Episode 41 – It’s a Nostalgia Thing

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Welcome back once again, everyone? How are you liking our Tuesday release dates? It’s been happening more and more lately and it may be a permanent thing, but as always, we want your thoughts on it, first!

In this week’s show, we talk about:

  • Lupita Nyong’o not having shot her scenes as Maz Kanata for episode 8 yet,
  • Star Wars Rebels, including Darth Maul’s future, and Bo-Katan’s return,
  • And whether or not Luke Skywalker should make some sort of appearance in the series,
  • Our 2nd installment of Star Wars / Seinfeld mash-ups,
  • and much more!

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Social Media Etiquette for The Force Awakens

With just under three weeks to go before the release of The Force Awakens, one thing I’m not seeing a lot of chatter about is how to approach social media in the first hours and days after its release. For those lucky enough to see the movie on the 17th (or sooner in some cases, like those who will attend the premiere), they will surely want to unpack what they’ve just seen. With all of the things we’ll see and feels that we’ll feel, the go-to place in 2015 to talk about these things is social media, be it on facebook or on twitter.

Is there an agreed-upon etiquette? Or is it a case of “log on to social media at your own risk”?

Certainly the moment people walk out of theaters on the 17th after the credits roll, fans will be under no legal requirement to stay quiet about what they’ve seen. With no NDA to worry about, people will tweet and post about the movie, like it or not. That might make them jerks in your eyes, but what is the proper course of action? Should those who haven’t seent he movie stay off social media entirely, or beg users to please PLEASE keep a lid on it until people have had a chance to see it?

Keeping things in reality, I know that no matter what “we” want, it won’t happen. Social media will be a minefield for those who won’t be able to see the movie in the first couple of days. They’ll no doubt expect to not be spoiled, yet they won’t stay away from social media; why fear Star Wars spoilers when you wanted to do was see Aunt Gertie’s photos from her Bingo club Christmas part?

It’s going to be a standoff for sure. Where do you stand? Will you tweet to your heart’s content as soon as you see it, putting the onus on those who haven’t seen it to stay away from social media? Or show some consideration for those who want to be surprised and give it a couple of days? It’s equally unrealistic to expect that those who are excited to discuss the movie sit on their thoughts for an undefined amount of time.  Personally I think people who are sensitive to spoilers will have to show some restraint and resourcefulness if they want to remain spoiler-free until they see the movie. Using filters and muting features, people with a spoiler sensitivity have a fighting chance to “stay pure”, and I believe the onus is on them to keep themselves that way.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or @tumblingsaber.

Snoke and Kylo Get Some Love


In today’s installment of “what does Star Wars have in store for us?”, we get an all-new 60-second spot that expands ever so slightly on the forces of evil in the film. Still no glimpses of Snoke (or Luke, again), but some new dialogue:

“Even you have never faced such a test.”

Snoke to Kylo Ren.

This TV spot has a lot of newness to it, so if you’re in blackout mode, you’ll want to avoid.

Do You Have A Pre-The Force Awakens Ritual?


With the worldwide release of The Force Awakens just one month away, hype for the movie is nearing critical mass. Everyone that has seen the movie in its present state has had nothing but immense praise for it. Fans are frothing at the mouth to see this film, and are consuming every little morsel they can to appease the insatiable appetite. In the last week alone we’ve had a bunch of  new TV spots, magazine articles, and news items about the seventh Star Wars movie. Kerosene on the blazing bonfire.

As our minds once again focus and get carried away with all things Star Wars, it’s time to ask what your plans are for the final month. What are you going to do in preparation for The Force Awakens? Will you watch the movies again? Which ones? Are you going to take in a marathon at your local cinema? Will you binge watch Clone Wars or Rebels? Books? Comics? Games? No doubt a ton of fans are immersed neck-deep in the freshly released Battlefront, so that’s how they’ll get at least a part of their fix. Some will probably watch whatever trailers and TV spots are out there on a loop.

