Endless Star Wars 4

Welcome back one and all to this week’s edition of Endless Star Wars, where we attempt to answer the unanswerable questions from the galaxy far, far away!

This week’s panel is an abbreviated one, but that just gives us more time to ponder the wild possibilities presented by Tyler of Unmistakably Star Wars, and Tim from The Nerd Room.

This week’s question was:

“What if Jyn’s team failed to transmit the plans to Raddus’ ship?”

From Tyler at Unmistakably Star Wars:

I can see one of two scenarios happening…

#1. As soon as Krennic realizes that Jyn is trying to transmit the plans via the dish at the top of the Citadel Tower, he orders it destroyed by a Tie Fighter swooping past. This leaves Jyn and Cassian no choice but to run across the beach, dodging fire from AT-ACTs and jump into a waiting U-Wing, which has arrived with the full ground assault team, following the destruction of the planetary deflector shield by the quick thinking Admiral Raddus, and the brave sacrifice of the Hammerhead corvette Lightmaker’s captain Kado Oquoné and his remaining crew. The U-Wing takes off and, after some quick maneuvering, and a few dicy moments with Ties on their tail, jump into hyperspace just before the arrival of Vader on the Devastator. (So the ending of Rogue One before reshoots?) The plans arrive at Yavin IV for analysis, and the attack on the Death Star is planned. All the while, Leia escapes the battle over Scarif, but because she doesn’t have the plans Vader does not pursue. She is able to reach the surface of Tatooine and pick up Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke in person. Obi-Wan explains the whole family dynamic in order to avoid any insestual situations (thankgoodness!) and together the Skywalker Twins destroy the most powerful weapon in the galaxy! Obi-Wan goes on to reunite with Yoda and they train a new generation of Jedi, starting with Luke and Leia. The New Order confronts the Emperor and Vader, winning of course, and bring an end to the Empire. The Jedi Order, the Republic, and Galaxy-wide peace are restored.

#2. Jyn and Cassian resign to the fact that they cannot survive, and they have their beach party as they wait for the arrival of the warm glow of vaporizing light and energy from the weapon Jyn’s father created. Raddus’ assault on Scarif is deemed a total failure and the fragile Alliance falls apart. Leia still attempts contact Obi-Wan Kenobi, but her transmissions are intercepted by the Empire. Vader pursues his old master, and destroys him. Leia is imprisoned and tortured. The Empire uses the Death Star to reign terror down on Rebel Systems, destroying the only thing they ever really had… hope. But! Luke finally makes it to Tosche Station to pick up power converters, so at least there’s that…

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Tim from The Nerd Room Podcast:

The failure to transmit the Death Star plans would cripple the Rebellion’s ability to fight the most powerful weapon in the galaxy but it certainly doesn’t lead to their demise.

The transmission of the Death Star plans was the catalyst for Vader’s pursuit of Princess Leia. Leia’s capture directly lead to the destruction of Alderaan and the discovery of the Rebel Base on Yavin 4. So in the event the plans are not transmitted it is entirely possible that the Rebel Base remains hidden from the Empire and Alderaan avoids destruction.

Now with Vader’s focus elsewhere, Leia would have still made her trip to Tatooine to contact Obi-Wan only without the Empire hot on their tail. Recognizing the importance of Leia’s presence, Obi-Wan would have agreed to join the fight against the Empire bringing ‘the chosen one’ along with him.

The landscape of the galaxy is dramatically changed with the Empire’s ability to use the Death Star but the Rebellion now has one of the last Jedi and his new Padawan at its core. 

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We hope you enjoyed this instalment of Endless Star Wars! My sincere thanks once again to Tyler and Tim. Be sure to check them all out on the twitter machine, and at their social media sites.

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