The Forgotten Droid

Do you get the sense we’re being buttered up before the knock-out uppercut comes? Yeah, me too. While this episode was lean as far as substance to chew on, what it lacks in that department, it makes up for in laughs in a 22-minute romp with most sarcastic, snarky, trouble-making droid in the galaxy. Coming off of Shroud of Darkness, you can’t blame fans who have no patience for this episode – the kind that reminds you that this is a show for children – that airs on a network solely intended for kids.

The Forgotten Droid was jam-packed with Chopper’s special brand of humor in an episode that fleshed out part of his past and found him a new friend to insult. It also laid ground for a possible future rebel base, which is literally the only plot point that we can take forward out of this episode.

Random Chopservations:

  • The relationship between Chopper and AP-5 felt a lot like Grumpy Old Men, with war stories to boot.
  • I’m sure nobody made the connection that AP-5 was channeling the recently deceased Alan Rickman.
  • Speaking of war stories, neat to find out that Chopper was a Y-Wing droid during the Clone Wars.
  • When did Ketsu rejoin the Rebels?
  • It’s a credit to the people who make this show that they are able to get every one of Chopper’s thoughts and emotions across so clearly.
  • Would anyone have guessed Chopper has a heart of gold like that? He rid AP-5 of his restraining bolt, reminded him about free will, and finally put his own vanity aside in order to save AP-5 from the scrap heap.
  • The captain of the Imperial Freighter – more Sergeant Slaughter or Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura? Chopper’s throw down with him was only missing a folding chair or Mr Fuji’s handful of salt.
  • Just when you thought Stormtroopers couldn’t get any dumber….they’re just the worst.
  • Speaking of dumb – Commander Sato. Who put this guy in charge? No wonder the Rebels are struggling!
  • Sure the Rebels left Chopper behind, but I have to ask of AP-5 isn’t the “Forgotten Droid”, much like how society “forgets” war veterans?

This is sure to be a polarizing episode. It had a heaping helping of slapstick comedy, and minimal plot advancement. Exactly the type of episode that splits people. Some want dense, narrative-advancing, action-heavy episodes all the time, while others embrace (and border on apologizing for) every kind of episode. The truth is whether you want to call these kinds of episodes filler or just balancing out the heaviness of previous (and future) episodes, The Forgotten Droids is fast food equivalency at play. Once in a while, it tastes good – just don’t visit too often. Final Verdict: 7/10.




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Comments (2)

  1. I guess since Chopper is my least favorite character on the show, I hated this episode. No comedic moment landed for me, the story was lacking, the new droid was great in concept, but didn’t care for him in this episode. I know they were trying to give Chopper his own episode, but it should have been placed near the beginning of the season. I can see why people thought it was okay, but the people who loved this episode.. I have no clue how.

    1. If you’re not a Chopper guy, then this episode was fighting an uphill (and probably unwinnable) battle from the start! I found the humor worked well and I liked the dynamic between the two droids, and how it was sort of an inverted 3P0 / R2 relationship. I can probably concede that this could have been placed earlier in the season, but the plot point about looking for a base has been playing out all season long so while I won’t call it out of place, it would have been restructured to happen earlier. Thanks for reading my friend!

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