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Greetings earthlings! Thanks for coming back for another edition of Endless Star Wars! This week, our brave panel tackles the interesting question of:

“What if Kylo had gone home with Han?”

Let’s see what they have to say!

Rob from Talk Star Wars:

Kylo holds out his lightsaber for Han to take. In this instant, we switch the result, and Han is able to grab the lightsaber from Kylo unimpeded. He tosses it over the balcony to the abyss below (after all, it’s a symbol of his dark side persona and who needs to be reminded?)

“Thank you”, Kylo breathes.

Nice and tidy, ride off into the sunset ending? Not quite. Worth keeping in mind the numerous First Order Stormtroopers watching the exchange. At this point, no doubt, they’d open fire on Han and Ben. Of course, we know from the opening act that Ben can intercept and hold blaster bolts, but can he stop a barrage of them? I’m going to say yes, but for a short period.

Ben runs in front of Han and holds his hands aloft. The bolts are intercepted in mid-air, and Han and Ben move forwards out of their reach before they are left to fire into the bridge. Another barrage, but it’s clear he’s struggling to contain them. He’s at full strength, but he’s still tapping his reserves with each round of bolts.

Eventually, one gets through. I’m going to assume for the purposes of storytelling that it hits Han. He’s been filling the Obi-Wan role from ANH throughout the movie. He staggers back, but this time Ben’s face doesn’t feel the touch of Han’s outstretched hand. He tumbles into the abyss with Ben’s lightsaber.

Ben is angry. How could this have happened? He wasn’t strong enough. Vader wouldn’t have let one through. The target of his ire is initially the troopers. He begins attempting to send the bolts back the way they came, suddenly drawing on his anguish at having lost a father he’d just regained. Chewie is probably doing his bit to help out, so there may not be as many troopers to fight as there might have been.

Ben is still angry. He needs an outlet. He looks up, and sees Finn and Rey. Of course, if not for the traitor and the girl, Han wouldn’t be in this mess and none of this would have happened. He will find them and make them pay.

Find Rob on his blog/podcast called Emotionally 14, and of course at Talk Star Wars, where they produce so much quality content, you’d be a dolt not to check it out! Rob will also join us in episode 71 of the TumblingSaber podcast, so be sure to check it out when it drops!


Kate from Blabba the Hutt:

If Kylo had went home with Han I imagine a difficult transition with his family. Kylo would need to do something big in order to prove his alliances and win back their trust. Perhaps a good start would be the destruction of Snoke. With Snoke out of the way, Kylo could help The Resistance bring down the First Order and restore peace to the Galaxy…

You can find Kate at Nerds of Paradise, and of course, Blabba The Hutt!


From Tyler at Unmistakably Star Wars:

Kylo going home with Han, instead of running him through, would impact Rey’s story the most. Instead of whooping on Kylo in a lightsaber duel and reaching out to discover her ability to harness the Force in yet another way she would have hopped on the Falcon and flown off to the Resistance base along with the guy who just tried to torture her.

Instead of focusing on Rey’s development as a Force user it will have shifted to the return of Kylo (or should we start calling him Ben?) and the reconciliation of his relationship with his family, which will present an immense challenge, especially with his uncle. Due to the guilt both Han and Leia feel about their poor parenting (or at least so they insinuate) mending their relationship would likely be easier, think Prodigal Son meets Home Alone — everybody made poor choices. Yet, Ben murdered Luke’s new Jedi order, no easy fix there.

Instead of Rey going to find Luke, now it is a reunited Solo family. The mending process has a sense of urgency with the First Order still looming, but will still take time to rebuild trust. And what better way than an all expenses paid family retreat on Ahch-To?

With the Skywalker/Solo clan back together the Resistance’s effort is now doubled with the information Ben Solo provides. The family asks Rey to join them in the fight and offer to train her, but with no dramatic event to convince Rey that she should abandon her hope that her family will return what is she to do? She considers the offer, looking longingly at what could be her adopted family, (the screen even turns to a warm fuzzy vignette around them as she looks on at all the fun they are having together) she decides she will never truly belong and returns to Jakku never to realize her full potential. She lives out her days on Jakku entertaining young orphans with her under developed Force powers.

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