What if Rey traded BB-8 for the 60 portions?

Welcome one and all to Endless Star Wars #3!

In the not-so-distant past, we saw our favorite resident of Jakku turn down a deal that would have kept her fed and, well…fed. That’s about it. But a full belly is important, right? So with that said, this week’s question is:

“What if Rey had traded BB-8 for the 60 portions?”

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Kate from Blabba the Hutt:

If Rey had traded BB-8 for 60 portions I imagine a scenario where BB-8 deploys some sort of defense mechanism, thus freeing himself from Unkar Plutt before he’s given to the First Order. The First Order is led to believe the droid is destroyed and focus their attention on another lead of Luke’s whereabouts. Rey goes off with her 60 portions, feasts that night, only to have BB-8 return to her abode once again pleading for her help. She agrees, and shortly thereafter Poe tracks down BB-8! Poe is able to convince Rey to join them on their journey. Rey uses the rest of her portions to secure a small ship and they all head off to D’Qar. But they end up stopping at Takodana for a pit stop where Rey finds the lightsaber and learns about the force from Maz.

Then they meet up with Han and Chewie who are also on Takodana visiting Maz at Chewbacca’s request. Maz and Chewbacca convince Han to reunite with Leia and they all head to D’Qar. Since BB-8 stayed on the ship, the First Order didn’t send troops to Takodana and Rey didn’t get kidnapped.

Poe, BB-8, Rey, Han and Chewie all go to the Resistance Base and are they’re able to read the map and find Luke in time to bring him back for the Starkiller Base assault. He faces off with his former apprentice but is killed by Kylo. Luke’s force ghost tells Rey to search for a lost Togrutan warrior to train her…

Meanwhile, back on Jakku Finn finds Rey’s abandoned AT-AT home and takes it over as he begins his new life as a scavenger…

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Ben from The Skyhoppers Podcast

The most important answer to this question is the Poe and BB-8 are never reunited and BB-8 goes the rest of his days thinking Poe is dead, which is UNACCEPTABLE.
But for real, the implications of Rey trading BB-8 are incredibly far-reaching. Finn and Rey don’t really have any reason to meet up and get off of Jakku, so Rey sticks around on Jakku until her 60 portions are gone and her life goes back to normal. It could even be argued that she’d never leave Jakku, since her family isn’t coming back and she never encounters a catalyst to trigger her exodus.
Finn would probably never meet up with Rey, and if he did, he wouldn’t really have any reason to try to get her off the planet. He’d most likely just end up going into hiding on the Outer Rim as he plans to do on Takodana.
The consequences for the Resistance/New Republic are the most severe. Since Finn and Rey never steal the Falcon, Han and Chewie never pick them up, which means none of them get pulled into the Resistance. Without them planting the explosives on Starkiller Base, the Resistance attack would’ve failed, and the First Order would possess one of the most powerful weapons the galaxy has ever seen.
Additionally, since BB-8 has the map to Luke, no one has any way of finding him. How that affects the galaxy remains to be seen, but it certainly can’t be good. Luke-lessness is bad for all involved no matter how you spin it.

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Ash from The Skyhoppers Podcast

I think the most obvious thing that would have happened is that the map to Luke would never have been found and Rey would never get the opportunity to train with him to become stronger in the force and eventually defeat The First Order/ Kylo Ren/Snoke. BB-8 would probably be stripped down and sold for parts which is one of the most horrifying things I can think of, Poe would go the rest of his days thinking he failed the most important mission he ever got and Finn would probably not amount to very much either choosing to stay on Jakku or try to get on a ship out of there and hide for the rest of his life.

You can find the Ash on twitter, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out their latest video about Dark Forces II. Find all of their podcast episodes here.


Wesley from the Houndstooth Blog

The timing for this is actually pretty tight, and the Force has a way of making things happen. So in the end, I don’t think this would change things all that much. Stormtroopers show up looking for BB-8 regardless, and they’ll cause enough commotion for both Rey and Finn to notice and get involved. Neither will stand for the droid to get hurt, and so the same party of three ends up together, fleeing Jakku in the Falcon.

Since BB-8 is out of sight in Plutt’s hut though, it takes the First Order slightly longer to find him. With stormtroopers ransacking Niima Outpost, one courageous constable steps forward. He draws his gun and quickly dispatches the faceless oppressors. Only heavy reinforcements are enough to finally overwhelm this hardcore hero. Rey takes note. She will forever remember the brave soul who gave his life so the main cast could escape.

