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It finally happened. I had to pull the chute on a podcast recording. We had our show notes organized, and a great show planned. Then I got very suddenly, very ill. The last time I was sick like this was Christmas day in 2011…anyway, enough of that awfulness and on to the good stuff!

Rather than leave you showless, two mischievous, Rogue Elves went over my helmet and broke into the TumblingSaber Studios and, well, a holiday miracle occurred in the wee hours of the night…

Join these two Holiday Special Virgins in this Hilariously magical and Festive Force-based event as James and Cory “literally” take the reigns of the sleigh and fly Solo (Han would be Proud).

Their most Dangerous Rescue mission yet includes:

  • B&E,
  • Keeping it Real,
  • Spreading Holiday Cheer at all Cost,
  • All the while Discussing Favorite Trilogies,
  • Favorite Christmas films and,
  • a few Star Wars based Christmas Questions.

Do yourself a favour if you want to have a laugh this Holiday Season and have a listen to a true Festivus Miracle!

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