Spoilers up ahead folks, so bail out now if you haven’t caught the latest episode yet.

Ok, so let’s get the obvious question out of the way first?

Is the new female Inquisitor in fact Bariss Offee? Fan opinion seems split every which way on the matter. First off, her facial markings are different, but are they permanent? Offee seemed to be headed down a dark path in her Clone Wars days, so having her re-emerge now as an Inquisitor would fit. It’s also not lost on Star Wars fans that the locale for most of this episode was a medical station similar to, if not the same as the one that Offee visited with Ahsoka during the second season of Clone Wars. Filoni is sly but I don’t think he tried to sneak one by us there. This “seventh sister”, as she’s called also knew Ahsoka by name, and seems hellbent on finding her. Is that on Vader’s order, or because she still has unfinished business with her from the Clone Wars era? Maybe it’s both. But let’s open this up a bit wider. We don’t know a ton about these Inquisitors…who they are, and what their origins are. We know they’ve been tasked to hunt down the “children of the Force”, as Vader described it “Seed of Rebellion”, and we’ve all seen the image of Ren holding Darth Vader’s charred helmet, with the words “I will finish what you started” laid over top. Is Ren simply an Inquisitor continuing the task of hunting down any Force-sensitive beings? Again, the logic makes sense, but how do Inquisitors evolve in to the Knights of Ren? Do the Knights of Ren become an entity once they become “masterless”, with both Vader and Palpatine being killed?

It won’t take too long to figure out whether or not the new villain is Offee so whatever way you lean on the matter, you’ll get your answer soon. For the record, put me down as being in the “yes it’s Offee” camp. And it will only be another 45 days until we can start tackling the idea of Kylo Ren being some sort of Inquisitor.

As for the rest of the episode, it really was a quiet 22 minutes, serving as a strict introduction to our menacing new villains without revealing too much about their abilities or origins. It was also time for Zeb to shine and save Ezra and Sabine from a very bad situation. Meanwhile, Rex, the aging Clone continued to get on Kanan’s nerves by needling him about discipline and wits and stuff. We didn’t get to see Ahsoka in this episode, and for as much as fans (myself included) want to see Ahsoka all the time, this show is about the crew of the Ghost, and Ahsoka’s  lingering storyline could very easily take over the show if Filoni let it.

Where the season goes from here is anyone’s guess, and the waning moments of the show do a great job of putting us in the mind of the crew, Kanan in particular. After his victory over the first Inquisitor in the season one finale, he seems distraught knowing that there’s at least two more of them that are after them. That said, the Rebel fleet is seemingly safe in hiding for the moment, and the Inquisitors have lost the trail of our heroes. We know more sparks are due to fly soon, but now seems like a good time for the show to open up a little more and have the roots of the Rebel movement spread and deepen.


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