I’m sure that I’m not the only one writing about this or talking about this, so my apologies to any blog, or podcast that has already kicked around this topic. I hate to be one of “those” fans. You know, the ones that reach and twist themselves in to human pretzels trying to make their wishes come true, no matter how silly they are. With that being said, I hope this doesn’t end up in the same category as “Luke is Kylo Ren“. Yeesh.

During last week’s “Always Two There Are” episode of Star Wars: Rebels, we met two new Inquisitors; the fifth brother and the seventh sister (who many think might be Bariss Offee). We know their job description – to hunt down and destroy the remaining Jedi (or Jedi-lite in this case). Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka are all targeted by these two new villains, presumably on Darth Vader’s orders.

So how do we make the connection from these “lowly” Inquisitors, to the mysterious Knights of Ren, who we have not yet met, but boast Kylo Ren among their ranks? My loosely strung together theory goes like this: We know that the Inquisitors aren’t Sith. We know that the Knights of Ren aren’t Sith, either. If we call back to old George Lucas influences, Samurai were a big part of the Star Wars picture. The Inquisitors, under the command of Darth Vader are like Samurai warriors. Evil Samurai, but still serving a master. But once Vader and Palpatine are killed off, whatever Inquisitors may have been left were rendered master-less, or, Ronin (in keeping with the Samurai analogy). Yes, I am making the assumption that some Inquisitors survive beyond Vader and Palpatine’s time in the galaxy, which could potentially be ruinous to my theory.

We also know how George Lucas drew inspiration directly from Akira Kurosawa films like The Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress when making Star Wars, so the assumption that Abrams and friends would keep visiting that well of inspiration isn’t much of a leap of faith. We’ve been told  ad nauseum how they want to keep the tone and look of this movie as close to the original trilogy as possible, so Lucasfilm is aware of all of the big (and little things) that make the classic Star Wars tick. We also know that The Knights or Ren consist of seven people in The Force Awakens (see header image). Whether Kylo Ren is the only force user among them remains to be seen. Maybe Ren was an Inquisitor who broke off to found the Knights of Ren? That’s a whole other possible theory. The rumored plot of The Force Awakens has Kylo Ren answering to Supreme Leader Snoke, but we don’t yet know when that allegiance began. It could very well be that Inquisitors morph in to the Knights of Ren before Snoke enters the picture. When you connect all of these dots, it is plausible that the Inquisitors, master-less in the post-Return of the Jedi era evolve somehow in to the Knights of Ren. Both factions seemingly have the same job: the rid the galaxy of the remaining Jedi / Force-sensitive people, so their agendas align.

Is that it? Is that all I’ve got? Well, no. There’s one more thing that may be a relevant clue, or it could be nothing at all. Let’s take a comparative look at the interrogation methods used by the Inquisitor in season one of Rebels, and what may be happening to Poe Dameron in The Force Awakens


Very interesting to say the least. A coincidence, or a shared methodology?

This theory of mine consists of a lot of highly visible, albeit superficial clues that any well-informed Star Wars fan can piece together. Maybe this is exactly the path that Lucasfilm story group are hoping fandom would go down. Or maybe the Disney machine is ensuring that their little animated show on XD connects directly to the upcoming box office juggernaut. Neither would be surprising, and so I think this is worth a the discussion.

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