We are back with another review of Star Wars Rebels. This week we got an in depth look on how the rebellion continues to grow, Saw and his path on finding the empire’s super weapon, the Rogue tie ins. Overall I thought that these two episodes was rebels at its best!

Character Dialogue 5/5

The character’s dialogue this week’s episodes, I discovered, to be more satisfying than the premiere. You see the defining cracks between Saw and Mon. There’s the also touching moment between Master and Padawan.

Music 4.7/5

Kevin Kiner, the man is such a music master genius. I loved every moment of the soundtrack.

Plot 4.5/5

The plot was extremely well done. And you see the quest and the hell bent Saw determined to find the Empire’s secret weapon.  

Animation 5/5

The animation was unbelievable. The two explosions from the listening outpost on Jalindi and the kyber crystal were defining moments in both episodes. You can tell that the animation has evolved from season one to now. I look forward to what’s in store created by the animators.

Saw Gerrera

Welcome back-ish! We saw Saw come back with a hell-bent quest to find the Empire’s super weapon! But he came back with his extremist ideology that some deemed toxic. Nonetheless it gave us more insight on how much Gerrera wants to take down the Empire. What he’ll take to defeat his enemies, as he stunned Ezra and Sabine after he had their help.It may seem that Saw has developed a schizophrenic mind .I’m curious to see where he goes on from this point. After hearing about the Jedha system, does he carry on his quest there? How does he get maimed? I feel that this is still a loose end that hopefully will be tied whether in the dwindling events of Rebels or in Canon. Forrest Whitaker couldn’t have performed any better with this iconic character! The transition he makes from rogue one to Rebels….words can’t really describe how talented this man really is!

“If you continue to fight the empire on there terms, not yours, you are going to lose!”

“Sorry Captain, No time, your kids will be fine with me, besides they might enjoy fighting with a real army for a change”

“Let me ask you this? What would you do to save your world?”

Mon Mothma

The way that Mon Mothma handled herself has become crystal clear that she is the leader of the Yavin 4. The way she composes herself and holds herself to an elegancy like no other. It was really fun to see her get into a small debate with Saw. We finally see her crack down and show what her angry self can be. I can imagine that she has quite the hard task of what assignments that her cell can carry out. She can’t liberate her home as much as Ezra want to save his.  

“Captain, I commend you for your bravery, for protecting you and your fellow pilots”

“But instead, when we amassed our forces we were taught a valuable lesson, that we are not ready for open war”

“I will not be lectured on military strategies from a man who has proven himself a criminal”


Yavin IV

All paths are coming together. We are seeing the almost-final formation of the rebel alliance. We are finally here! We see that phoenix squad lives and continues on after Sato’s death, as they carry themselves here. The amount of troops and ships that are around is pretty cool to see. As Zeb said “there are cells gathered from every corner of the galaxy, it’s still not enough to fight the Empire”. Aesthetically speaking Yavin was stunning. It was fantastic seeing the one scene of Ezra and Kanan mediating in such a serene scene.   

However, in the current state, there are only of a few rebels on the base. Eventually I hope to see more of the Alliance on Yavin IV at the end of the season. After all we are edging ever so closer to the events of Rogue One. Is Blue leader, Red leader and the pathfinder units already on secret missions? Where’s Cassian and K2SO? Raddus? Ackbar? We’ve yet to see everyone here.


It is clear that Ezra wants to save Lothal. Honor his parents dying wish. After witnessing Sabine lead her people out of darkness, he must look at it like a calling to his people.  I feel as though he would break of his ties to from the rebellion to go home just to do so. I loved the fact that he basically challenged Mon Mothma to figure out when they were going back to Lothal to support Ryder. When on mission, I believe we’ve seen Ezra come into full understanding of the bigger picture of the rebellion. He’s see what Saw had done wrong. And Ezra rises up against Saw’s way and chooses and follows the righteous path. There was some significance growing on his part. I loved how they touched some of Ezra’s force sensitivity. His connection with the kyber crystals is reminiscent of the sound from the purgell, and the echoing of the force throughout the whole series. Once again Ezra continues his charismatic,dorky, lovable attitude, despite what kind of burden he has on his shoulders. From Brom Titus, to now his legendary wave! I don’t think I can ever get past how comical he is! Keep on smiling and waving!   

“I just feel so helpless. I thought being here would help me get me closer to helping Lothal. But Now that i am it seems further away than ever”

Uh meridian, This is Jalindi outpost, you weren’t scheduled until next rotation, You’re causing a lot of problems for us. Maybe come back tomorrow?”

“But we still do have something Saw. The people on this ship. I just want to help them”


Yay! Sabine is back in action with the ghost crew! It seems as though she has come back refreshed without the responsibility of leaving home on awful terms. How she composed herself in the most difficult situation shows her maturity as well. The banter that she had going on with Ezra was absolutely entertaining! Also trying to keep Ezra in check with his smile and waves! ^_^ ^_^! <3

“Hey I like abstract art, I just don’t want to become it”

“Ezra! Don’t you want to salvage something from this mission or what?”

“Oh stop complaining! I kinda like it better than the orange”


Give it up for the best droid that you can ask for! From funny to be very serious. Chopper knows how to act accordingly when it counts! Even in the beginning of the first episode Chop is already up to his antics. And the comfort that we saw (somewhat) when Hera was frustrated with her failed mission. Lets not forget the story behind the paint job. Dave’s beloved NHL team, The Pittsburgh penguins who won the lord stanley twice in a row! Blah for a Toronto Maple Leaf fan!  

Death Troopers

It was an awesome surprise to see the death troopers! Although there was a lot of negativity to how easily to see Saw, Sabine and Ezra defeat them. I see the point of view. The death troopers should have been more difficult to beat. After All the have green visors so they should have seen through with night vision.This was a critical flaw. However, they were up against a Jedi, Mandalorian and an Extremist. It was awesome to see that death troopers can be female as well. We haven’t seen many troopers that have been female in all of the Star Wars Rebels era. Besides the upcoming Star Wars battlefront 2 video game and Captain Brunson from Ghosts of Geonosis we haven’t seen any females at all.  

Family Reunion

It was such a touching moment for them all to be reunited. The first time since Zero Hour. (even though it was a very short time). The delight I got when I saw the interactions, from Zeb and Sabine, to Hera and company brought quivers to my heart! You can see how the bond is strong between them all.  

“Zeb!!!…..What you haven’t got weak since I last Saw you eh big guy?”

“Kanan? You’re all here! And Sabine! You came back! What about your family on Mandalore?”

Kanan And Hera

What kind of trust level goes beyond a normal relationship!? Kanan was the force eyes and Hera was the pilot hands! The level of thought that went into this scene was phenomenal! The movement of the ghost is exactly what we’ve been waiting to see. I can’t wait to see more for what’s in store for the already-shipped couple.

“Boy I must really trust you!”

“I know you do”

Before I sign off be sure to check out the episode guide and the latest rebels recon episode! I’ll link it down below. All in all this was a really great episode and the countdown is on! Also check out whats in store for us next week!



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