At the other end of the spectrum, some might completely abstain from anything Star Wars and let the experience be as fresh and powerful as it was the first time they saw it.

Personally, I’m going to try to run through the original trilogy with my daughter (who is soon turning five). I’ll also play the soundtracks over and over again, keep writing here, and interacting on twitter.

What’s your game plan? Let me know @tumblingsaber, or in the comments below.


The Force Awakens Speculation: Why do Finn and Poe Seem to Dislike Each Other


In case you need it spelled out for you, there are potential spoilers ahead….

During the recent avalanche of released footage for The Force Awakens, we see much from the sequence where Finn and Poe escape the First Order aboard a TIE fighter, then crash on the surface of Jakku. From there, the characters part ways until we see them in what can only be described as a stand-offish reunion at the Resistance Base, presumably as everyone is scrambling to attack the Starkiller base.

So what gives? They escaped a dire situation together so shouldn’t they be pals? You’d think so, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. So what happens between them? Does Poe let one rip in the cockpit of the TIE? Maybe, but is that enough to piss Finn off that badly? My guess is that upon crashing on Jakku, Poe wakes up first, and not only ditches his jacket, but ditches Finn as well. Either thinking he’s dead, or dying, or that he’s a Stormtrooper that can’t be trusted, it appears as though Poe leaves Finn behind. That seems rather cold doesn’t it? I’m sure there’s more to the story than what trailers and images published in magazines tell us. It seems like their arrangement is one of convenience at the start, and ends with a frosty reunion at the Resistance base, where Poe seems genuinely glad to see Finn alive, and looks to be somewhat apologetic. For his part, Finn looks less than impressed with the guy who just left him there after he helped Poe escape the First Order. If I were left behind after rescuing someone in desperation probably feel a little betrayed, too.

What do you think? Scroll through the images and let me know if I’m on the right track. Leave your thoughts below, or tweet me @tumblingsaber.

Finn escoring Poe to....somewhere.

Finn escoring Poe to….somewhere.

They look to be in disagreements about something. Where to go? How to get there?

They look to be in disagreements about something. Where to go? How to get there?

They try blasting their way free in the hangar

They try blasting their way free in the hangar

TIE fighter breaks free of its tether and speeds off in to space

TIE fighter breaks free of its tether and speeds off in to space

Hux orders the fleeing TIE , carrying a deserter and resistance prisoner shot down

Hux orders the fleeing TIE , carrying a deserter and resistance prisoner, shot down

Their escaping TIE is hit

Their escaping TIE is hit

TIE fighter crashes on surface of Jakku.

TIE fighter crashes on surface of Jakku.

Finn wakes up after crashing...where's Poe?

Finn wakes up after crashing…where’s Poe?

Finn makes his way to local settlement - with Poe's jacket.

Finn makes his way to local settlement – with Poe’s jacket.

A frosty reunion at the Resistance Base...I wouldn't be thrilled to see a guy who I thought ditched me, either.

A frosty reunion at the Resistance Base…I wouldn’t be thrilled to see a guy who I thought ditched me, either.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens 60 Second TV Spot Rundown


Some pain and suffering had to be endured, and I couldn’t do it. But late is better than never, and we all have the latest video from The Force Awakens at our fingertips this morning.

I can also admit when I’m wrong. I thought that all we’d get a grand regurgitation of previously seen footage, pitched at the Thursday night couch surfing crowd. It looked as though that’s what we were going to get for a long while, but if you were brave (and bored) enough to sit through two hours on ABC, then you were among the first to be treated to 60 seconds of mostly all new footage and a couple new lines of dialogue. Nothing earth shattering, and again no plot details but a couple things for fans to chew on.

Hello, Admiral Ackbar!

Hello, Admiral Ackbar!

Finn does battle with a stormtrooper wielding a prequel-era-inspired electrostaff.

