Apparently being hunted by two new Inquisitors can spook a kid. Just ask Ezra Bridger.

Unsure whether he wants to side with Rex and be a soldier, or with Kanan and be a Jedi, Brothers of the Broken Horn finds Ezra questioning his lot in life. He wonders aloud if maybe neither path is for him. By being pulled in several different directions, with little control over his choices, Ezra does what pretty much every teenager does in times like that: consider throwing it all away. Even Hera’s multiple requests to fix up the ship go unheeded by Ezra. Clearly, Ezra is missing the simple life of a lonely thief on Lothal, where he made his own decisions.

Ezra, in what could be seen as an act of defiance, sneaks away in the Phantom to answer a distress signal from their pirate “ally”, Vizago. When he finally finds Vizago’s ship adrift in space, he finds Hondo at the helm instead of Vizago. Your typical Rebels action soon ensues, with Ezra getting in to trouble, and needing someone (Chopper this time) to bail him out, again. I’ll admit, it was cool and at least a little bit funny to see Chopper zipping around firing two blasters.

At the end of their little adventure together, Hondo offers Ezra a spot on his pirate crew, despite Ezra’s lies and attempts to screw him out of his goods. Ezra seems to consider the offer. It reminds him of his solitary, selfish, former life, and it’s something entirely within his control. In the end, he decides that being with selfless people with something to fight for is better than living day-to-day with a criminal.

All in all, this episode was pretty…meh. Five episodes in to season two, and the gap between the Clone Wars and Original Trilogy continues to narrow, if only slightly. Bringing back Hondo Ohnaka, everyone’s favorite pirate was another welcome addition to the cast. With his signature humor, an aging Hondo provides a lot of levity in this episode…an episode that does very little to advance the overall narrative of the series. If you were looking for a big, brash installment, these are not the 22 minutes you’re looking for. The most interesting part was seeing Ezra question his path, only to quickly get back on board by the end. So much for that potential storyline. Maybe they’ll revisit it, as I believe it could be a way to have Ezra not die during the course of the series. If not for Hondo’s charm and jokes, this episode would count among the lamest and most boring since the show began. That being said, it’s a long season and Filoni is playing the long game, but at this point I would not blame fans for wanting things to start heating up. The preview for next week’s episode again looks to be giving us a slower paced, character-driven episode that won’t add much to the overall canon.

Final observation: I’m sure you saw it, but I got a good chuckle out of Ezra mentioning the absurdity of someone betting his ship in a game of Sabaac, right before introducing himself to Hondo as “Lando Calrissian”.

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