In the end, the plot of The Force Awakens is unchanged. The only difference? Action figures of this brave desperado are so popular they’re hard to come by. Every household has a toy of the film’s big hero: Constable Zuvio.

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Rob from Talk Star Wars:

We can presume from Unkar Plutt’s reaction to Rey turning down the offer of 60 portions, where he signals to two of his goons to get the droid, that there is a pretty strong desire on his part to obtain BB-8.

We’re led to presume that one of two things is true: He’s been tipped off by the First Order that the droid is priority 1, or he recognises a tremendous amount of scrap value in a working BB unit, particularly as it’s possible that Poe’s declaration of the droid as “one of a kind” is more than just an expression.

I’m going to presume the former for the purposes of my theory. Unkar Plutt wants BB-8 to hand over to the First Order, which we know will also hand them the map portion Ren craves so desperately.

So in this case, BB-8 gets traded to Unkar Plutt, who alerts the First Order that the droid is in his possession. Ren obtains the droid, which presumably means he obtains the map portion (BB-8 might have ways to delay the handing over of the fragment, but we can reasonably assume as the droid is technology-based there are probably means to force the relinquishing of the map piece).

He now has everything he needs to find Luke on Ahch-To, which we can presume he does, taking his Knights of Ren to the planet and engaging Luke in battle. Luke has to fight alone, and it’s unclear whether he would prevail or not based on the limited information we have at this stage.

What, though, of our other heroes? Poe makes it back to the Resistance base, but without his BB unit is probably considerably bummed out. Leia continues life as normal, presumably having to sign off on some sort of new droid order form. Han and Chewie don’t encounter the Falcon, continuing their Rathtar transportation mission uninterrupted.

“Wait, Rob, you glorious fool!” I hear you interject. Why don’t Han and Chewie encounter the Falcon? Simply put, Rey and Finn don’t leave Jakku together in the Falcon. In fact, they probably never encounter each other. Let’s recall that BB-8 was the one who spotted Finn and brought their worlds together, and that was after a failed attempt to restrain Rey and obtain BB-8 by Plutt’s goons, which as we’ve established no longer needs to happen. Without BB-8, Rey has no reason to pursue Finn unless she holds any kind of racist attitudes (which we’ve seen no evidence for).

Finn most likely makes his way off planet at the next available opportunity, most probably via a “work for transport” deal similar to what he was arranging on Takodana and Rey has to get a new lock on her FLAT-AT (Credit: Steve at Talk Star Wars) as she’s now got a couple of hundred meals’ worth of food in her possession. I doubt she’s the type to squander the food, she seems pretty level-headed and that counter on the wall has got to be a reminder.

Poe probably buys a new jacket regardless. Some things don’t change.

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Nathan, from the Luminous Beings Podcast:

BB-8 couldn’t believe that the girl had done it. He’s traded her to that fat fish guy. The droid didn’t have those sensors, so he couldn’t tell for sure, but he looked comparable to what humans would call “smelly”.

When the girl said “yes” BB-8 had sat their for a moment, his processors bewildered. He had to run the numbers several times to be sure his sensors had picked up what his circuits were telling him. As soon as he was sure he had rolled as fast as he could across the sand towards the open desert. He wasn’t sure what he would do when he was in the middle of it, but Poe Dameron had programmed him to evade capture at all costs.

Not looking where he was rolling, he bumped into somebody drinking from a watering trough. BB-8 explained his distress, and after the man explained Dameron’s death they realized that they were now both on the run. With a lot of luck they escaped Jakku together.

They now tour as an Indie Pop duo called Finn & Eight.

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Tim from The Nerd Room Podcast:

Rey is clearly an important piece to the post-ROTJ galactic puzzle and I’m willing to bet that no matter the sequence of events, she would eventually find herself embroiled in the eternal struggle between the light and dark. She has a destiny (that’s anyone’s guess at this point) and a decision to trade BB-8 would only alter her path, not change the inevitable destination.

The immediate repercussions of Rey trading BB-8 would be felt by the remainder of the Galaxy. The assault on Starkiller base is ultimately successful because of Han, Chewbacca, and Finn. These three are brought together and find themselves aligned with the Resistance because of Rey’s decision to not trade BB-8

Without the trio taking down the bases defensive shields, a crushing blow would be delivered to the Resistance in addition to the annihilation of the New Republic. This would firmly establish the First Order as the new and dominate power in the Galaxy.

I guess Snoke and Kylo would know where Luke is, that is probably not a great thing either.

The Resistance and the Galaxy should be thankful that Unkar Plutt is super cheap…..

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