Star Wars season two resumes with a fairly quiet but somewhat nostalgic turn in The Lost Commanders. The crew of the Ghost follow up on some advice from a coy Ahsoka about the whereabouts of some “help” in their struggle against the Empire.

It’s spoilers from here on in, so if you still haven’t seen the episode, it’s time to stop reading.

So who were these “mysterious” friends of Ahsoka? None other than Captain Rex, who has been holed up in an old Republic tank with fellow clones Wolffe and Gregor. How they finally located the former clones was a clever bit of old meets new, something Filoni is doing a masterful job of with Clone Wars and Rebels. Using the severed head of an old separatist droid, they followed homed in on “7567”, better known as Rex’ birth number.

The standout part of this episode was seeing how Kanan reacted to being confronted with three Clone Wars-era soldiers, in the flesh, right in front of him. After all, these are the same troops that suddenly and abruptly turned on their Jedi Generals. Of course, we wouldn’t have had this moment had Ahsoka not been so secretive about who she was sending them to meet in the first place, but that would have ruined the moment for a lot of viewers.

Not a lot happens in this episode, to be frank. Aside from an old fan favorite rejoining the fray (and all of the implications you want to glean from that) there’s not much here to chew on. Of course, we’re just getting started, and so it’s appropriate that the episode ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, as it’s clear that the Imperial probe droid did its job in reporting the Rebels’ location to the Empire. Star Wars fans know all too well that once a probe droid does its job, what follows isn’t all that pleasant.

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