Protector of Concord Dawn

For fans of Sabine Wren, ‘The Protector of Concord Dawn” was right up your alley. Sabine’s been dismissed as a character by many, mostly because she’s always been in the background, and is the character that is mostly easily “disposed of”. Her skill set also makes her too close to a Jedi, which, for many, makes her not relatable. I don’t personally count myself among that group; I have always found Sabine an interesting character who has a lot more to offer. Does this episode deliver? Definitely more than “Blood Sisters” does.

And now on to my thoughts and observations on this week’s episode

  • Sato shows pretty dim vision for a leader.
  • No idea a ship could travel through hyperspace in that condition. Hope Hera bought a lottery ticket after she woke up.
  • Seeing Sabine declare her lineage was a cool (if not unexpected) callback to the Clone Wars. Definitely helps shed some light on where she comes from.
  • Kanan increasingly noble and Jedi-like with his decision-making.
  • He’s also becoming more bad-ass with his powers.
  • Nice to see Sabine put violent Mandalorian traditions aside for just a moment, to the benefit of the big picture.
  • Fenn Rau’s sudden flip-flop to help the Rebels felt rushed. Damn these 22 minute shows!
  • Random thought: Clan Wren…Knights of Ren…can’t be connected….can it? Naaaah!

‘Protector of Concord Dawn’ was another episode that was cool on it’s own, but like last week’s Princess on Lothal, doesn’t have that much to offer beyond a tense moment for Hera, a cool action sequence with Kanan that reminds us of Anakin in Attack of the Clones, and some neat backstory on Sabine that may or may not turn out to be really imporant down the line. The overall narrative doesn’t move forward much all. It certainly didn’t touch much on what we saw in the mid season trailer, which, if we’re being honest, is what we’re all waiting for. This means that there’s a lot of big time action and drama still to come. With so much yet to happen in relatively little time, and another episode next week focusing on Zeb, we can again anticipate an episode that can almost be viewed in a vacuum without providing the big moments we’re anticipating. Things are going to be really crazy as the season nears it’s finale. Final verdict: 7/10.

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