“You’re always there when I need you most.”

– Ezra, to Kanan.

Talk about dialogue with dual purposes. In an episode where Ezra is feverishly looking for his lost parents after an intense force vision, there’s a lot of meat on that bone. It’s a reminder that Kanan, for all intents and purposes is, along with Hera, (who says “we’re family) Ezra’s parents. It could also be a bit of foreshadowing, as these types of lines are often spoken not too long before the subject of said line is taken away.

“Legacy” was certainly the saddest episode of the season, if not of the entire series. You could feel Ezra’s impatience and frustration as he moved mountains looking for his folks. Impatience and frustration…not prized character traits for a Jedi. It was perhaps another glimpse in to a potential dark future for Ezra, who again flashes his rapidly growing power when he served Agent Kallus a warning shot that he is not some twerpy kid to be messed with. Ezra’s desperation to find his parents finally boiled over when he rushed both Inquisitors, simply because they were standing in his way, not because they’re bad guys who need to be dealt with. Had Kanan not channeled his inner Hawkeye, it surely would have been the end of Ezra. Again, a foolhardy and brash decision that smacks of dark side leanings. With no support of the Jedi kind outside of Kanan and Ahsoka, (neither of them being full-fledged Jedi) who would pull Ezra back from the brink if that’s what it came to? Who would stop him if he went over the edge?

I also find it interesting how once again we return to Lothal, after the Force vision led Ezra there. There’s something special about this planet other than being the main setting of season one, and Ezra’s home world. In the larger scheme of things, we see just how small the Rebel Fleet has become…if that is indeed all that’s left. With seemingly so few resources, it’s going to take some work to get to the point where we see a fully formed group by the time A New Hope rolls around.

Ezra finally finds closure with his parents…or does he? Ryder Azadi (Prisoner X-10) confesses to know his parents, and their fates. Sadly for Ezra the news is less than happy but something tells me that there’s more than meets the eye with Azadi, and that the situation around Ezra’s parents isn’t as wrapped up as the episode wants us to believe it is.

As a last observation, it’s interesting to see Rex removed from the core group, and spending time on the Rebel command ship with Commander Sato. It makes sense on two levels, as his experience as a high-ranking clone and insider knowledge of how the Empire might function would serve the Rebellion well, not to mention that the show is about Ezra and the crew of the Ghost. Rex and Ahsoka may be fan favorites and they’ll have a larger part to play to be sure. But it would be too easy to let the weight of their characters overshadow the entire series, so we’ll have to live with secondary roles for Rex and Ahsoka for now.

We seem to be at the midseason break, presumably to let The Force Awakens have the titanic wide berth that it commands, but the back half of the season certainly looks like it will be full of action and surprises.

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