If The Lost Commanders was considered to be a little bit slow, then Relics of the Old Republic made up for it with some throwback classic trilogy action, walker style! Picking up in the moments where The Lost Commanders ended, with our heroes trying their damndest to get lost before the Empire finds them. Of course, we know that’s a fruitless venture as the Empire quickly finds them and sends TIE fighters and AT-AT walkers after them.

Showing off some of the prowess that made the clones vastly superior to inept stormtroopers, Rex, Wolffe and Gregor take on three walkers with their old, tattered AT-TE. With the help of the crew of the Ghost, and the fortunate appearance of a sandstorm, the good guys find a way to outsmart Agent Kallus and escape to fight another day. During the episode we witnessed Kanan’s mistrust of the clones yet again, which was nicely juxtaposed against Ezra’s seeming adoration of the old warriors, who also appear to be enamoured with the young force sensitive kid. In the end, Kanan is far too good of a person to leave the clones behind to deal with a vengeful Empire, so he helps to rescue them and bring them in to the mix with the rest of the growing Rebel forces.

The winning moment of this episode by a country mile was seeing Captain Rex reunited with Ahsoka, further bridging the 20+ year gap between the time Ahsoka left the order and where we stand today with Rebels.

It was a brief and satisfying two episode arc that serves as yet more connective tissue between the prequel and original trilogy era, and now we move in to more pressing matters with the introduction of two new inquisitors. With the task of succeeding where the first inquisitor (and Kallus) have failed, the two inquisitors will no doubt be a menacing threat to Kanan, Ezra, and anyone else who sides with them.

If you had a hard time with the slow pace of the first instalment of this arc, then the second episode more than made up for it.

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