Star Wars Rebels Rebels Assault Mid Season Finale Review


“There are going to be some somber moments,” Dave Filoni said back in Rebels Recon Season 3. I often have had to go back and recall the words from the writer himself while we progressed in the season, as we got the ultimate moment of the mid season finale. Hera Syndulla has been captured! We go in deep into the look of this cat-and-mouse episode. X-wings, Hera’s promotion, Mart, Empire, More Lothwolves.


Character Dialogue 4.7/5

I felt that there was little less dialogue in this. I wish we saw a bit more character building besides Hera. Yet I believe that this episode was to launch of more of the story for the second half next year.  


Music 4.8/5

Soundtrack was on point for the mid season finale. The soundtrack gave more of an echo for when the dog fights began and gave me the goosebumps. Also that caught my ears was Thrawn’s theme as a testament of how smart he is on having a second wave in case Hera did punch a hole through the blockade.


Plot 4.8/5

Plot was excellent! However there are somethings that I’m going to be very picky about. One, the fact we didn’t see Hera’s promotion was a very itchy annoyance. Two how did the rebellion acquire the X-wings. I also felt a huge cat and mouse chase that was dramatic to the point that I almost had a heart attack. I felt the empire was slow to action and prolonged the inevitable.


Animation 4.9/5

Animation was flawless once again. The dog fights between the X-wings and TIE fighters was excellent. For a few that I know that watch the show said it took them back to when the franchise started in 1977. However my favourite part about the whole animation was the clouds when the X-wings and Y-bombers got shot down.



This episode was a definitely a Hera-eccentric episode. I give Vanessa Marshall huge praise on how much emotion she put into Hera in these tense twenty-two minutes. I admired Hera’s leadership, courage and sacrifice. She has much deserved the promotion she received. Then of course seeing how far chopper would go for Hera. His loyalty is so fierce and protective. It damn near broke my heart seeing him wait for Hera and then told to leave. It’ll be the hanging question over the break. What is Hera going to endure with the empire?


“Lock S-foils in attack position”

“Tighten your bolts, Here we go”

“Governor Pryce, I’ve so wanted to meet you”

X wings

Yay the have arrived. However I want to know how they acquired them. Beyond that the dog fights, movements and animation was everything that i hoped for. Seeing Hera pilot one makes it very special since she’s one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance. The motions also of the X-wings too made it special. The bouncing around, the pilot moving with the fighter and the flashes.



When i spotted Mart in one of the TV spots, I was quivering in anticipation to see him back on Rebels. It makes it so much more personal now that he is in the fight due to his Uncle Commander Sato’s sacrifice. It’s such a nice call back from the Iron Squadron as we also got to see R3. It goes to show that the episode from season three was not a ‘filler’.  



As if the Empire wasn’t going to be prepared after Hera left Lothal with TIE defender Blueprints. The blockade was insane. Give Hera kudos for even getting that amount of ships through! Its clear that the relationship is still strained between Thrawn and Pyrce as she was yelling at him. I also believe that Pryce has begun to get annoyed with Ruhk’s presence of Lothal, even though he did help the capture of Hera.


One thing that really annoys the heck out of me is how Skerris died. I knew that his time was coming sooner or later, but how he died ticks me off. And it really isn’t even Hera’s fault. It’s Thrawn’s. I understand that Thrawn caught on to Hera’s tactics but he didn’t really need to open fire on his own best commander of the Navy. Skerris had unquestionable loyalty and if he knew his fate he would have left the empire. It goes to show that Thrawn continues to have problems with his own chain of command and officers drop like flies under him.


“Such a small victory” – Pryce


The mystery of what these wolves signify is still bugging me. And will continue to bug me until i know exactly what they mean. Or at least a better understanding of them. The show has a brilliant way of not giving us answers on what connection they have to the planet and the heroes of Lothal. They are sure to be giving us some closure for the second half.  


We will be back next year to kick off the second half the of the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels. It will be stuff not to miss! In the meantime while we wait for it to come back around we have Star Wars The Last Jedi, the episode guide and Rebels recon. Be sure not to miss out!


Bridger Transmissions 6 – Rebel Assault

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And just like that, we’ve hit the mid-season break! Man has this gone all too quickly! But never fear, we’re back to talk about the thrilling mid-season finale “Rebel Assault” in all its glory!

We also work in a couple listener interactions, and talk a bit about what’s to come in the final 6 episodes!

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Star Wars Rebels Kindred and Crawl Commanders Review

“Its funny, no matter what happens, we always end up back here,” Kanan’s opening quote in Kindred. We are back with another review and this week our emotions ran at the ultimate all-time high! The fast action paced of seeing our heroes of Lothal evading the empire, Kanera, more Lothwolfs, mining guild, and the viewing the look at the manipulation of Thrawn and Pyrce. We were jammed packed in these two episodes as we are officially half-way through the season.

Character Dialogue 4.7/5

The character dialogue was excellent in Kindred. It helped build up some more character arc. That kiss was so perfect.  


Music 4.9/5

Kindred didn’t miss a beat. The buildup soundtrack of Kanan and Hera from the beginning episode was so perfect. And then that all-so precious moment, the soundtrack was very moving at that point. The rest of the episode of kindred was perfectly paced. Also the perfect timing of Ruhk’s arrival. You definitely get that vibe, he’s a dangerous character and a respected warrior. So far in this season, kindred has been my favourite music for an episode. Yet in crawl commanders some of the soundtrack sounded too heroic in rebel commander and slightly too dramatic in relation to the crawl ore.

