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Welcome back! Glad you’ve found our latest podcast! We’re fast creeping up on one-month date until Rogue One drops, and we’re here to keep your appetite satiated! In this week’s show, we go all over the place, including:

  • Wonderful World of Disney on Nov 24 – Get ready for Rogue One tickets?
  • Star Wars Han Solo Movie Is “Unexpected” and Breaks Rules, says Cinematographer Bradford Young,
  • Whoops! J.J. Abrams says: Rey & Kylo Ren haven’t met prior to ‘The Force Awakens’,
  • Episode 8 costume news about Luke,
  • Rebels Review: Imperial Supercommandos,
  • If we got to be an extra in Star Wars, what scene would we take part in?
  • If we were to star in a remake of the prequels, who would we be?
  • Popular opinions of Darth Vader among the galaxy’s populace,
  • Our favourite vehicles from the Star Wars galaxy!

It was a fun episode to record and we hope that you enjoy listening!

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