With the worldwide release of The Force Awakens just one month away, hype for the movie is nearing critical mass. Everyone that has seen the movie in its present state has had nothing but immense praise for it. Fans are frothing at the mouth to see this film, and are consuming every little morsel they can to appease the insatiable appetite. In the last week alone we’ve had a bunch of  new TV spots, magazine articles, and news items about the seventh Star Wars movie. Kerosene on the blazing bonfire.

As our minds once again focus and get carried away with all things Star Wars, it’s time to ask what your plans are for the final month. What are you going to do in preparation for The Force Awakens? Will you watch the movies again? Which ones? Are you going to take in a marathon at your local cinema? Will you binge watch Clone Wars or Rebels? Books? Comics? Games? No doubt a ton of fans are immersed neck-deep in the freshly released Battlefront, so that’s how they’ll get at least a part of their fix. Some will probably watch whatever trailers and TV spots are out there on a loop.

At the other end of the spectrum, some might completely abstain from anything Star Wars and let the experience be as fresh and powerful as it was the first time they saw it.

Personally, I’m going to try to run through the original trilogy with my daughter (who is soon turning five). I’ll also play the soundtracks over and over again, keep writing here, and interacting on twitter.

What’s your game plan? Let me know @tumblingsaber, or in the comments below.


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