Plot 4.8/5

Plot was well laid out. Mystery still delves into the lothwolves in connection to Kanan. Which happened to be my favourite part of the two-parter. It was also nice to get some answers from the storytellers on what made lothal look the way it is. I felt that the crawler commanders was a way to slow down all the excitement and building up the hype for Rebel Assault.


Animation 5/5

So far I’ve been loving this season’s animation. They animators have been knocking this out of the park. They continue to show the beauty and destruction of Lothal. It was a welcoming site that not all of lothal is burnt yet. The highlights were Hera’s awesome escape and the Lothwolfs and there very deep roots with Lothal. It was also stunning seeing the ore crawlers flame and the burning of the grass.

Kanan and Hera

Third is the charm as I said to a few people in conversation after the torture of witnessing them interrupted twice.. After four years they finally have the relationship they deserve. Or one that is more open I should say. There’s still the rebellion to be fought and eventually Hera is to become a general. However everything about that scene was so perfect. I loved when in the middle of the touching moments, the kids were watching. And also when Hera grabbed Kanan’s chin was like a call back from the clone wars when Satine grabbed Obi-wan’s.  


The fascination of the Lothwolves continue to grow for me. These creatures definitely remind me of Bendu. What they still signify for the story is a mystery for me. It’s so like Dave to keep us on our toes and figure out the riddles he lays out for us. What kind of real force does the wolves have with the connection to Lothal? As Sabine pointed out, they crossed an entire plant from the northern hemisphere to the south. And it didn’t seem like they walked that far. Another interesting point is that the two wolves, they glowed the traditional Sith eyes and had black fur. So will we see some dark side elements to them?  I’m still positive that Ashoka has something to do with them. Some else that has been bugging me, as for others, how does the wolves know Kanan Jarrus’s real name? Caleb Dume. Is it perhaps that maybe Kanan’s heritage is from Lothal? As he said he’s always drawn to Lothal.

Thrawn / Rukh Vs Pyrce

We really start to see the two try to manipulate each other. Kanera might have stole the thunder for this specific topic. But you can see the frustration breaking down the facade of a prominent governor of a very important planet so much so that she is personally leading the operation against the Ghost Crew on the ground, and is bold enough to attack Ezra head on.

I’m curious to know what is going through Arindha Pyrce’s thoughts when it comes to seeing the destruction of her homeworld. We’ve seen how Ezra has reacted. But why not her response? Does she care that her planet is being burnt to a crisp? She started off as a young girl whose life overturned when Ryder Azadi tried to make a profit by buying her family’s mining company. In an attempt to thwart his plans, she sold the company to the Empire. In so doing, Pryce was able to give her family a new job on the planet Batonn. As for herself, Pryce was able to leave the planet that she never really cared for. As a secretary of an Imperial Senator, Pryce learned to navigate the channels of Imperial bureaucracy and politics, which is really, to put it bluntly, one of greed and backstabbing. Her ultimate success was overriding an Imperial Moff’s control by forming an alliance with Tarkin, who in return for her help in defeating his enemies, made her governor of Lothal. She was able to make Lothal the center of the Empire in that sector of the galaxy. But in spite of the power she gained, does she realize how much power she is losing as the empire seizes more and more control over her home? She was fully aware of that problem when she signed her family company over to the Empire. But now that she is in control, is she just complacent?  


What would her parents think of her and of her actions toward the people of Lothal? At the end of the Thrawn book, she accepted the deaths of unknown numbers of civilians when she blew up half of a city on Batonn to prevent the Empire from finding out her goal of saving her parents. This shows that Pryce has love for something. She used the power that she had gained to take back her world and save her family. But at what cost? Did she lose more than she gained? Her parents were certainly shocked when they discovered that Pryce had changed. This is similar to the present situation. If she only cares for power what love does she have left for her people? I hope to see some sort of redemption story for her. Perhaps when the moment is dire, Pryce will talk to her parents, and they will criticize the person she has become? At that critical time, she might see the light and see the error of her ways. A team-up with her and Ezra as they fight to save Lothal.


On the other side of the coin we see Thrawn’s annoyance with Imperial command.

Thrawn and Pryce began their work on Lothal as a “marriage of convenience.” But in many ways, it is also a relationship based on influence and usefulness. Since the Thrawn book, Thrawn has been able to rely on Pryce’s political knowhow while Pryce depends on Thrawn for military support. But in this episode, Thrawn has become fed up with the flourish of the rebels. You can see it in his face and in his voice. Hence, he begins to to butt heads with Pryce. He explicitly criticizes her for letting the rebels escape. On the one hand, he is probably very weary with how his Imperial colleagues continue to make mistakes when fighting the Rebels after the fiasco with Konstantine. But now that the Rebels have the blueprint of his plans, it is also important to note that he fears that his TIE defender program is at risk. The stakes have obviously risen for him. It is odd, however, that Thrawn has not established more security around the program given that the rebels have succeeded in infiltrating Lothal more than once by now. We will most likely see that in the next episode though. For now, I think that THrawn brought Rukh in to help defeat the rebels as soon as possible.


Rukh is a creepy Noghri, who Timothy Zahn introduced back in the 1990’s. It is great that he has also made his way to the screen, and I have to say I’m really impressed on how the animators created such a creepy, more animalistic being. He spooked me in a good way. When he spoke it was like daggers going to the heart. I would not want to meet him on his bad side. This is a Norghi that should be feared and respected.

Mining Guild

It was great to see the point of view of the Mining Guild. According to Dave Filoni, the Mining Guild is an independent organization that the Empire has not yet absorbed fully under its control. They are on Lothal as a part of Pryce’s plans to mine the planet for its resources. But they are not evil at all. They are there to make money, and like Pryce, as Timothy Zahn pointed out in his new Thrawn book, made deals with the Empire to benefit themselves. However i still find them evil due to the fact that they are slavers as well.


