“Look at the sky”…..We have finally returned back to where everything started. Lothal. Things look beyond worst. The devastation that the empire has done to the planet has been nothing but gut wrenching. You can really tell that the writers and animators want us to take this very personal.I know I have. We will see how the ghost crew will rise up to this biggest challenge that they’ll ever face, as the real battle has now ultimately begun.

“This is how a rebellion starts. Small. With the few people standing together….we’ve done it before, we can do it again”

Character Dialogue 4.9/5

The emotional level that Taylor Grey voiced out for Ezra this time around was phenomenal. It brought tears out of me, soul-shuddering and  heartbreak. Such a powerful performance. You can really feel how immersed Grey got into his character. Lets tip our hats for wonderful voice acting.

Music 4.9/5

Kevin Kiner, the guy is a mastermind genius when it comes to creating the soundtrack for such a deep story. He perfectly express through his music when we saw the ruins of Lothal. The soundtrack moved me in ways where I felt super angry from old Jho’s execution, totally distraught on the shape of lothal, feeling bubbly with the loth-cats, and my eagerness to know more about the mysterious lothwolf.

Plot 4.9/5

Exceptionally done once again! Brilliant writing by the team to express what is at stake not just for Lothal but for the consequences that rebellions can bring. The character development has been at its best since the beginning of Season four! The mystery also has been on-spot. Its the first time in Star Wars Rebels where we truly have the mystery. Besides Ashoka. The mystery of the force within Lothal. I believe it will have the Mortis-feel like it did back in the clone wars!

Animation 5/5

Animation again was at its best! The top three highlights of the animation was the current devastation of lothal, the heart-thumping action of stealing the tie defender with those awesome explosions, and the calm yet intense first encounter with Ezra and the mysterious lothwolf.


The last time we saw Lothal was back in season 3 during the imperial eyes. Yet it really wasn’t on the planet. Needless to say, too much went on during the last time the ghost crew was on the homeworld of Ezra Bridger. There is no pretty way in putting in the story, however in animation wise the formation is incredible. The transformation from season one to season four just can’t be put into words. The animation team really outdid themselves. The lushful fields we saw, have now been scorched. The skies that were crystal blue with the soft clouds, have turned into a violent orangish-yellow slow ember. The planet is in total despair, drowned in sorrow and the tomorrow looks bleak.

It takes me back to season two, of when minister Tua, was willing to exchange the real reason why the empire really confiscate the planet. Not the reason that lothal had been farming land and mining. Another mystery I hope we get to delve into and they close that book. We never had the real answer from the minister due to her unexpected death. I hope that the storytellers finish that off.

Imperial Lockdown

Excessive. Excessive is the word that comes to mind when I see the imperial presence on lothal.  Back in season two, vader wasn’t that superfluous. Even back in season one, citizens could come and go as they please when they were on Lothal. These days, there is a complete blockade, hand in hand, with large energy spheres. When Vizago was allowed to enter the system, he was still escorted by tie fighters and his ship, the broken horn, was locked down by a gravity lock. There are security checks in around every corner, transportation is under complete isolation for the empire, and as Hera said the city is like a “ghost”. The propaganda is any which way blaring “Loyalty is obedience” “Serve your empire”. The plaster of bounties of the ghost crew warning civilians that this will happen to you, if you don’t stay in line. I was also shocked that the number of probe droids there are and another iconic death trooper stationed. In the current state, the rebels are now on their heels most of the time. It’s a dramatic change because in season one they were left unchecked and unchallenged.


One other thing that eats at me is that if Thrawn was smart enough to understand Sabine’s symbol, wouldn’t he be able to take advantage of that? When the rebels see Sabine’s symbol, they automatically assume that Ryder made it. But what if Thrawn did it? Given his genius tactical knowledge, he might have done that as a trap. Something to think about in the coming events.


Old Faces

“Im excited for season four because we are going to see some new faces,and some beloved old faces too,”Henry Gilroy told in rebels recon back in season 3. Boy did we ever see some old faces returning to Star Wars Rebels this week. Valen Rudor, Vult Skerris, Vizago, Jai Kell, Erskine Semaj and the learning and mentioning, of unfortunate fate for Old Jho. Much like Ezra Jai has grown too! Im surprised to see him a bit more taller than Ezra. It’s also very cool seeing him involved with the rebel cell on Lothal, and in direct contact with Ryder. Valen Rudor has also aged a bit. I must say he looks terrific and sharp, in the current civilian outfit, then the pilot gear. I held my breath during the interaction with him and Ezra. As Ezra back in the shorts had a funny way of putting him in his place.



