Rian Johnson - Star Wars Episode 8

Say it ain’t so!

After the questions we had after The Force Awakens, knowing we’d only have to wait roughly 18 months for some answers was no big deal.

Amid reports that Episode 8 is undergoing a major re-write to focus more on the beloved characters of The Force Awakens, the story has escalated and is now official: Star Wars Episode 8 has been pushed back to December 17, 2017.

Whether this push-back is due to the re-write, or Disney being smitten with the wildly successful December launch of The Force Awakens, we don’t yet know. It could be both. Nothing about this should signal alarm bells, though. It sounds like Disney wants to either continue to own the Christmas season at the box office, and/or the re-writes will focus on the well-received characters from The Force Awakens. More of what the fans want can’t be considered bad, can it?

Other potential reasons for the push-out is that Disney wouldn’t want Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Episode 8 coming out within 3 weeks of each other. Also not to be ignored Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which now gets to slide up the calendar to where Episode 8 used to be. Within moments of the Caribbean announcement, Sony moved the release of Spider-Man from July 28, 2017, to July 7, 2017, while moving their Jumanji reboot back seven months from Dec. 25, 2016 to July 28, 2017. Such is the power of the Force!

One thing for certain is that this frees up Rogue One from being lost in the hype for Episode 8, which had to play a part in this as well.

A bummer to be sure, but remember that The Force Awakens was supposed to be a May 2015 released, and was pushed to December. That worked out pretty well.

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