Marvel’s been furiously pounding out fresh Star Wars content for months now, and for the most part, it has all been embraced very well by fandom. The sales numbers are consistently good, which means that Marvel is going to continue pumping out content week after week for the foreseeable future. With movies planned out for the next several years, we can count on more and more comics coming our way. The story group has a large task in creating, and organizing the new ‘canon’ content, while at the same time leaving breathing room for other platforms to explore different storylines. And we can be sure that there will be tons of uncharted waters to explore once The Force Awakens brings us up to date with the goings on in the galaxy far, far away.

That said, there’s nothing quite like a comic book. The combination of art and writing is totally unique and when done right, can rival the best novel and feel almost like a movie, with the Star Wars score running through the theater of your mind. With so many story lines and characters to explore across three distinctly different Star Wars eras, here are a few things I think Marvel needs to take a look at in the form of a five-part mini series:

1- Count Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn – Where did Qui-Gon get his rebellious streak from? Was he already a Jedi that marched to his own beat, or did Dooku warp him? And was Dooku already under the sway of Palpatine while he was teaching Qui-Gon the ways of the Jedi?  Qui-Gon and Dooku were two of the prequel trilogies more interesting, dignified, and compelling characters, but Qui-Gon didn’t make it through one movie, and Dooku really didn’t get that much screen time when you add it all up. A series highlighting their time together would give important glimpses in to how the Jedi order, as well as the Republic began to rot from the inside. Done well,  both of these characters could light up the pages of a comic and add some badly needed depth to two of the prequels’ best characters. This one’s a lay-up.

2- Palpatine and Plagueis – Admit it – you want to see how Palpatine outfoxed his master, and you DEFINITELY want to see Plagueis, if the amount of people thinking that Supreme Leader Snoke is in fact Plagueis is any indication. Over the course of six movies, we saw how devious, evil and cunning Palpatine really was. I don’t know if showing him murdering his master would serve to make him any more evil, but it would be cool to see.

3- Stealing plans for Death Star 2 – Yes, they’re currently producing a movie about a Rebel cell stealing plans for the first Death Star, so they likely won’t make a movie with the same premise twice. But why not explore the acquisition of the Death Star 2 plans in a different medium, and give it a different tone? If Rogue One is said to have gritty, realistic action (as far as that style can apply in the Star Wars universe), why not go with a spy/thriller tone for the comic? Maybe this is better suited to be a novel, or graphic novel, but it would be cool to see many Bothans die in color.

4- Formation of Rebellion – One of the angles that was regrettably cut from Revenge of the Sith was the group of Senators (including Mon Mothma and Bail Organa among others) secretly discussing the dark direction of the Republic, and how they needed to think about forming an alliance to oppose Palpatine’s growing power. Also, it would be interesting to include Padme in this series and give us a taste of how she went about hiding her pregnancy from everyone. Did anyone else know? Did she ever get prenatal care? Are records for that still around? Recently Darth Vader visited Naboo in order to look at the coroner’s report and confirm that Padme did in fact deliver a child before she died. If more tests were conducted during her pregnancy, where are they?

5- C-3P0 & R2-D2 – Post Revenge of the Sith – “I’m placing these droids in your care. Treat them well. Clean them up. Have the Protocol Droid’s mind wiped.” Why just wipe 3P0’s memory? Because he’s a big mouth? R2 can remember things the same as Goldenrod, so why the discrimination? Here’s a loose end that never quite sat well with me that should be addressed at some point. I think it could be a nice retrospective series where they revisit all of the things 3P0 has seen in the years since Anakin activated him on Tatooine, and show us what he’s like as he’s “reborn”. What were his first new memories?

There’s four series that I think Marvel needs to explore in the near future. I’m sure they have an entire slate of books ready to throw in to production, but I hope they eventually explore this material in some way.

What angle or storyline do you want to see fleshed out further? Let me know in the comments below, or @tumblingsaber.

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