Hey everyone! It’s time for another trip in to the unknown with Endless Star Wars! This week we ask our amazing panel of writers to tackle the following question:

“What if Ahsoka hadn’t left the Jedi Order?”

She would stay loyal to Anakin and join the Dark Side. Surprised?

You shouldn’t be.

Ahsoka struggles with the same attachment issues as Anakin. She’s headstrong, she’s passionate, and she’s loyal to a fault. She would do anything for Skyguy, and that includes joining him on Team Sith.

It wouldn’t even be difficult to convince her that the Jedi are corrupt. After all, when she was framed for murder, they threw her under the landspeeder. Her response to that treatment was to quit, but had she stayed instead, she certainly would have harbored some resentment. As she watched the Jedi turn a cold shoulder to Anakin’s concerns for Padme’s life, she wouldn’t forget Anakin’s loyalty to her when everyone else had turned their backs. She would return the favor when he informed her the Jedi were traitors against the Republic and that he was going to do something about it.

Combine that with her friendship with the clones, her youth and naivete, and I believe she’d be too deep in the trees to see the forest of lies surrounding her. She would side with her friends over those grouches in the Jedi Council, and it wouldn’t be until much later that she would start to unpack what she had done and regret it. That is, if the Dark Side hadn’t already taken complete hold of her by that point.

Ultimately, it’s best that she left the Jedi when she did. She separated herself from Anakin’s toxic influence and saw the Empire’s rise from the margins, where she could more fully comprehend its horror. Had she been in the thick of it, I believe she would have made very different choices.

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Ben from The Skyhoppers Podcast

Ahsoka is a character with principles, and sticking to those principles is what keeps her from returning to the Jedi Order after they accuse her of being a terrorist, even though that means walking away from everything she’s ever known. How can she trust an organization that doesn’t trust her? However, if she’d decided to stay, it might’ve have altered galactic history.

When Anakin goes to assist the other Jedi in their confrontation of Palpatine, it would stand to reason that he would bring Ahsoka with him. Sure, he might view her as inexperienced and leave her behind, but there’s an equally strong argument for him wanting her help. When the two of them walk in on Mace Windu cornering Palpatine, things might begin to happen much the same way that they do in canon. However, Anakin has the support of Ahsoka in his moment of weakness. She’s there to subconsciously remind him of the Jedi way and act as a pillar of strength when he would otherwise fold completely. Ahsoka wouldn’t necessarily help Anakin accept Padme’s death, but she could pull him back from the brink and keep him from becoming Darth Vader.

With Anakin still planted firmly on the Light side, it’s very possible that he and Ahsoka defeat Palpatine then and there, ending the Rule of Two and narrowly keeping the Sith from taking over the galaxy. Anakin is clearly regretful when he kills Windu, so it’s clear that he’s still only on the edge of the Dark side. With Ahsoka there to pull him back, the galaxy is never plunged into darkness and the Original Trilogy never happens.

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Nathan Roberts, from the Luminous Beings Podcast:

Asajj crept through the bowels of Coruscant, her lock of blonde hair blown slightly out of place by a jet of hot air from an overhead vent. She growled to herself. She liked this new look of hers, but it was much more maintenance than she had become used to.

Up ahead Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano questioned passersby about a missing clone trooper. Some trivial matter Asajj couldn’t care less about. She had cut down enough clones during the war she didn’t see them as people. Admittedly, she wasn’t sure if that was by choice or not. But what was her choice was the vengeance she would soon take against Padawan Tano. That treacherous little Togruta had betrayed her! They had a deal and when it was time for Tano to pay her due she had left Asajj high and dry as the Jundland Wastes. There was never going to be any pardon. The Jedi would never have just let her off the hook for her actions during the war. They’d rather saber off their own limbs than trust a former Sith acolyte and general of the Confederacy. Unlike Tano, Ventress had actually committed the horrific acts that she was accused of. Her new job as a bounty hunter didn’t much help.

As she softly tread closer and closer to the two Jedi she suddenly felt something. It was strange. Like a black cloud that slowly became thinker and thicker, surrounding the two Jedi. It reminded her of twilight on Dathomir, if a time of day could have a feeling. As though darkness was falling on – no. As though they were falling into darkness. But while she felt it happening, it wasn’t happening now. She was seeing the future for the first time. This revelation astounded her. Two heroes of the Republic – famous in Republic and Separatist space – were bound to fall.

How perfect. Asajj saw a better revenge than murder. She knew how the dark side betrayed all who use it in the end. Letting Tano live, allowing fate to have its way with her, was the worst pain Ventress could afflict on an enemy.

She crept back into shadow, leaving Ahsoka Tano to her doom.

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