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Steve here with another…wait for it…Snoke theory…

Now, before you let out the collective groans, I’ll add that I too am suffering from Snoke-theory fatigue. We’ve heard them all before; Plagueis the Wise, the return of Palpatine, Vader, Mace Windu, Tarkin, Luke, Jar-Jar.. I’ll stop there.

Since The Force Awakens has graced our screens, we’ve been treated to a gamut of theories. I will admit, that for some time, I was firmly in the Plagueis camp. On my drive to see Rogue One with my fiancé we began discussing The Force Awakens and inevitably, Snoke came up. I forgot how much I loved the back-and-forth debating in Star Wars speculation.

My fiancé came up with some pretty great ideas regarding Snoke and I promised I’d give him credit. So, these theories ARE NOT MINE! (Happy Dan?)

The conversation started with Rey and the usual, “Is she Luke’s daughter?” debate. Dan brought up a pretty great point. The Star Wars saga being “The Skywalker Story” doesn’t necessarily mean that Rey needs to be Luke’s daughter. For one, we have Kylo Ren, and while he isn’t exactly a Skywalker, he still falls within the lineage.

This thought led me to remember something that J.J. Abrams said.

He stated that the one question that got him most interested in doing the film was “Who is Luke Skywalker?” Luke may have been in the TFA for all of a single scene but the film revolved around finding him. Luke, despite his absence, was at the center of it all. This may suggest that the sequel saga is still Luke’s story.

Rey, if she isn’t his daughter, may have been guided by the force to lead Luke back into the fold. Luke had tried and failed to bring back a semblence of the Jedi order. As the force brought forth Anakin to bring balance, it may have very well called forth Rey to guide Luke back and, maybe, become his Padawan and aide in bringing back the Jedi in new ways, having learned from the original Jedi’s mistake and the more recent events with Kylo.

Now, where does Snoke fit in?

The new canon has continually shown us the grey areas of the force (Maz, Bendu, the Inquisitors), neither Jedi nor Sith.

There was no impression in the film, or anywhere else in canon, that Snoke represents the return of the Sith. If we continue down the line that new canon is shaping the force to be, Snoke may represent a different aspect of the dark side.

Snoke’s age is still a mystery, but we know he’s been around long enough to see the fall and rise of The Empire. Perhaps he is even older than we think. Could Snoke, while being a entirely original character, be something rooted in the history of the dark side?

Like Rey, Snoke doesn’t need to be tied to character or in fact be a character we already know. Perhaps we are moving away from the traditions as we normally see them to be..

Perhaps the Skywalker legacy is carried on by Rey in that Luke was her teacher and she uses what she learned from him to rebuild the Jedi Order (maybe they will no longer be called Jedi? grey area, remember?). This will ensure the Star Wars saga is always the Skywalker story.

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