Hera and Cham in Homecoming

If ever anyone thought that Dave Filoni was not the right guy for the task of running Clone Wars and Rebels, then consider this tweet after the airing of ‘Homecoming’:

Filoni and friends have been nothing short of amazing in tying the original and prequel era trilogies, and ‘Homecoming’ is just one more feather in his signature black hat.

We learn a great deal about Hera and her strained relationship with her father, Clone Wars hero Cham Syndulla. They both clearly have resentment for each other but you could tell that both were aching for reconciliation. They eventually found it when both got what they wanted, at the Empire’s cost. Sure, they took the long way to get there, due to Cham’s overzealous need to see things explode in the name of keeping of appearances, but eventually both learn to find common ground so that everyone goes home happy.

Random Observations:

  • Continuing the theme of last week’s episode, we see the Rebels yet again having to steal in order to stay alive
  • What’s with Hera putting on that accent? I’ve seen people slip in to different accents before, but this felt weird to me.
  • A bit of a Han and Leia dynamic with Hera and Cham, what with Hera accusing Cham of not caring about anything other than his own agenda.
  • A reconciliation between dad and daughter can only mean one thing, right? Eventual heartbreak for Hera? Or maybe Cham?
  • Was Kanan flustered because he was meeting a war legend who he admired, or because he was coming face-to-face with his defacto father-in-law? Either way it was a hilarious moment and Zeb’s face as he watched Kanan berate Ezra for no good reason was priceless.
  • Gobi and Numa’s sudden flip-flop felt forced. Sorry, it did. Who would turn on the guy they’ve blindly followed to victory for years and years? Nobody, that’s who.
  • We witness another first for Ezra: using the Jedi mind trick. His list of powers available to him is rapidly growing. Is it growing too quickly?
  • Ezra and Kanan are looking more and more like Anakin and Obi-Wan in how they work together and have planned out tandem attacks using their force powers.
  • Never met a mouse droid that didn’t need a Xanax.
  • How could the Rebellion steal that cruiser without the Empire tracking it down within a day? I don’t get that, but that’s a nitpick.

This was another solid episode of Rebels. I don’t know how far forward it pushes the overall arc, but again, like in recent weeks, we see a possible future for Hera, and maybe Kanan, too back on Ryloth. There was also a potential subtle nod to Ezra’s future, in that he notes how he has no family as they are presumed dead (remember that Ryder Azadi never actually saw them die). The crew of the Ghost are now his family. Could “Old Master” Maul’s attempt at luring Ezra to the dark side drive a wedge between Ezra and his new “family”? Can Maul sow seeds of mistrust? ‘Homecoming’ was a strong entry, but it’s not a perfect episode. There’s still room for improvement, and that is no doubt coming in the next few weeks. Final Verdict: 8/10.

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