Darth Vader 25 Cancelled

Recently Marvel announced that it would be ending it’s acclaimed Darth Vader series after issue #25. A nice, round number, and I think I speak for all fans when I say that Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca did a great job in giving us some cool Vader moments that fit right in with the character and add to his legend. Personally I’ll not soon forget the moment where Vader finds out that the punk who blew up the Death Star was none other than his son. What about the rebel killer that we saw in the ‘Vader Down’ crossover? That version of Vader is likely to appear on-screen in Rogue One, so we’re finally getting a healthy dose of the Vader we knew about but had never seen.

If we know one thing about business, it’s that you don’t kill off a money-maker without a plan to replace those lost sales, so it goes without saying that Marvel will soon let us know what book will be taking Darth Vader’s slot this late summer / early fall. Let’s run a few ideas up the flag pole and see if something makes sense!

Rogue One tie-in. Sure this won’t be straying too far off the reserve here, what with the movie due to land in December. And with tie-in novels coming, it’s not a stretch to see them do a full-court press with this. Obviously this wouldn’t be an on-going series, but it is one way to develop the stand alone movie while at the same time keeping Darth Vader in the mix.

Dooku / Qui-Gon. Dooku was criminally underused in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The Clone Wars helped to flesh out the character but we never saw him in his pre-Sith days. It would be all kinds of fascinating to see how Dooku and Qui-Gon worked together. Both were very rogueish relative to your garden variety Jedi, so it would be interesting to see if they were both always that way, or if they egged each other on. Their viewpoints on the Force itself would be revelatory, too. This has got to happen at some point.

Plagueis / Sidious. Sticking with the pre-prequel era, it would do worlds of wonder to show us how Palpatine not only learned from his master, but how he killed him. It’s been said over and over by Pablo Hidalgo himself that Plagueis is not Snoke but fanboys continue to wave the flag for this lazy theory. It would be awesome if Marvel once and for all ended the debate by showing Sidious murdering his former master. Of course, fans who want Snoke to be Plagueis probably still wouldn’t believe it, but you can only lead a horse to water.

Luke’s Story between Empire and Jedi: The year timespan between episodes 5 and 6 remains relatively unknown territory and filling in this gap gives the fans a maturing Luke while at the same time helping to close the door on the original trilogy era. What is the Empire up to aside from the construction of the second Death Star? What was Vader thinking in the days and weeks after his confrontation with Luke on Bespin?

Sequel trilogy era series: With 32 years to play with between episodes six and seven, and only Poe Dameron’s comic (and Threepio’s one-shot) occupying this time span, there’s plenty of fertile territory to explore despite the deluge of novels coming our way. The trick here would be in not revealing anything related to episode eight (if only in the vaguest, gentlest way). This may be a good place to give us a Solo family adventure, including a young Ben.

Ahsoka: Yes, there’s a novel coming that will fill in the gaps between the time she left the Jedi order only to resurface as Fulcrum years later. But given how important this character has become, not to mention how popular, there’s no doubt that the demand for more Ahsoka deserves treatment in the pages of a comic book.

Certainly the decision has already been made as to what will replace the Darth Vader title, but since we don’t yet know what that is, we are free to speculate, right?

What series would you like to see replace Darth Vader?


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  1. The time between empire snd jedi interests me most. Good read pal

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