At this point, Ezra is continuing to grow a deeper bond with the lothwolves and his home. He is grasping the very knowledge that he needs to liberate his people. In the first interaction with Ruhk, was calm and cool. First trying the diplomatic way, like a Jedi ,then of course then resolving to draw his blade. The Ruhk chase with Jia Kell reminded me of the Endor scene from Return of The Jedi.  I was just in awe when i saw him walk into a potentially dangerous situation with the wolves. Once again cool and calm behavior. His willingness to trust the wolves goes to show how much he trusts the force and his home.  I also felt that Ezra’s grown into his league where he can command and had some authority. For example, fooling the empire that everything was under control. A little throw-back when he was climbing in the air-ducts was perfect as well. Sabine “Its what you do”. His response when it came to the captain of the crawler puzzled me though. It was as if he maybe, enjoyed seeing him melted to a crisp. I cherish the moment when you can see the glee in Ezra’s eyes when Hera informed them that the fighters and bombers were being fueled and prepare for combat.


Zeb was awesome in this episode!!! It was so funny, seeing him steal that transport in the same difference way as he always stole different types of imperial transports. I had to yell at the empire, “Watch the transport Imps”. His reaction of getting shot at by Azadi was a typical Zeb reaction. Humorous. Afterall he didn’t let them know he stole a transport. Lets not forget that hand-holding-the-cliff ending of that scene where Zeb met his match. It was very fun to see Zeb go toe-to-toe with someone his his size and muscle. Yet the Lasat lives to fight another day.


Without further adieus for the ghost crew, and with Kanan, Hera really stood out, evading the empire and on Yavin IV at rebel command. She really made those TIE fighters silly. Her hyperspace exited really shows how talented her piloting skills are. With that also of the animators. The defining moment for me was her speech for the leaders of the rebellion. She at one point looked impulsive yet bold and fearless. I can understand where she’s coming from though. Her family is on Lothal, relying on her support to destroy the factories and get some imperial occupation off their tail. She is willing to do whatever it takes!

Rebel Command

When Hera arrived with the Old U-wing I felt the nostalgia when the ties come in from Rogue one once again. Witnessing more and more as the rebellion continues to grow. The command structure has really gotten stronger since the name of the rebellion. Asking Hera to remove herself as they have a ‘secret meeting’. I was in disbelief that they asked her to leave. Hera is one of the founding mothers of the Rebellion, and her leadership and sacrifices have been phenomenally important to the Rebellion. Something very chilling though that got me really turning the wheels was from Mothma’s lips, is that the empire has initiated a protocol that was used on Jedah. Protocol 13 where they remove all imperial personal. This could be a scary situation for Lothal if indeed it’s for the planet………..


The build-up to the next episode is very exciting. Rebel assault. We are now officially half way through the last season of this incredible show! These two episodes really helped build up to the mid season finale. The last six episodes have really shown the growth of the storytelling, animation and the heart of the rebellion. In the meantime don’t forget to check out Rebels Recon for all the juicy details of these two phenomenal episodes and read the episodes I’ve linked down below. As Always may the Force Be with you!


Bridger Transmissions #5 – Kindred and Crawler Commandeers Review

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If it’s new Rebels chat you crave, we’ve got you covered! Check out our thoughts on Kindred and Crawler Commandeers. We’re blasting through this final season of Rebels at light speed, but we’re going to enjoy it while it lasts! Come join Em, Cory and Kyle as they discuss the two latest episodes filled with action, mysticism, loth wolves and, the kiss that rocked fandom!

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Star Wars Rebels Occupation and Flight of the Defender Review

“Look at the sky”…..We have finally returned back to where everything started. Lothal. Things look beyond worst. The devastation that the empire has done to the planet has been nothing but gut wrenching. You can really tell that the writers and animators want us to take this very personal.I know I have. We will see how the ghost crew will rise up to this biggest challenge that they’ll ever face, as the real battle has now ultimately begun.

“This is how a rebellion starts. Small. With the few people standing together….we’ve done it before, we can do it again”

Character Dialogue 4.9/5

The emotional level that Taylor Grey voiced out for Ezra this time around was phenomenal. It brought tears out of me, soul-shuddering and  heartbreak. Such a powerful performance. You can really feel how immersed Grey got into his character. Lets tip our hats for wonderful voice acting.

Music 4.9/5

Kevin Kiner, the guy is a mastermind genius when it comes to creating the soundtrack for such a deep story. He perfectly express through his music when we saw the ruins of Lothal. The soundtrack moved me in ways where I felt super angry from old Jho’s execution, totally distraught on the shape of lothal, feeling bubbly with the loth-cats, and my eagerness to know more about the mysterious lothwolf.

Plot 4.9/5

Exceptionally done once again! Brilliant writing by the team to express what is at stake not just for Lothal but for the consequences that rebellions can bring. The character development has been at its best since the beginning of Season four! The mystery also has been on-spot. Its the first time in Star Wars Rebels where we truly have the mystery. Besides Ashoka. The mystery of the force within Lothal. I believe it will have the Mortis-feel like it did back in the clone wars!

Animation 5/5

Animation again was at its best! The top three highlights of the animation was the current devastation of lothal, the heart-thumping action of stealing the tie defender with those awesome explosions, and the calm yet intense first encounter with Ezra and the mysterious lothwolf.


