For the last 3 weeks, On twitter, If you are a Star Wars Rebels Fan and have twitter, You’d be most likely  participating in the #RebelsPhotoChallenge

It was totally fun, and opened up the fan-base, myself included.  There were many great moments in these 3 weeks! I’ve highlighted some of my very favourites from the others below….. but first I had the privilege to talk to the wonderful lady who created it all! Amy Wishman Nalan!

Amy Wishman Nalan is the talented lady that created the #RebelPhotoChallenge. Shes a mother, avid reader and a contributor to Unmistakablysw. You can follow her @AmyWishman.

Em: What gave you this idea to make the Photo Challenge?

AWN:  I Saw some folks doing 100 day countdown to The Last Jedi and I wanted to do something to spotlight Rebels, especially as the final season (sob) approaches.

Em: Totally, I’m so crushed but at least the show gets to end on their own terms!

AWN: Yes. I am grateful for that too. This show has such a special place in my heart.

Em: Did you think that your idea would become so popular so quickly? Were you excited? Were you surprised?

AWN:  I was genuinely surprised but thrilled! I thought maybe a couple people would join, so the response has been amazing! The best parts have been connnecting with the other Rebels fans and reliving so many of the grat moments from the show.

Em: For sure! These guys are the heart of the rebellion!?

AWN: Definitely.

Em: Does your kids what the show with you too? And who’s their favourite?

AWN: Yes we watch it together, which makes it even more special. My 7-year-old likes Ezra and Sabine the most. My 9-year-old favorites are Zeb and Sabine.

Em: Awe! It continues to generation! I wonder if you could something for the season 4. Just before the finale of the season?

AWN: Thats a good idea. A send off and Celebration would be appropriate.

Em: Totally, because i can imagine it will be a roller coaster of emotions *Thanks Dave*

AWN: I’m sure it will be. *cries*

Em: Couple more questions….how long have you’ve been a fan of the show? And in Star wars in general?

AWN: I was born in 1980, and grew up watching the original Trilogy on the VHS in our living room. I found Rebels in 2015 and fell in love with it immediately .

Em: Then the female aspect too of movies/shows, becuase for me i was teased in school for loving Star Wars, the impact it gives, for us, to show that star wars is just not for the boys!?

AWN: Yes. My brother and i went to see the special editions in theatures and we just a handful from our school. No one was really into Star Wars. So now showing their Fandom with pride.

Em: With the cosplays, and even Vanessa, Tiya, Ashley, Daisy and Felicity breaking down a path for us!

AWN: Absolutel. Historically there’s an imbalance and representation. Its time to balance the scales.

Em: Finally! Thanks So much once againn for talking with me about your wise brain and pulling out the fans from the woodwork with this fantasctic countdown!

AWN: Thanks. Finding you online has been one of the highlights!

Em: Thanks so much! My little lothcat gets the credit!

That was very kind words of her at the end……Here are some of my favourites from the last 3 weeks from the other fans! All of them were Amazing!


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  1. Great recap, Em!
    And thanks for including me in there, I just have to giggle every time I see that shot! XD

  2. Thanks for featuring some of my tweets! And a huge thanks for conducting this interview! Amy has given us a fun way to count down the days to season four. Reading everyone’s replies has been a real joy. 🙂

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