As part of the #ForceForChange program, Omaze has managed to put together a fan’s dream come true: a trip to Los Angeles to see the red carpet premiere of The Force Awakens. Fans will get to walk the carpet (intimidating!), meet the cast of the movie, and be among the first people to see the movie. Who wouldn’t move mountains to win this prize?

As part of the promotion of the prize, Omaze reps got on video chat calls with previous donors to one of their charities. The twist? Han Solo himself enters the frame, thereby stunning the completely unsuspecting fan, who had no idea this was about to happen. The responses to him are all worth seeing.

Ford isn't happy that this fan's favorite character is Padme.

Ford isn’t happy that this fan’s favorite character is Padme.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw Harrison Ford this engaged, and this enthused about something related to Star Wars? For a guy who almost seems to regret his part in the saga, and has actively avoided fandom, this is totally refreshing, and this video is a hilarious must-watch. Ford still has his sense of humor and the charm is also ever-present.

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