The last time we saw Lothal was back in season 3 during the imperial eyes. Yet it really wasn’t on the planet. Needless to say, too much went on during the last time the ghost crew was on the homeworld of Ezra Bridger. There is no pretty way in putting in the story, however in animation wise the formation is incredible. The transformation from season one to season four just can’t be put into words. The animation team really outdid themselves. The lushful fields we saw, have now been scorched. The skies that were crystal blue with the soft clouds, have turned into a violent orangish-yellow slow ember. The planet is in total despair, drowned in sorrow and the tomorrow looks bleak.

It takes me back to season two, of when minister Tua, was willing to exchange the real reason why the empire really confiscate the planet. Not the reason that lothal had been farming land and mining. Another mystery I hope we get to delve into and they close that book. We never had the real answer from the minister due to her unexpected death. I hope that the storytellers finish that off.

Imperial Lockdown

Excessive. Excessive is the word that comes to mind when I see the imperial presence on lothal.  Back in season two, vader wasn’t that superfluous. Even back in season one, citizens could come and go as they please when they were on Lothal. These days, there is a complete blockade, hand in hand, with large energy spheres. When Vizago was allowed to enter the system, he was still escorted by tie fighters and his ship, the broken horn, was locked down by a gravity lock. There are security checks in around every corner, transportation is under complete isolation for the empire, and as Hera said the city is like a “ghost”. The propaganda is any which way blaring “Loyalty is obedience” “Serve your empire”. The plaster of bounties of the ghost crew warning civilians that this will happen to you, if you don’t stay in line. I was also shocked that the number of probe droids there are and another iconic death trooper stationed. In the current state, the rebels are now on their heels most of the time. It’s a dramatic change because in season one they were left unchecked and unchallenged.


One other thing that eats at me is that if Thrawn was smart enough to understand Sabine’s symbol, wouldn’t he be able to take advantage of that? When the rebels see Sabine’s symbol, they automatically assume that Ryder made it. But what if Thrawn did it? Given his genius tactical knowledge, he might have done that as a trap. Something to think about in the coming events.


Old Faces

“Im excited for season four because we are going to see some new faces,and some beloved old faces too,”Henry Gilroy told in rebels recon back in season 3. Boy did we ever see some old faces returning to Star Wars Rebels this week. Valen Rudor, Vult Skerris, Vizago, Jai Kell, Erskine Semaj and the learning and mentioning, of unfortunate fate for Old Jho. Much like Ezra Jai has grown too! Im surprised to see him a bit more taller than Ezra. It’s also very cool seeing him involved with the rebel cell on Lothal, and in direct contact with Ryder. Valen Rudor has also aged a bit. I must say he looks terrific and sharp, in the current civilian outfit, then the pilot gear. I held my breath during the interaction with him and Ezra. As Ezra back in the shorts had a funny way of putting him in his place.



I’m so glad that they brought Zeb in for some humor. We hadn’t seen much of him in the first episodes. It was a nice call back that he had to scare the puffer pigs just like season one. He had the cutest reactions with the Lothcats, and took it like a champ. Then again he gets what he deserves when he disrupted the very touching scene with Kanan and Hera.  We also see another side to Zeb that we haven’t really seen. His worrisome when it comes to the “kids”. Him taking the responsibility of what Ezra and Sabine did when they stole the TIE Defender. I hope to see more story-telling for him in the future.


Uh-uh, I’m not allowed near the filthy beast, I scare them, apparently there’s something wrong with my face”

“Get ready things are about to get interesting”

“I should have expected them to do something crazy like that”


In the opening scene of the Occupation, you can see the gnawing hole that Ezra has in his heart for Lothal. The piece of home that is being teared away from him bit by bit. The promises that he has for his home, yet hasn’t been able to keep, since his absence is being held with the rebellion. He most likely was homesick. I was also not stunned by the decision he made when he decided to go home to stay! In other terms, he’s willing to leave the rebellion for his people. Of course home for him, isn’t how and what he remembered it by. However he is willing to do whatever it takes to liberate his world, restore to how it was in season one. You can tell how much hes grown by him taking the responsibility to the mess that the empire created. It really is hard to see the boy that we met in season one. His reaction to his home has been nothing more than a cup full of hurt.

“Ive had a long time to think about this. We’ll get that intel, but I’m going home to help my people which means I’m there to stay”

“Saw said it, I didn’t want to believe it, Lothal is gone we already lost”

“Ah looks like my little friends beat you to it”


I loved that fact that she was a huge support for Ezra. She made sure that he wouldn’t make costly mistakes out of rash decisions and feelings. For example, the time when Ezra curled his fist of the mentioning of old Jho being a traitor. Another instance is when Ezra felt anguish of how much his planet changed and how Saw was ‘right’. Then again she understands what he’s going through. His planet now looks similar to the planet of Sundari. Not so much the war aspect of things, but the oppression, the destruction, of what the empire can do to one world, and crush one family. I loved how she took the initiative to remove the data from the TIE Defender. She stepped up to the plate and took a big swing. Thanks to her and Ezra, the rebels have some sort of advantage against the empire. They have some data flight recorder and a hyperdrive.


“As long as we are together, we have a chance!”

“Well, it definitely would give a ghost a run for its money”

“A lothwolf? Like the ones from those cave paintings



The things really intriguing with this lothwolf. What does the wolf mean? According to Ezra, lothwolfs have not been seen in a hundred years. So what does that mean for Ezra? Is he to really lead his people out of the shadow of the Empire? Is he the one to liberate Lothal?  After all the wolf then said to Ezra “Dume”. We know that Kanan’s real name is Caleb Dume. Is the wolf connected to Ashoka?




