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I hope you guys are getting used to our longer-length episodes because we certainly push the limits today! Join in as Cory, James, and I are joined by our very good friend Rob from the awesome Talk Star Wars podcast (seriously, have you subscribed yet?)! We recap everything that struck us coming out of SWCE! We have to warn you to get the ear muffs out, and put your big boy pants on because this episode went off the rails before it started! We had a ton of fun recording and we hope you enjoy!

Noteworthy stuff coming out of Star Wars Celebration includes:

    • Mark Hamill’s opening panel – what an amazing storyteller and stage presenter!
    • Ahsoka Lives panel – What’s the future for Snips?
    • Rogue One sizzle reel thoughts – maybe not what we were expecting, but still awesome! We’re stoked, and I seemingly have my prayer answered by having a big name in Star Wars lore make an appearance!
    • Rebels Season 3 trailer – this show is going to be breaking new ground and threw some huge surprises thrown at us!
    • Cinema’s worst-kept secret is finally confirmed – Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo!
    • Star Wars Episode 8 news – not much to talk about, but we did get confirmation of the time gap between episodes 7 and 8. And did Carrie Fisher let something slip, again?
    • No opening crawl for Rogue One? Blasphemy! Or is it?
    • One quick listener question answered!

That’s it for this week! Make sure to check out Marc and Rob over at Talk Star Wars! And help James reach a lifelong dream and get some YouTube views! Here’s his clever little anagram video for Episode 8!

Thanks for listening in! Seriously! We appreciate all the time you give us, especially this week with such a long show! If you haven’t already, please subscribe in iTunes and be sure to leave us a review! As always, any questions for us (Star Wars related or not) can be sent to to kyle@tumbingsaber.com, or drop a comment below and we’ll read it on the show!



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