I’m going to change up the format of my reviews on these episodes, to make them both quicker to publish and quicker to digest. There are plenty of full, in-depth reviews out there but I’m going to simply offer up bullet point thoughts and observations on each episode going forward.

Lando, the droids, Vader…all nice, but Leia is the cameo I was most expecting and most anticipating since the announcement of the show.

Glad to see Princess Leia, but wish the episode gave her more to do considering it will be her only appearance of season two.

Fingers crossed for season three.

Voice acting for Leia was great.

So was the characterization…but…

Was Leia always this way? Was she this much in control and authoritative as a toddler? She’s so close to what we see in the original trilogy.

Ezra has some…uhh…issues. Frustrated at the loss of his parents, and maybe struggling to keep his anger in check. Should be interesting fodder for the rest of the season especially since his force powers are growing very rapidly.

Stop me if you’ve seen this before *cough*Anakin*cough*.

Why didn’t Zeb/Hera just aim for the neck on the AT-AT’s? Zeb’s seen how to take them down more efficiently.

It’s always been a running joke that Stormtroopers are oblivious and idiotic. But officers, too? How on earth didn’t the officer realize that a giant starship is taking off DIRECTLY behind him?

Random thought: I like how the rear of the three cruisers that Leia brought in resemble that of the medical frigate as seen in the Original Trilogy.


Despite a long overdue cameo and a couple cool moments, this was an underwhelming way to kick off the 2nd half. Based on what we saw on the trailer, the trailer promises a lot of dense, heavy action. It’s going to get intense, the question is when? Final verdict: 6/10.

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