It was inevitable from the moment Disney had announced the purchase of Lucasfilm, and the immenent arrival of a new trilogy, but today The Hollywood Reporter has reported that The Force Awakens has eclipsed 1 billion dollars in worldwide gross – in just 12 days!

With a second weekend haul of 153.5 million dollars in North America (544.6 total domestic), and 133.3 internationally, The Force Awakens has now hit 1.09 billion dollar in 12 days, one day faster than Jurassic World – which had the benefit of Chinese audiences.

Think about that – The Force Awakens has not even opened in China yet. The sky is the limit when it opens to that massive audience! As for North America, I don’t know how much it will rake in when all is said and done, but Avatar’s days at the top of the heap are numbered! Have to imagine that a billion dollars of domestic gross are entirely possible, which is staggering to think about.

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