“There are going to be some somber moments,” Dave Filoni said back in Rebels Recon Season 3. I often have had to go back and recall the words from the writer himself while we progressed in the season, as we got the ultimate moment of the mid season finale. Hera Syndulla has been captured! We go in deep into the look of this cat-and-mouse episode. X-wings, Hera’s promotion, Mart, Empire, More Lothwolves.


Character Dialogue 4.7/5

I felt that there was little less dialogue in this. I wish we saw a bit more character building besides Hera. Yet I believe that this episode was to launch of more of the story for the second half next year.  


Music 4.8/5

Soundtrack was on point for the mid season finale. The soundtrack gave more of an echo for when the dog fights began and gave me the goosebumps. Also that caught my ears was Thrawn’s theme as a testament of how smart he is on having a second wave in case Hera did punch a hole through the blockade.


Plot 4.8/5

Plot was excellent! However there are somethings that I’m going to be very picky about. One, the fact we didn’t see Hera’s promotion was a very itchy annoyance. Two how did the rebellion acquire the X-wings. I also felt a huge cat and mouse chase that was dramatic to the point that I almost had a heart attack. I felt the empire was slow to action and prolonged the inevitable.


Animation 4.9/5

Animation was flawless once again. The dog fights between the X-wings and TIE fighters was excellent. For a few that I know that watch the show said it took them back to when the franchise started in 1977. However my favourite part about the whole animation was the clouds when the X-wings and Y-bombers got shot down.



This episode was a definitely a Hera-eccentric episode. I give Vanessa Marshall huge praise on how much emotion she put into Hera in these tense twenty-two minutes. I admired Hera’s leadership, courage and sacrifice. She has much deserved the promotion she received. Then of course seeing how far chopper would go for Hera. His loyalty is so fierce and protective. It damn near broke my heart seeing him wait for Hera and then told to leave. It’ll be the hanging question over the break. What is Hera going to endure with the empire?


“Lock S-foils in attack position”

“Tighten your bolts, Here we go”

“Governor Pryce, I’ve so wanted to meet you”

X wings

Yay the have arrived. However I want to know how they acquired them. Beyond that the dog fights, movements and animation was everything that i hoped for. Seeing Hera pilot one makes it very special since she’s one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance. The motions also of the X-wings too made it special. The bouncing around, the pilot moving with the fighter and the flashes.



When i spotted Mart in one of the TV spots, I was quivering in anticipation to see him back on Rebels. It makes it so much more personal now that he is in the fight due to his Uncle Commander Sato’s sacrifice. It’s such a nice call back from the Iron Squadron as we also got to see R3. It goes to show that the episode from season three was not a ‘filler’.  



As if the Empire wasn’t going to be prepared after Hera left Lothal with TIE defender Blueprints. The blockade was insane. Give Hera kudos for even getting that amount of ships through! Its clear that the relationship is still strained between Thrawn and Pyrce as she was yelling at him. I also believe that Pryce has begun to get annoyed with Ruhk’s presence of Lothal, even though he did help the capture of Hera.


One thing that really annoys the heck out of me is how Skerris died. I knew that his time was coming sooner or later, but how he died ticks me off. And it really isn’t even Hera’s fault. It’s Thrawn’s. I understand that Thrawn caught on to Hera’s tactics but he didn’t really need to open fire on his own best commander of the Navy. Skerris had unquestionable loyalty and if he knew his fate he would have left the empire. It goes to show that Thrawn continues to have problems with his own chain of command and officers drop like flies under him.


“Such a small victory” – Pryce


The mystery of what these wolves signify is still bugging me. And will continue to bug me until i know exactly what they mean. Or at least a better understanding of them. The show has a brilliant way of not giving us answers on what connection they have to the planet and the heroes of Lothal. They are sure to be giving us some closure for the second half.  


We will be back next year to kick off the second half the of the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels. It will be stuff not to miss! In the meantime while we wait for it to come back around we have Star Wars The Last Jedi, the episode guide and Rebels recon. Be sure not to miss out!


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