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Hold on to your butts, folks and clear your schedules! We’re back with yet another blistering episode of the TumblingSaber podcast, this one clocking in at nearly 3 full hours of Star Wars talk! If you’re one to listen to us while commuting, we’ve certainly got your back! If you like to listen at work, we’ll carry you all morning/afternoon! And if you listen at home, we apologise for monopolising your time!

On this week’s show, we recap a few news items, including:

  • The announcement of a new Rogue One trailer
  • Jimmy Smits confirmed for Rogue One
  • The results of our “Should Rey Go Dark” poll
  • Jennifer Muro working on a new project for Lucasfilm. What is it?
  • ABC and Lucasfilm talking live action TV series? Hmmmm…
  • A report on Kelly Marie Tran’s character in episode 8

We then do some catching up with listener questions, and did we get some good ones!

  • Will Kylo kill Snoke by the end of episode 8? (Josiah)
  • Lor San Tekka and the map – where was he? What’s the deal with him and Jakku? Coincidence or something more? (Cory, elaborating on Rob)
  • Similiarities between themes in Rebels and Episode 8? (Ads)
  • Are kyber crystals sentient? (Me)
  • What would  your classic Star Wars villain be? (Steven)
  • Different timelines in Rogue One? (Be sure to read Marc‘s piece on this here!)
  • How did the Clones know about their brain chips? (Rob)

That’s it for this week! Thanks for making time for us!

We appreciate your time and wouldn’t do this if you weren’t making the journey worthwhile! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our show in iTunes and be sure to leave us a review! As always, any questions for us (Star Wars related or not) can be sent to to kyle@tumbingsaber.com, or drop a comment below and we’ll read it on the show!

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