


Rebels Review – S03E02 – Holocrons of Fate

Holocrons of Fate

Twitter can be a weird place. Cruising timelines, and live tweeting while watching our favourite shows is an indispensable part of fandom. Whether it’s sports, sitcoms, or Rebels, having twitter at your side makes any spell on the sofa a social experience. So it struck me as odd as I first opened the twitter machine on Saturday morning to the first opinions of “Holocrons of Fate”:



“Called it”

Those with the Disney XD app get early access to episodes of Rebels (is this a U.S. thing only?), so these early opinions can influence the rest of us who have to wait.

Holocrons of Fate is the second consecutive episode in which we cut right to the chase. We immediately learn that Maul has taken the Ghost crew captive (minus Kanan and Ezra). Unsurprisingly, Maul wants his holocron back. The one he almost got in the season two finale. The one he feels is rightfully his, but that his would-be apprentice, Ezra currently owns and uses. Agreeing to exchange not just the Sith holocron – but Kanan’s Jedi holocron as well – in return for the safety of their friends, Kanan and Ezra walk in to Maul’s trap. We’ve all seen this in previews, so I presumably haven’t ruined you yet.

For those who haven’t seen the episode yet, you might want to tread carefully because it’s about to get spoilery up in here.

During Steps into Shadow, Kanan confiscated Ezra’s Sith holocron and gave it to Bendu for safe keeping. Just one episode later, and we get another visit with Bendu. Hooray! Kanan and Ezra visit him with the purpose to retrieve the holocron. The ensuing sequence harkens to Luke, Yoda, and the tree in Empire Strikes Back. It also gave Ezra and Kanan a chance to mend their relationship which has been strained since Malachor. It’s a touching scene, and we are left with the impression that the old Ezra is back…with some caveats. We’ve seen Ezra’s maturity and growing power, but this was a reminder that he’s still a young man, who without Kanan would be very much alone.

Bendu leaves his mark on the episode by dropping more wisdom and hints; the biggest of which is that merging a Jedi and Sith holocron will answer any question for the wielder. This message comes with a warning that some secrets once learned, cannot be unlearned. Bendu describes having seen this happen before, and of its ensuing chaos. I wonder what he may be talking about?

Maul, of course, has no plans to honour his agreement to free Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper. Surprising, right? Kanan saves their hides, just after saving his own. Not too shabby for a blind guy who just one week earlier spent months in perma-mope mode. In another clip seen online over the course of the summer, Maul tries yet again to kill Kanan by shoving him out of the space station’s airlock. By the tip of his fingers, Kanan is able to hang on and get back in to the station’s hangar before freezing and/or suffocating.

This episode moves quickly to the main event, which is the mating of the Jedi and Sith holocrons. In a curious juxtaposition, Maul says he’s looking for hope, while Ezra confesses that he wants the power to destroy the Sith. Is Maul to be believed? What does Maul want with hope? Is he still trying to paint himself as a sympathetic character in Ezra’s eyes? Or, as @choprulz suggests on our latest podcast, is Maul looking for hope in order to stamp it out?

Bombarded with visions from the holocron Ezra and Maul come to a startling, if incomplete conclusion. The two participants lose their focus and the merging ends violently and abruptly. Presented with images of “Planets…some familiar, some not”, Maul staggers off, repeating “HE…LIVES!”. It’s a dose of the crazy, incoherent Maul we met way back in his re-introduction in Clone Wars. Who is “he”? Ezra, for his part, stuns viewers with what has to be the final piece of the puzzle: Twin suns. A very familiar setting for Star Wars fans, Tatooine looks like a likely destination in the near future.

If you’re still reading – thanks! But you’ve also now read Holocrons of Fate’s biggest reveal, and what a bolt out of the blue! I think everyone suspected that Obi-Wan would return (I certainly did), but I definitely didn’t see it happening so soon. Reintroducing Obi-Wan opens up all kinds of questions, that I’ll cover in another post. Holocrons of Fate ends with fans desperately wanting the next chapter, which has to be considered a great thing. And in classic fashion, it means that we’re going to have to wait at least two weeks, as next week’s instalment will give us Wedge Antillies’ introduction to the Star Wars universe.

If you have any comments, be sure to let me know in the comments below, on twitter, or facebook!