It’s never too late to divulge good news, and even though this is already “out there”, we haven’t yet spoken about it here. Let’s fix that now and introduce you to the Star Wars Commonwealth!

Since hopping on twitter nearly a year ago, a lot of people have come and gone through my timeline. But some names come and stick. And some of those names have even become friends. As our blog and podcast got off the ground, it was only natural to seek out some peers to learn from, share with, and hopefully, grow with. Most importantly, we’d talk about the galaxy far, far away and have a ton of fun doing it!

With that said, we’re very happy to announce that we’ve joined forces with Talk Star Wars and Generation X-Wing to form the #StarWarsCommonwealth network!

Find the network on iTunes, Twitter, and Facebook!

What’s with the network? In a crowded podcast market, one can never get enough help and support. So with that in mind, we will be helping to promote each other’s podcasts and other content. We would love to have along for the ride! Be sure to tweet using the #StarWarsCommonwealth!

A little about our partners:

Talk Star Wars features Marc, Rob, Steven, and Paul; a quartet of awesome blokes who break down the news and themes of the movies, books, games, toys, and more. Hailing from England, these guys are very laid back, very knowledgeable, and very welcoming of everyone to their vast ecosystem! Find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iTunesStitcher, and YouTube!

Generation X-Wing – with Star Wars in their hearts, but retro pop-culture on their minds, Rob, Anil, Josh (and whoever else stops by) deliver a weekly dose of nostalgia. If you spent any time as a child in the 80’s or 90’s, these guys deliver a podcast that will leave you longing for the old days! Find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iTunes and Stitcher!

And then there’s us! Check out our team on twitter; myself, Cory and James! Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and on Facebook, and Instagram!

If you own a podcast and want to leverage the voices of others to help grow your show, then drop us a line! We’d love to chat with you about coming a member of the Star Wars Commonwealth!

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