Lyra Erso trust the Force

“Trust the Force.” – Lyra, to Jyn.

One of the “problems” with Rogue One is one of it’s great virtues – it’s pace. It’s a film that really moves, sometimes to the detriment of some of the main – and lesser-known characters. One of the criticisms of Rogue One was in the handling (or non-handling?) of Lyra Erso, she of the very minimal amount of screen time.

In an era of storytelling where representation matters more than ever, some viewers were left cold that one of the few women in the movie was knocked out during the opening scene. With no lasting legacy to speak of, could there be more to Lyra’s legacy than meets the eye?

Jyn’s belief in the Force comes from her mother, Lyra. Yet throughout Catalyst, Galen didn’t put much credence in the Force, or have much reverence for the Jedi. As a man of science, this makes sense. But did he eventually have a change of heart?

In his holographic message to Jyn, Galen says that he learned to lie to Krennic and the Empire. He learned to play along so that he could do his part in bringing an end to the Death Star that he helped build. In doing so, he earned enough trust and independence that he was able to build a near-invisible flaw in to the Death Star.

As A New Hope taught us nearly 40 years ago, the weakness that Galen weaved in to the Death Star is a target area only two meters wide; a small thermal exhaust port, right above the main port. When General Dodonna tells his pilots about their task, you hear the pilots’ collective groan.

A groan from everyone, except for Luke Skywalker. Whether it’s Luke’s sense of optimism or his newly-touched Force sensitivities, the one destined to help overthrow the Emperor saw it as no big deal.

The question is, did Galen know that only someone channeling the Force could make that impossible shot? Did Galen’s ultimate plan hinge on his own relatively newfound belief in the Force once Lyra was killed? We may never know the answer to the question but it seems fitting that what hadn’t worked for Galen for so long may have eventually paid off if he did in fact develop some level of faith in the Force.

In death, did Lyra inspire Galen to trust the Force? In this blogger’s opinion, the answer is yes.

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