I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time picturing Sabine as a bounty hunter, especially as a kid all of 16 years old. So just how old was she when was hunting bounties? 13? I have very few gripes about the decisions made in this series, but I feel like they’ve packed too much experience of a seasoned warrior in to a brief teenage life. I mean, she’s got the athletic abilities of a Jedi, the gun play skills of Han Solo, and the espionage skills of James Bond. On top of that, she’s a weapons expert, including demolition. I know she’s a Mandalorian, who specialize in all things action, violence and things that go boom, but I think we’re asked to accept too much about her character.

I know that sounds like a poo-pooing of the character, but I do like Sabine, and I have been itching to learn more about her. Unfortunately we don’t get much in “Blood Sisters” that we didn’t already know other than she had a friend named Ketsu Onyo. Personally I had already assumed that she had a past in bounty hunting given her Mandalorian heritage so to confirm that in this episode is as surprising as the changing of the tides. As for her bond with Ketsu, they were in the Imperial Academy together, and defected together at some point. Boredom maybe? From there, they forged their “sisterhood” through bounty hunting, but we only get this explanation in the broadest of strokes.

Much of the episode revolved around trust issues and not giving in to urges of revenge (spoiler alert: somewhere along the line, Ketsu and Sabine had a falling out), but this episode, much like previous episodes, does very little to advance the overall narrative of the story. This wasn’t unexpected, but I’m ready to now move on to bigger, broader things with this season.

I’m sure we’ll see Ketsu again at some point and they did a good job in leaving it ambiguous as to what side of the fence she’ll fall on after this encounter with Sabine.

Side note: Chopper was completely hysterical in this episode. Waving at Sabine from on top of Ketsu’s ship as he ripped up her weapons system was probably the highlight of the episode for me.

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