Now they’re just toying with us.

Just two days ago we got the surprise International trailer, and now we get a 30 second TV spot. But what a great 30 seconds. Not for the visuals, or for Yoda’s theme playing in the background, but by the voice-over work of Maz Kanata, as she talks about having seen “the same eyes in different people”. This line spoken as images of Rey, Han, Poe and Finn fill the screen. Who’s eyes is she talking about? What is she getting at by saying that she’s seen the same eyes in different people? A familial link? Or can we say that the eyes being a window to the soul allow her to see the eyes of a fighter? The eyes of a good person?

It’s a riveting passage from Kanata, as it pushes against some of the biggest questions that fandom wants answered. Who are Rey’s parents? Who is Kylo Ren? How do all these players connect to one another? We don’t know yet but Maz Kanata looks to be one of the most interesting characters emerging out of this content. She is going to be a gold mine of content, probably for a few years. She seems to have vast knowledge of what has happened in the galaxy far, far away, and who the players were in the game.

As was the case with Friday’s International trailer, we continue to get the impression that Rey is going to be the central figure of the film (and trilogy?). This has all but confirmed, and this TV spot does nothing to change the course of this discussion. We get mostly previously seen footage, but this time around we get the opening shot of the Falcon on Takodana (above), a closeup of Han on the snow planet, and a few shots of Rey in action; taking down some thug on Jakku with her staff, unloading her blaster in Kylo Ren’s direction (who hardly seems challenged by it), and at the helm of the Falcon.




And just as the Falcon opens the spot, it closes it, in shot that will also stand out in fans minds:


With the rate at which stuff is coming at us now, who’s to say how much more we’ll see before the film drops worldwide on December 18th. I’m personally hoping that we don’t see much more, and that the film’s surprises remain a secret until we can witness them for ourselves.

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