Star Wars Rebels - The Call


It’s been a while since we’ve seen the crew of the Ghost on a mission without any support, contact, or outside assistance (in the form of a cameo) from the fledgling Rebellion, but that’s where “The Call” takes us. Dangerously low on fuel (and warm blankets, apparently), the crew of The Ghost are out searching for an out-of-the-way fuel refinery that supplies the Empire. Stealing the fuel and trashing the refinery kills two birds with one stone in that they get to keep flying around, and they inconvenience the Empire. In a desperate situation, we see how resource-poor the Rebellion is at this stage, and how it has to scratch and claw for everything they have.

Random Observations:

  • Even though Ezra’s “physical” Force abilities may have stagnated in this episode (and even failed him at one point), his ability to connect with creatures on another level is growing. We first saw it with the Fyrnocks in season one, but when the other creature is as intelligent as the Purgills appear to be, it’s a new level of understanding.
  • An apprentice overshadowing his master in his connection and usage of The Force? Where have we seen this before? “in some ways… a lot of ways… I’m ahead of him.”
  • How’d that work out? Could we be going down that path again? It’s a definite possibility at this point based on what we’ve seen so far, and in the trailer.
  • When Ezra failed to stop himself from falling, Kanan uses The Force to grab and pull him up to the platform. Why couldn’t/didn’t Vader do this with Luke in Empire? Surely that was not beyond Vader’s capability? Hmm.
  • More connective tissue across Star Wars eras: the Mining Guild gets another mention.
  • Purgills can travel at light speed? That’s equal parts puzzling and neat, but certainly an interesting twist in the Star Wars universe.
  • If ever there was any doubt that Hera and Kanan were more than just teammates, this episode puts another hole in that belief. Their bickering and needling of each other is very much that of an old married couple. Couple that with Sabine’s comments a couple weeks back that she was raised by good parents (an obvious reference to Kanan and Hera), and the picture gets even clearer.
  • Rodians. So incompetent in everything they do. They make Stormtroopers look like the ’72 Dolphins.
  • Related to incompetent Rodians – modified TIE fighters are cool and all but they’re easy enough targets as they are; these ones were even more useless.
  • The administrator of the refinery runs like something out of a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Got what he deserved in the end.

“The Call” was as solid an episode as we’ve seen in season two. Noting that again, nothing earth-shattering happened, but we did get some fantastic visuals and continued set up for what’s yet to come, especially where Ezra is concerned. The Inquisitors have been absent for over two months now, and it feels very much like a soft spot in a show like The Walking Dead, where the characters enjoy a few episodes of relative peace, only to have it shattered in dramatic fashion. There are only seven episodes left in season two and obviously there’s a lot left to be explored, and lots of consequences to fall. Next week’s episode features the return of Cham Syndulla so we can expect to see hints at Hera’s potential future landing spot, as well as her past. Check out the preview here. Final verdict: 8/10

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