Ezra and Maul mash holocrons

In the season two finale of Rebels, a lot of heavy duty things went down: the death of all three Inquisitors, the long awaited Vader vs Ahsoka matchup, and the return of Darth Maul. Throuhgout the finale, Maul peppered a lost Ezra with sweet nothings about the virtues of knowledge and power as a means to achieve goals.

Ezra struggled mightily with his grasp on the light over the course of season two, and much of what Maul was selling was music to Ezra’s untrained ears. So much so that he implored Kanan and Ahsoka to cut Maul a break and to trust him, despite what they know about him. Not to rehash the entire finale, but we know that Maul escaped unscathed, but without his treasure. Ezra has the Sith holocron in his possession.

In the recently revealed trailer for season three, we’re led to believe that Ezra is being influenced and swayed by the contents of the Sith holocron. Later on, we see what appears to be a shot of Maul and Ezra attempting to merge unlocked Sith and Jedi holocrons. To what end?

As @choprulz suggests, maybe they’re both searching for “the grey”. The concept of “the grey” is something that Dave Filoni has confessed will be a theme in season three. Presumably this is the part of the Force that is neither light nor dark. The in-between. Smart money says this new ‘Bendu’ character will shed a lot of light on this concept. Is this “grey” the essence of balance in the Force that everyone is always talking about? And if so, why would Maul want that? He’s only interested in power and in Filoni’s words, “he’ll never truly be good”, so what use would he have in searching for the grey? Here’s what Filoni has to say about Maul and where he’s at:

We’ve also heard the idea of knowing one’s enemy in order to defeat one’s enemy repeatedly. This idea seemingly goes out the door with the involvement of “the grey”, which presumably isn’t friend or foe to anybody. This indicates that Maul and Ezra aren’t looking for “the grey”, or balance, but for something else.

Back to the season two finale, Maul repeatedly says that he’s after knowledge. It seems likely in this instance that Maul is simply seeking ultimate knowledge. Going back to “knowing one’s enemy”, if Maul can cram everything contained within the Sith and Jedi holocron in to his horned head, then maybe he’ll have the power to defeat all of his enemies. If knowledge is power, Maul is certainly looking to be on the right track here by mashing up the Sith and Jedi holocrons.

Good things come to those who wait, and like everything else, we’ll have to sit by and wait for our answers. But until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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