With just under three weeks to go before the release of The Force Awakens, one thing I’m not seeing a lot of chatter about is how to approach social media in the first hours and days after its release. For those lucky enough to see the movie on the 17th (or sooner in some cases, like those who will attend the premiere), they will surely want to unpack what they’ve just seen. With all of the things we’ll see and feels that we’ll feel, the go-to place in 2015 to talk about these things is social media, be it on facebook or on twitter.

Is there an agreed-upon etiquette? Or is it a case of “log on to social media at your own risk”?

Certainly the moment people walk out of theaters on the 17th after the credits roll, fans will be under no legal requirement to stay quiet about what they’ve seen. With no NDA to worry about, people will tweet and post about the movie, like it or not. That might make them jerks in your eyes, but what is the proper course of action? Should those who haven’t seent he movie stay off social media entirely, or beg users to please PLEASE keep a lid on it until people have had a chance to see it?

Keeping things in reality, I know that no matter what “we” want, it won’t happen. Social media will be a minefield for those who won’t be able to see the movie in the first couple of days. They’ll no doubt expect to not be spoiled, yet they won’t stay away from social media; why fear Star Wars spoilers when you wanted to do was see Aunt Gertie’s photos from her Bingo club Christmas part?

It’s going to be a standoff for sure. Where do you stand? Will you tweet to your heart’s content as soon as you see it, putting the onus on those who haven’t seen it to stay away from social media? Or show some consideration for those who want to be surprised and give it a couple of days? It’s equally unrealistic to expect that those who are excited to discuss the movie sit on their thoughts for an undefined amount of time.  Personally I think people who are sensitive to spoilers will have to show some restraint and resourcefulness if they want to remain spoiler-free until they see the movie. Using filters and muting features, people with a spoiler sensitivity have a fighting chance to “stay pure”, and I believe the onus is on them to keep themselves that way.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or @tumblingsaber.

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