These adorable kittens. You can tell that they are unhappy too with how the Empire has treated their home. Studies have shown that animals, cats and dogs in particular, know when there is a “bad person”. These cats definitely understand that the empire is the “bad person”. It was adorable seeing them interact with Ezra, then helping Sabine and Ezra out finding a distraction. They are absolutely in tune with their surroundings. It feels like they have a reason to push back and fight for their home ever since Ezra returned home.

Kanan and Hera

We were that close!!! That close for a long awaited kiss. I’m pretty sure i was yelling at my laptop. NO NO NO NO!!! It’s odd how much Kanan has changed in the last bit. It’s possible giving the elevated stakes he’s decided to tell hera how he feels? However he is a jedi knight….so what does that mean for him? Orthodox Jedi were never allowed to form attachments and fall in love. Tricky business. Dangerous times for the already shipped couple.


Consequences are now what we see in Season four. The consequences of rebellion. It goes to show that war is never easy, and never leaves anyone the same. What does it all mean? Its now an often repeated question. How will this end? I think there are now more questions for the show then there were answers. Heres some of the answers from the recent rebels recon and episode guide I’ve linked below. Don’t forget to also check out our podcast with Kyle, Corey and me as we blast the empire with or motivating words. As always, May the force be with you!

Bridger Transmissions 5 – The Occupation and Flight of the Defender Review

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Hey Star Wars Rebels fans!

The Occupation and Flight of the Defender really got us thinking, and we hope it got you thinking as well! Click play to hear our thoughts and please share your opinions with us via twitter and facebook!

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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Name of the Rebellion Part 1 And 2 Review

We are back with another review of Star Wars Rebels. This week we got an in depth look on how the rebellion continues to grow, Saw and his path on finding the empire’s super weapon, the Rogue tie ins. Overall I thought that these two episodes was rebels at its best!

Character Dialogue 5/5

The character’s dialogue this week’s episodes, I discovered, to be more satisfying than the premiere. You see the defining cracks between Saw and Mon. There’s the also touching moment between Master and Padawan.

Music 4.7/5

Kevin Kiner, the man is such a music master genius. I loved every moment of the soundtrack.

Plot 4.5/5

The plot was extremely well done. And you see the quest and the hell bent Saw determined to find the Empire’s secret weapon.  

Animation 5/5

The animation was unbelievable. The two explosions from the listening outpost on Jalindi and the kyber crystal were defining moments in both episodes. You can tell that the animation has evolved from season one to now. I look forward to what’s in store created by the animators.

Saw Gerrera

Welcome back-ish! We saw Saw come back with a hell-bent quest to find the Empire’s super weapon! But he came back with his extremist ideology that some deemed toxic. Nonetheless it gave us more insight on how much Gerrera wants to take down the Empire. What he’ll take to defeat his enemies, as he stunned Ezra and Sabine after he had their help.It may seem that Saw has developed a schizophrenic mind .I’m curious to see where he goes on from this point. After hearing about the Jedha system, does he carry on his quest there? How does he get maimed? I feel that this is still a loose end that hopefully will be tied whether in the dwindling events of Rebels or in Canon. Forrest Whitaker couldn’t have performed any better with this iconic character! The transition he makes from rogue one to Rebels….words can’t really describe how talented this man really is!

“If you continue to fight the empire on there terms, not yours, you are going to lose!”

“Sorry Captain, No time, your kids will be fine with me, besides they might enjoy fighting with a real army for a change”

“Let me ask you this? What would you do to save your world?”

Mon Mothma

The way that Mon Mothma handled herself has become crystal clear that she is the leader of the Yavin 4. The way she composes herself and holds herself to an elegancy like no other. It was really fun to see her get into a small debate with Saw. We finally see her crack down and show what her angry self can be. I can imagine that she has quite the hard task of what assignments that her cell can carry out. She can’t liberate her home as much as Ezra want to save his.  

“Captain, I commend you for your bravery, for protecting you and your fellow pilots”

“But instead, when we amassed our forces we were taught a valuable lesson, that we are not ready for open war”

“I will not be lectured on military strategies from a man who has proven himself a criminal”


Yavin IV

All paths are coming together. We are seeing the almost-final formation of the rebel alliance. We are finally here! We see that phoenix squad lives and continues on after Sato’s death, as they carry themselves here. The amount of troops and ships that are around is pretty cool to see. As Zeb said “there are cells gathered from every corner of the galaxy, it’s still not enough to fight the Empire”. Aesthetically speaking Yavin was stunning. It was fantastic seeing the one scene of Ezra and Kanan mediating in such a serene scene.   

However, in the current state, there are only of a few rebels on the base. Eventually I hope to see more of the Alliance on Yavin IV at the end of the season. After all we are edging ever so closer to the events of Rogue One. Is Blue leader, Red leader and the pathfinder units already on secret missions? Where’s Cassian and K2SO? Raddus? Ackbar? We’ve yet to see everyone here.


It is clear that Ezra wants to save Lothal. Honor his parents dying wish. After witnessing Sabine lead her people out of darkness, he must look at it like a calling to his people.  I feel as though he would break of his ties to from the rebellion to go home just to do so. I loved the fact that he basically challenged Mon Mothma to figure out when they were going back to Lothal to support Ryder. When on mission, I believe we’ve seen Ezra come into full understanding of the bigger picture of the rebellion. He’s see what Saw had done wrong. And Ezra rises up against Saw’s way and chooses and follows the righteous path. There was some significance growing on his part. I loved how they touched some of Ezra’s force sensitivity. His connection with the kyber crystals is reminiscent of the sound from the purgell, and the echoing of the force throughout the whole series. Once again Ezra continues his charismatic,dorky, lovable attitude, despite what kind of burden he has on his shoulders. From Brom Titus, to now his legendary wave! I don’t think I can ever get past how comical he is! Keep on smiling and waving!   