Finn does battle with a stormtrooper wielding a prequel-era-inspired electrostaff.


Han Solo doing more than looking like the coolest guy in the galaxy.


Thoughts on this latest footage? Are we done now? Let me know in the comments, or @tumblingsaber.

Special Look at The Force Awakens This Thursday!


It seems as though JJ Abrams was lying through his teeth, or he had no idea how much content from The Force Awakens Lucasfilm/Disney planned to release before the film’s opening. Tune in to ABC for a special look at The Force Awakens this Thursday, November 12th at 8pm ET (7pm CT).


What are we going to see? My guess is this will mostly be recycled content with a few new shots and generic lines of dialogue snuck in just to keep us hardcore fans drooling.

Also, if you were planning on skipping the AMA’s, well now you have a reason to stick around, as John Williams will be conducting a special performance of some kind of Star Wars music. Will it be the opening title music? Or something from The Force Awakens? With all of the curve balls tossed our way in the last little bit, I won’t be the least bit surprised if they stun us with something new.

What do you think of these two announcements? Let me know in the comments below or @tumblingsaber.

First The Force Awakens TV Spot


Now they’re just toying with us.

Just two days ago we got the surprise International trailer, and now we get a 30 second TV spot. But what a great 30 seconds. Not for the visuals, or for Yoda’s theme playing in the background, but by the voice-over work of Maz Kanata, as she talks about having seen “the same eyes in different people”. This line spoken as images of Rey, Han, Poe and Finn fill the screen. Who’s eyes is she talking about? What is she getting at by saying that she’s seen the same eyes in different people? A familial link? Or can we say that the eyes being a window to the soul allow her to see the eyes of a fighter? The eyes of a good person?

It’s a riveting passage from Kanata, as it pushes against some of the biggest questions that fandom wants answered. Who are Rey’s parents? Who is Kylo Ren? How do all these players connect to one another? We don’t know yet but Maz Kanata looks to be one of the most interesting characters emerging out of this content. She is going to be a gold mine of content, probably for a few years. She seems to have vast knowledge of what has happened in the galaxy far, far away, and who the players were in the game.

As was the case with Friday’s International trailer, we continue to get the impression that Rey is going to be the central figure of the film (and trilogy?). This has all but confirmed, and this TV spot does nothing to change the course of this discussion. We get mostly previously seen footage, but this time around we get the opening shot of the Falcon on Takodana (above), a closeup of Han on the snow planet, and a few shots of Rey in action; taking down some thug on Jakku with her staff, unloading her blaster in Kylo Ren’s direction (who hardly seems challenged by it), and at the helm of the Falcon.




And just as the Falcon opens the spot, it closes it, in shot that will also stand out in fans minds:


With the rate at which stuff is coming at us now, who’s to say how much more we’ll see before the film drops worldwide on December 18th. I’m personally hoping that we don’t see much more, and that the film’s surprises remain a secret until we can witness them for ourselves.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or @tumblingsaber.

New International Teaser Trailer for The Force Awakens


“Hope was not lost today. It was found”.

-Maz Kanata

Well this was certainly unexpected.

If you’re just hitting the internets for the first time today, you might be finding links to the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Yeah, we were told that we weren’t getting any new trailers and I think everyone believed that, but here we go again with new footage to digest. This trailer still doesn’t reveal a lot about the plot, so I’m calling it another teaser on steroids, but this time we’re treated to a lot more dialogue from Rey and Maz Kanata, as well as Rey with BB8. We learn that Rey has been “waiting for her family”, whoever they are, and that her name is in fact Rey (some thought that was a ruse). If you haven’t figured it out yet, this trailer makes it crystal clear that Rey is indeed the film’s main protagonist, which probably means she’s the trilogy’s main protagonist.

We are blitzed with amazing visuals and new music and it again reinforces that this franchise is in the right hands. They’ve also made it clear that this film will mirror A New Hope in many ways, including Maz’ reference to hope being found, and not to mention visuals like this:

Look familiar?

