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Hey everyone, welcome back!

We were besieged by technical difficulties yet again this week, and this time they scored a decisive victory. Not to worry, we still manage 90 solid minutes of Star Wars talk for you! In this week’s episode we nurse our Star Wars Celebration hangover with a San Diego Comic-Con chaser.

There were some confirmations on the subject of novels, as well as the announcement of some really really sweet 6″ black series figures!

We delve a little deeper in to the lack of time jump between The Force Awakens and the now-wrapped Episode VIII!

We also talk about what I like to call the Rocket Raccoon of the Star Wars universe – Bistan!

Dave Filoni made some interesting comments about the endgame of Rebels – we definitely break that down here and I’m sure we will do so again!

JJ Abrams revealed what he’d like to see as a standalone movie – the Knights of Ren! We definitely agree but we spend a couple minutes talking about our own preferences. Except for me, I forgot to say anything on the matter.

And then the gremlins struck! They killed our random thoughts segment, so we’ll roll those in to next week’s show and double-down on our deep musings!

That’s it for this week! Make sure to check out Marc and Rob over at Talk Star Wars! And help James reach a lifelong dream and get some YouTube views! Here’s his clever little anagram video for Episode 8!

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