“I just feel so helpless. I thought being here would help me get me closer to helping Lothal. But Now that i am it seems further away than ever”

Uh meridian, This is Jalindi outpost, you weren’t scheduled until next rotation, You’re causing a lot of problems for us. Maybe come back tomorrow?”

“But we still do have something Saw. The people on this ship. I just want to help them”


Yay! Sabine is back in action with the ghost crew! It seems as though she has come back refreshed without the responsibility of leaving home on awful terms. How she composed herself in the most difficult situation shows her maturity as well. The banter that she had going on with Ezra was absolutely entertaining! Also trying to keep Ezra in check with his smile and waves! ^_^ ^_^! <3

“Hey I like abstract art, I just don’t want to become it”

“Ezra! Don’t you want to salvage something from this mission or what?”

“Oh stop complaining! I kinda like it better than the orange”


Give it up for the best droid that you can ask for! From funny to be very serious. Chopper knows how to act accordingly when it counts! Even in the beginning of the first episode Chop is already up to his antics. And the comfort that we saw (somewhat) when Hera was frustrated with her failed mission. Lets not forget the story behind the paint job. Dave’s beloved NHL team, The Pittsburgh penguins who won the lord stanley twice in a row! Blah for a Toronto Maple Leaf fan!  

Death Troopers

It was an awesome surprise to see the death troopers! Although there was a lot of negativity to how easily to see Saw, Sabine and Ezra defeat them. I see the point of view. The death troopers should have been more difficult to beat. After All the have green visors so they should have seen through with night vision.This was a critical flaw. However, they were up against a Jedi, Mandalorian and an Extremist. It was awesome to see that death troopers can be female as well. We haven’t seen many troopers that have been female in all of the Star Wars Rebels era. Besides the upcoming Star Wars battlefront 2 video game and Captain Brunson from Ghosts of Geonosis we haven’t seen any females at all.  

Family Reunion

It was such a touching moment for them all to be reunited. The first time since Zero Hour. (even though it was a very short time). The delight I got when I saw the interactions, from Zeb and Sabine, to Hera and company brought quivers to my heart! You can see how the bond is strong between them all.  

“Zeb!!!…..What you haven’t got weak since I last Saw you eh big guy?”

“Kanan? You’re all here! And Sabine! You came back! What about your family on Mandalore?”

Kanan And Hera

What kind of trust level goes beyond a normal relationship!? Kanan was the force eyes and Hera was the pilot hands! The level of thought that went into this scene was phenomenal! The movement of the ghost is exactly what we’ve been waiting to see. I can’t wait to see more for what’s in store for the already-shipped couple.

“Boy I must really trust you!”

“I know you do”

Before I sign off be sure to check out the episode guide and the latest rebels recon episode! I’ll link it down below. All in all this was a really great episode and the countdown is on! Also check out whats in store for us next week!


Saw Gerrera .Vs. Mon Mothma/In Depth Look

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first act commenced with Senator Mon Mothma dispatching Jyn Erso to the planet of Jedha to mend the rift between herself and Extremist Saw Gerrera. After Saw Gerrera made his debut in Season Three of Star Wars Rebels, he resurfaced in the second trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season Four. It is clear based off of footage from the trailer that we will see the dramatic schism of the Rebel Alliance, mentioned in Rogue One, play out  between cell leader and extremist Saw Gerrera, and major alliance leader Mon Mothma. In a clip of upcoming episode, “In the Name of the Rebellion,” Saw and Mothma have a very heated argument. From this, it is clearly evident that a break is going to happen.

Before we dive deep, Dave Filoni, touched that topic in Rebels recon back in Season 3 of the finale, “You will see Mon Mothma again, you will see Saw Gerrera again, You’ll get much more of an insight into seeing how that relationship breaks down and breaks apart….”

First we need to take a closer look at the history of these two different leaders. The morals and values that they each believe in are a result of the different lives that have each led up to this point.

We saw, Saw (no pun intended) fight for his home planet, Onderon, back in the Clone Wars. As was frequently hinted, Saw viewed the war as a “crusade” to liberate the planet from the Separatists one that depended solely on military action. As he mentioned in the first episode of the arc, “War on Two Fronts,” “politics have failed us. We have no choice.” For this reason, he loved do heavy damage against the Separatists. However, he already showed signs of being a different leader. Unlike his sister Steela, who stressed the objective of winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the Onderon people, Saw had no qualms about the collateral damage that took place despite. (S05E05). Things drastically changed in the final battle of the war when a Separatist gunship killed his sister. He blamed himself for her death and deeply regretted what had happened. In this way, Saw became aware of the bitter cost of war.


Many of these continuities that took place in the Onderon arc returned in Star Wars Rebels. After the Republic became the Empire, Onderon endured another military occupation. With all of his hard work undone, it is understandable that Saw became bitter. He blamed the Jedi for losing the war (as he hinted in Ghosts of Geonosis part II) and thus once again believed that Onderon was on its own in its fight against the Empire. This most likely built his extremist mind. He created his own rebel cell and committed himself to the fight against the Empire. “I’m fighting for you and everyone not to lose what they’ve got” Then after the empire took over he was one of the first leaders to create a rebel cell.