This should look familiar to Star Wars fans

Want more great shots?

This kind of shot has never been seen in Star Wars; very reminiscent of old classic war movies.

This kind of shot has never been seen in Star Wars; very reminiscent of old classic war movies.

BB-8 bolts. Another wonderful shot.

BB-8 flees with precious cargo. Another wonderful shot.

We've never quite seen X-Wings like this, either.

We’ve never quite seen X-Wings like this, either.

Shots of the downed Star Destroyer on Jakku never get old.

Shots of the downed Star Destroyer on Jakku never get old.

It still needs to be confirmed whether or not the music we hear in the trailer is new stuff from John Williams or re-arranged stuff done by somebody else, but it certainly feels closer to Williams’ style than the last trailer does.

Oh, and still no Luke Skywalker. Sorry to all those who still think he plays a prominent role in the film.

41 days to go. 40 if you’re seeing it on December 17th. And just 37 if you fly Air France on December 14th.

And if you’re Daniel Fleetwood, this is all old news to you. Congrats on having your wish granted, and major props to Disney/Lucasfilm for making it happen.

What did you think of the new trailer? Have your say below, or let me know @tumblingsaber.

The Force Awakens Soundtrack – Guessing at Content


This blog post has been at the draft stage for a few weeks now, but before anything leaks, I think it’s time to put it out there, especially since a quick snipped about John Boyega attending a scoring session of The Force Awakens soundtrack has emerged online:

Ask any group of Star Wars fans what they enjoy most about the Star Wars saga, and you’re sure to get at least a few people saying that John Williams’ work is their favorite part of the movies. With such iconic cues like the Main Title, Imperial March, Rebel Fanfare, Duel of the Fates, and Battle of Heroes, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who can’t identify Star Wars music, whether they’re fans of the movies or not.

When the full trailer dropped a couple weeks ago, we were treated to tons of new visuals and given a smattering of dialogue. But we also heard some familiar tunes, rearranged either specifically for the trailer, or that might also appear in the film. The rearrangement of both Leia’s and The Force’s theme were amazing, even if it wasn’t John Williams’ work. It all got me thinking about some of the familiar, and new music we’re bound to hear come December 17, or 18, depending on when you get to see the movie (or if you fly Air France on December 14th you lucky dog).

So let’s take a half-baked stab at some of the themes and cues that we’re bound to hear based on what we think is known about the film so far. I’m not trying to line them up in the order in which we hear them, I just want to get them listed.

There’s spoilery things in the titles below, so tread carefully if you’re sensitive to such things.

  • Rey’s theme
  • Finn’s theme – confirmed, right?
  • Kylo Ren’s theme
  • C-3P0, R2D2 theme
  • BB-8’s theme
  • Supreme Leader Snoke’s theme
  • Leia & Han’s theme – revisited
  • The Force / Obi-Wan’s theme – revisited
  • Luke’s theme – revisited
  • Theme for Maz Kanata’s lair
  • Flying through Star Destroyer wreckage
  • Skirmish with pirates/thugs
  • First Order March
  • Jakku village
  • Massacre on Jakku
  • Flashback sequence / Knights of Ren
  • Starkiller base reveal / Starkiller base does its thing
  • Speeder chase
  • Final battle sequence
  • Death of somebody Star Wars fans love
  • Kylo vs Finn
  • Celebration / Medal ceremony – revisited

Obviously there’s a lot of classic themes that John Williams will have to weave in to the soundtrack, but in an updated form. From what is being said from those who have heard the music, John Williams has outdone himself, which is an insanely high bar to set. I probably listen to the soundtracks more than I watch the movies these days, so to say that I’m looking forward to the release of the soundtrack is an understatement!

Feel free to let me know via the comments below, or at @tumblingsaber what else you think we may hear (or not hear) in The Force Awakens.