I’m so glad that they brought Zeb in for some humor. We hadn’t seen much of him in the first episodes. It was a nice call back that he had to scare the puffer pigs just like season one. He had the cutest reactions with the Lothcats, and took it like a champ. Then again he gets what he deserves when he disrupted the very touching scene with Kanan and Hera.  We also see another side to Zeb that we haven’t really seen. His worrisome when it comes to the “kids”. Him taking the responsibility of what Ezra and Sabine did when they stole the TIE Defender. I hope to see more story-telling for him in the future.


Uh-uh, I’m not allowed near the filthy beast, I scare them, apparently there’s something wrong with my face”

“Get ready things are about to get interesting”

“I should have expected them to do something crazy like that”


In the opening scene of the Occupation, you can see the gnawing hole that Ezra has in his heart for Lothal. The piece of home that is being teared away from him bit by bit. The promises that he has for his home, yet hasn’t been able to keep, since his absence is being held with the rebellion. He most likely was homesick. I was also not stunned by the decision he made when he decided to go home to stay! In other terms, he’s willing to leave the rebellion for his people. Of course home for him, isn’t how and what he remembered it by. However he is willing to do whatever it takes to liberate his world, restore to how it was in season one. You can tell how much hes grown by him taking the responsibility to the mess that the empire created. It really is hard to see the boy that we met in season one. His reaction to his home has been nothing more than a cup full of hurt.

“Ive had a long time to think about this. We’ll get that intel, but I’m going home to help my people which means I’m there to stay”

“Saw said it, I didn’t want to believe it, Lothal is gone we already lost”

“Ah looks like my little friends beat you to it”


I loved that fact that she was a huge support for Ezra. She made sure that he wouldn’t make costly mistakes out of rash decisions and feelings. For example, the time when Ezra curled his fist of the mentioning of old Jho being a traitor. Another instance is when Ezra felt anguish of how much his planet changed and how Saw was ‘right’. Then again she understands what he’s going through. His planet now looks similar to the planet of Sundari. Not so much the war aspect of things, but the oppression, the destruction, of what the empire can do to one world, and crush one family. I loved how she took the initiative to remove the data from the TIE Defender. She stepped up to the plate and took a big swing. Thanks to her and Ezra, the rebels have some sort of advantage against the empire. They have some data flight recorder and a hyperdrive.


“As long as we are together, we have a chance!”

“Well, it definitely would give a ghost a run for its money”

“A lothwolf? Like the ones from those cave paintings



The things really intriguing with this lothwolf. What does the wolf mean? According to Ezra, lothwolfs have not been seen in a hundred years. So what does that mean for Ezra? Is he to really lead his people out of the shadow of the Empire? Is he the one to liberate Lothal?  After all the wolf then said to Ezra “Dume”. We know that Kanan’s real name is Caleb Dume. Is the wolf connected to Ashoka?




These adorable kittens. You can tell that they are unhappy too with how the Empire has treated their home. Studies have shown that animals, cats and dogs in particular, know when there is a “bad person”. These cats definitely understand that the empire is the “bad person”. It was adorable seeing them interact with Ezra, then helping Sabine and Ezra out finding a distraction. They are absolutely in tune with their surroundings. It feels like they have a reason to push back and fight for their home ever since Ezra returned home.

Kanan and Hera

We were that close!!! That close for a long awaited kiss. I’m pretty sure i was yelling at my laptop. NO NO NO NO!!! It’s odd how much Kanan has changed in the last bit. It’s possible giving the elevated stakes he’s decided to tell hera how he feels? However he is a jedi knight….so what does that mean for him? Orthodox Jedi were never allowed to form attachments and fall in love. Tricky business. Dangerous times for the already shipped couple.


Consequences are now what we see in Season four. The consequences of rebellion. It goes to show that war is never easy, and never leaves anyone the same. What does it all mean? Its now an often repeated question. How will this end? I think there are now more questions for the show then there were answers. Heres some of the answers from the recent rebels recon and episode guide I’ve linked below. Don’t forget to also check out our podcast with Kyle, Corey and me as we blast the empire with or motivating words. As always, May the force be with you!




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