Mon Mothma, the Senator of Chandrilla, is different from Saw in that she views war from an opposing lens. In the final years of the Galactic Republic, she engaged in a political endeavor to preserve the democratic institutions of the Republic from within the Senate, on Coruscant. However, she was fighting against an unstoppable force: the Emperor and his gradual takeover of the Senate, which gradually became less democratic and instead more upholden to the Chancellor’s dictatorial policies.  In some deleted scenes back in Revenge of the Sith, we see her working alongside Bail Organa, Padme Amidala and some other senators in a coalition known as the Delegation of 2000 draft a petition demanding that Palpatine restore democracy once the war was at an end. But it was an unmitigated failure. In this way, when the Emperor announced the creation of the “first galactic empire,” what Mon Mothma and other Senators lost was the democratic government that she was so desperately trying to save and preserve.

Later when both leaders appeared in Rebels we see the leaders enter Season three in two very unique ways. Saw is already on a mission, and he lost his entire team. Mon, on the other hand, is on the run and hunted by the Empire. He is very aware of the evil of the empire and has only suffered another loss. Mon is still holding out that diplomacy will prevail.In an interview with EW Filoni spoke about Saw, “Saw’s always seeking his own path, and he’s certain of the evil the Empire’s up to and there can be no peace,” he says. “He’s been pushed even further down that path of belief.” How can that be hard to believe given that he became the guardian of the creator’s daughter of the Death Star project? Along the way hes also found bits and pieces indicating “that the empire was up to something big”. Word passes around. He was on Geonosis looking for clues.

How can that be hard to believe given that he had the creator’s daughter of the evil project? Along the way hes also found bits and pieces indicating “that the empire was up to something big”. Word passes around. He was on Geonosis looking for clues.

So how does the ghost crew fits into this storyline? What kind moves do they make? The Rebels in season 2 were unaware when they found the debris and stations surrounding the planet Geonosis that that they had stumbled onto the biggest project in the galaxy. However, they were suspicious, given that there were no signs of life on the surface.

It also seems as though Ezra could start to see Saw’s point of view, although they didn’t see eye to eye with their first counter. “The Empire is already on the verge of winning a war. Most of the rebel alliance doesn’t already believe it’s begun” Does his opinion change after losing in Zero Hour? We know how desperate he wants to save his home, Lothal. Love for his home is not the only thing that drives his character. A large part of Ezra’s arc was to learn more about what happened to his parents, and after he discovered from Ryder Azadi that they had heard his message in Season 1, Ezra perhaps hopes to honor his parents dying wish. And ironically in the clip we see Ezra talking to Kanan and making his thoughts known on how they should fight.

In the same interview Dave added that Alliance leaders including Mon and Bail, “still hold out hope the Senate can find a peaceful way to resolve everything, and it won’t come to all-out war. Saw is trying to get the evidence and prove out that he’s right. We have some fun scenes when he interacts with Mon Mothma and it shows the fractures between the two.”

The new clip definitely shows the fractures. The voice of Mon Mothma sent shivers down my spine. Such command in her voice, it was quite a performance! Most likely when we see the episode, it will only get better for what she has to say.


Mon wanted to talk to Saw…..but why? Agreeing to disagree? How this war should be fought? It was clear that she would stand her ground.”So long as our allies in the senate have hope of a peaceful resolution to this conflict. I will not risk” Then she called Saw a criminal. Naming what he has done to innocents and his enemies that have surrendered. She has a moral code of honor and highly believes in rules of engagement and on not rising to their opponent’s level. Which moves on to the second topic  

Is Saw really a criminal? “The empire considers us both criminals, at least I act like one”.  He openly admit that he is a criminal. And he wasn’t ashamed of it. He targets civilians and as Mon pointed out he “breaks every rule of engagement”. However, up until this point, and until his death in Rogue One, Saw was fighting an actual war. Unlike Mon, he sees men and women die every day and has become quite aware of how bloody and costly war is. Saw perhaps feels that Mon is not aware of what it takes. And sometimes sacrificing honor is necessary. It’s hard for a man to feel pain when they’ve already been through too much.

I personally don’t agree with his extremist ideology, but war, as it does with all soldiers, gradually makes them more implacable and resistant to the costs. As Mon Mothma says, it “degrades them” to the point of becoming inhuman. In the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan also says: “war also distorts our point of view. If we sacrifice our code even for victory, we risk losing something more important. Our honor.”

The issue of becoming too embroiled in open warfare against the Empire is a theme that plagues the Rebels at the end of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. In the Zero Hour, we saw the rebels forces crushed! They were plainly unprepared to fight. It is not just a catastrophe since the Phoenix Squadron lost on Atollon. The fact that General Dodonna, General Sato and Captain Syndulla, three of the best generals in the Alliance, got outclassed by Thrawn, convinces Mon Mothma that full scale war would destroy the Alliance. This only shows how weak, and disorganized the Rebellion still is, and how much growth it still needs to make. Mon, understandably, doesn’t want to fight and would prefer to wait for the right time. Part of this mindset may be hers and Bail’s goal of keeping Senator Amidala’s memory alive. Even in Rogue One, we may see how divided the Rebel Alliance council leaders were on whether or not they were prepared for war against the Empire. As one of the leaders stated, “if it’s war you want, you will fight alone.” Another questioned General Dravin’s decision of attacking the Imperial base on Eadu. Earlier, when we meet Mon Mothma in Secret Cargo, a team of Rebels from Gold Squadron escort her. In the Rebels Recon episode of Secret Cargo, Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy note how different many of the rebel cells are. In the case of General Dodonna and Gold Squadron, they most likely operated on a more covert level, protecting convoys and attacking soft Imperial targets. This may explain why they were so critical of the Phoenix Squadron and their bold attacks on the Empire. As Gold 2 scolded Ezra, “You might think twice before you pull off another stunt like that. The imperials have tightened security throughout the entire Outer Rim as a result. You are making things harder for all of us.” The fact that Gold 2 thinks this way shows how not all of the rebellion fights in the same way. Nor do they all see eye to eye. This is a brilliant move on the part of the makers to make the Rebellion that much more complex and realistic as an organization.

