Legends of the Lasat Review

Sometimes it takes a conversation to awaken a new perspective. That’s what happened with me in the aftermath of watching Legends of the Lasat. For the third consecutive episode, I felt like very little happened at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the deep dives in to the “secondary” characters, and I definitely love expanding the details and depth of the Star Wars universe. But myself, like many, are waiting with baited breath for the real meat of the plot to come.

Legends of the Lasat gives us an interesting look at Zeb’s past, through revelations made by two members of his species that somehow survived the slaughter which led Zeb to believe that he was the last of his kind. Are there more Lasat out there? Turns out there’s a whole planet of them on the other side of some imploded star cluster nebula thing, which brings me back to the new perspective I was getting at.

Fans of this show older than the age of 25 are dead-set on the idea that most of the characters on Rebels are done for. It just *has* to be that way, according to them, since none appear in the original trilogy.  Spoiler alert: this is a kids show. While we may eventually lose a character or two, most will be dealt with in another way. Legends of the Lasat helped to map that out. Let’s consider that we’ve seen glimpses at Sabine’s past. We know a little more about Zeb, and once Hera’s old man makes his re-appearance, we’ll know more about Captain Syndulla. It’s entirely reasonable that they are slowly build “exit points” for these characters; Zeb returns to the newly-found Lira-San, Sabine slinks back to the life of a bounty hunter, Hera heads back to Ryloth.

Random observations:

  • Great to see usage of “Ashla” once again. I’m not an expanded universe guy, so to me this is the first mention of it since learning about it in early George Lucas scripts. Sure there’s that Togrutan padawan named Ashla, but does that really count? No it doesn’t.
  • On the usage of the Force, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Sith and Jedi aren’t the only ones able to use it. With Zeb’s people using it, the “Church of the Force”, and Ahsoka’s “non-partisan” approach, it’s cool to see how different people connect to, and respect the Force.
  • Why has Zeb never mentioned his role as Captain in the Lasat Honor Guard before? I guess if you’re part of the “Honor” guard, and you fail at your job, the opposite of honor would be shame.
  • “Everything is proceeding as it was meant to” – sounds very Sidious-like, and it looks like there’s a lot Force-driven stuff going on in this episode, without being in-your-face about it, right?
  • Anomalies in Star Wars? Opens a can of worms, and not one I hope they abuse, or go to much at all. Leave that to Star Trek, seriously. Time travel, parallel dimensions, and alternate realities need not apply to Star Wars in any way, shape or form.
  • The music during the anomaly/imploded star scene was the best part of the show. Tell me why some people don’t like Kevin Kiner? That was arguably the best part of the episode. Listen to the music here.

  • Hondo was a scene stealer, again. Can’t help but love this arse hole.

I was ready to give this episode a thumbs down. Stopping short of calling it filler, I just wasn’t that engaged. There’s nothing wrong with the episode, and I think it’s one that needs multiple viewings to really appreciate. Action is not the word of the day here. Kiner’s work at the end of the episode is the cherry on top and well worth the wait. It really does stand out. The beauty of twitter and all social media is that in a short burst of conversation, you can be awoken to what was there all along if you’re just a bit more patient. I’m still overly anxious to pick up again with the core of the crew, and Ezra’s story, which looks like will resume next week (with SPACE WHALES!), but I’ll be more lenient with these “sidebar” episodes from now on. Final verdict: 7/10.

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