Potential Season Two spoilers below!

When we first started seeing the first images of Lucasfilm’s latest animated venture, Star Wars: Rebels, I wasn’t totally invested. At least not at the start. I was intrigued by the premise of the show, but the first visuals of the cast of characters left me lukewarm. I was going to watch the show regardless, but that’s because the Star Wars logo was attached, and it was canon. Even the short vignettes of each character didn’t fully grab me. That all changed in a hurry once I saw Spark of Rebellion. From the first moments, I thought it legit, and worthy of being an official part of Star Wars lore. I wanted the scope of the show to expand to beyond being a thorn in the Empire’s side, and in due time, it did. By the season one finale, the stakes were sufficiently raised that I was anticipating the conclusion with very baited breath.

Now that season 2 is just a couple days away, I am, like most Star Wars fans, anxiously awaiting the season two premiere. The trailers have been intense, and speculation over what can/will/must happen has been intense. Once fan favorite Ahsoka Tano made her long-theorized and hotly anticipated return to the show, the show’s stakes went off the charts. Now there was strong connective tissue between the prequels and the original trilogy era and suddenly *everyone* cared that much more. Now, there’s the feeling that Ahsoka’s storyline could overshadow everyone else’s, and I’m not sure if anyone would object to that. Of course, showrunner Dave Filoni runs a tightly focused ship and he will keep the spotlight on the crew of the Ghost while Ahsoka’s story unfolds (concludes?) as a thunderous undercurrent.

We’ve seen images of old faces, new faces, and new(ish) vehicles as a part of the season two trailer, and there’s just two more days to go until the second season kicks off for real. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and think that season two will be a episode after episode of Ahsoka vs Vader. With new Inquisitors involved, chances are we’ll see much more of them than we will of Vader, and we ought to be ok with that. Despite the return of James Earl Jones, and his amazing McQuarrie-esque design, Darth Vader is a villain best taken in smaller doses in this series if he is to be received as the galaxy’s most intimidating figure in Episodes four, five and six.

Season two is sure to crank up the intensity and cut closer to the core of the Star Wars universe that we all know and love, and if the direction of season one is any indication, future seasons are going to excite us in ways we didn’t think possible from an animated series.

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