In our current story in Season 4, the reference about ignoring the ‘Delindi relay’ only shows the actual struggle that the Rebels have, and how important this episode will be to the larger story on ‘the growing up story’ of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

In conclusion, this story will show of that the rebellion was not a well-oiled machine when we first saw them in A New Hope. These two unique leaders of the star wars universe are both wrong and right. A decision of war is a hard one. There is always conflict within. And I can’t wait to see the story unfold until then. Watch the clip that I was referring to below. And May the force be with you.


Bridger Transmissions #2 – Heroes of Mandalore Review

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Hello everybody!

Get ready for a spoilery review of Heroes of Mandalore, the season 4 premiere of Star Wars Rebels! What did we think? Hit play and find out what we loved, what we didn’t and what’s next for everyone’s favourite Mandalorian Rebel!

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Bridger Transmissions

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere Heroes Of Mandalore Part 1 and 2 Review


Mesmerizing, extremely entertaining, 10/10, Filioni and the crew have done it again!!!!

Thats what the season premiere of star wars rebels season 4, in the final stretch of its ending gave us, in the early morning of Monday. Heck I had to power nap just to make sure I could go to work. But it was so worth it and it came out with a mando explosion!!!

I dont even know where to begin, it was so crazy that we have to start with the meatiest of the meatiest. The best out of the best.


Since Ezra is my all time favourite I have to start with him. He was the comedy relief of the premiere. I can’t imagine where the show would have gone if it weren’t for him. All things considered the show had a slight darkness to it. Yet his antics with the jetpack was so funny!! During the Tie fighter scene with Bo, he reminded me of a pesky fly hitting the windshield. Along with the interaction with all the Mandalorians and with Sabine’s family, I’d say that they all really enjoyed having Ezra at their side. Then again who doesn’t. I personally enjoyed how he stepped up to get Sabine’s father out of the transport. He had such formal attitude in front of Alrich. But I think he still has to work on the graceful jump ;).

Lets not forget all the spot-on quotes that came from him.

“Yeah that sounds like a me plan”

“Yeah I’m with Sabine, I mean not with her, with her. I’m just friends with her”

“Im notta Manda-.Mandalorian. I don’t wanna be a Mandalorian”

“I finished my mission. Now I have to finish yours too”

Need I say anymore.


Lets tip our hats off to Sabine!!! She, herself has come a long way in her journey!!! Its hard to see the same person we met back in Season one. The way she moved and fought clan Saxon and those Stormtroopers…..WOW!! She has also used the Darksaber very effectively showing the true nature of her Mandalorian past. Dealing with the responsibility of the duchess and the clans is legendary. I’m so glad we finally got to see her roots totally unfold. Seeing her talk art with Alrich literally warmed my heart because after all she comes from a very cold, colourless home-world! Instantly Alrich knew it was Sabine when she tagged the tank, showing how deep the bond between Daughter and Father for art really is.  When she comes back to the rebellion, I believe she will feel refreshed since she basically cut the weapon in half and freed herself. Also with her clan not shunned out must put some ease to her mind as well. I’m thrilled to see Sabine evolve and I believe her story line with Mandalore for Rebels has drawn for a close.

“Your a Jedi, I’m sure you’ll pick it up on the fly”

“Never had a chance to. This is what continuous war has done to my home”

“with your guidance, you have the wisdom of a ruler, there’s no one I trust to wield the Darksaber more than you. And I’m not alone”

Bo Katan

Hello, Bo Katan. We missed you. Bo Katan is also a recurring character from the clone wars. From working with the Death Watch and then becoming the leader for Mandalore, shes had a total different path in her arc. I saw some pretty negative comments about her. That didn’t surprise me. Because After all she was with a terrorist organization called Death Watch. And then she was preaching to Sabine about honor and cowardice. Yet I think, after losing her sister, Maul taking off with the Darksaber, and the empire invading her home she’s changed a lot!  Becoming a bit more honorable and realizing her wrongs. A definite redemption story.  I loved how she handled Sabine. Being a voice for her when Sabine lost her cool. Making her truly a leader. I’m curious to see how the empire will retaliate, if we see it, and how she will proceed to lead the people of Mandalore.

“Its not our way! Its their way. You came here to make things right. Will the future of Mandalore be one of honor or cowardice, hope or fear, the choice is yours.”

“A mandalorian with a jetpack is a weapon”

“Dont just stand there protect her!”

Tyber Saxon

Once again Dave lassoed in another HBO Rome actor!!! Also was featured on the Game of Thrones…. Tobias Menzies!!! Its very cool to have the Romans become the Mandos for Star Wars. It makes this whole thing so much more special. It was interesting to see Tyber after his brother Gar. To be honest I liked Gar more. Tyber seemed to be drowned with power and definitely underestimated how well the Clans were organized. Tyber completely turned his back on the Mandalorian culture and seriously sucked in by the Empire! For Gar I believe he didn’t totally forget his root as he had different armor on. Poor planning for Tyber was ultimately his downfall. Never let Sabine get her hands on the weapon she created!

This Episode was the best premiere and sadly the last. Each season just kept on getting better and better. But if its any indication on how amazing this episode was, then we are really in for a treat for the rest of the season. Along with the stunning animation and amazing soundtrack!!! While current waiting for the name of the rebellion, feast your eyes on Rebels recon and go behind the scenes!!!