Mesmerizing, extremely entertaining, 10/10, Filioni and the crew have done it again!!!!

Thats what the season premiere of star wars rebels season 4, in the final stretch of its ending gave us, in the early morning of Monday. Heck I had to power nap just to make sure I could go to work. But it was so worth it and it came out with a mando explosion!!!

I dont even know where to begin, it was so crazy that we have to start with the meatiest of the meatiest. The best out of the best.


Since Ezra is my all time favourite I have to start with him. He was the comedy relief of the premiere. I can’t imagine where the show would have gone if it weren’t for him. All things considered the show had a slight darkness to it. Yet his antics with the jetpack was so funny!! During the Tie fighter scene with Bo, he reminded me of a pesky fly hitting the windshield. Along with the interaction with all the Mandalorians and with Sabine’s family, I’d say that they all really enjoyed having Ezra at their side. Then again who doesn’t. I personally enjoyed how he stepped up to get Sabine’s father out of the transport. He had such formal attitude in front of Alrich. But I think he still has to work on the graceful jump ;).

Lets not forget all the spot-on quotes that came from him.

“Yeah that sounds like a me plan”

“Yeah I’m with Sabine, I mean not with her, with her. I’m just friends with her”

“Im notta Manda-.Mandalorian. I don’t wanna be a Mandalorian”

“I finished my mission. Now I have to finish yours too”

Need I say anymore.


Lets tip our hats off to Sabine!!! She, herself has come a long way in her journey!!! Its hard to see the same person we met back in Season one. The way she moved and fought clan Saxon and those Stormtroopers…..WOW!! She has also used the Darksaber very effectively showing the true nature of her Mandalorian past. Dealing with the responsibility of the duchess and the clans is legendary. I’m so glad we finally got to see her roots totally unfold. Seeing her talk art with Alrich literally warmed my heart because after all she comes from a very cold, colourless home-world! Instantly Alrich knew it was Sabine when she tagged the tank, showing how deep the bond between Daughter and Father for art really is.  When she comes back to the rebellion, I believe she will feel refreshed since she basically cut the weapon in half and freed herself. Also with her clan not shunned out must put some ease to her mind as well. I’m thrilled to see Sabine evolve and I believe her story line with Mandalore for Rebels has drawn for a close.

“Your a Jedi, I’m sure you’ll pick it up on the fly”

“Never had a chance to. This is what continuous war has done to my home”

“with your guidance, you have the wisdom of a ruler, there’s no one I trust to wield the Darksaber more than you. And I’m not alone”

Bo Katan

Hello, Bo Katan. We missed you. Bo Katan is also a recurring character from the clone wars. From working with the Death Watch and then becoming the leader for Mandalore, shes had a total different path in her arc. I saw some pretty negative comments about her. That didn’t surprise me. Because After all she was with a terrorist organization called Death Watch. And then she was preaching to Sabine about honor and cowardice. Yet I think, after losing her sister, Maul taking off with the Darksaber, and the empire invading her home she’s changed a lot!  Becoming a bit more honorable and realizing her wrongs. A definite redemption story.  I loved how she handled Sabine. Being a voice for her when Sabine lost her cool. Making her truly a leader. I’m curious to see how the empire will retaliate, if we see it, and how she will proceed to lead the people of Mandalore.

“Its not our way! Its their way. You came here to make things right. Will the future of Mandalore be one of honor or cowardice, hope or fear, the choice is yours.”

“A mandalorian with a jetpack is a weapon”

“Dont just stand there protect her!”

Tyber Saxon

Once again Dave lassoed in another HBO Rome actor!!! Also was featured on the Game of Thrones…. Tobias Menzies!!! Its very cool to have the Romans become the Mandos for Star Wars. It makes this whole thing so much more special. It was interesting to see Tyber after his brother Gar. To be honest I liked Gar more. Tyber seemed to be drowned with power and definitely underestimated how well the Clans were organized. Tyber completely turned his back on the Mandalorian culture and seriously sucked in by the Empire! For Gar I believe he didn’t totally forget his root as he had different armor on. Poor planning for Tyber was ultimately his downfall. Never let Sabine get her hands on the weapon she created!

This Episode was the best premiere and sadly the last. Each season just kept on getting better and better. But if its any indication on how amazing this episode was, then we are really in for a treat for the rest of the season. Along with the stunning animation and amazing soundtrack!!! While current waiting for the name of the rebellion, feast your eyes on Rebels recon and go behind the scenes!!!



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