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Hola! Happy Monday! We hope you had a great weekend and are itching for your next dose of Star Wars talk. In this 28th episode of the show, we take a pit stop in collector’s alley as I get made fun for how I represent myself as an aggregator of Star Wars collectibles! It was yet another thin week in terms of Star Wars news to speculate and freak out over, but we plow ahead in to the void with a 2-hour tour de force! Episode 28 is alive and well, and in this episode, James, Cory, and I talk about:

  • Episode VIII theories, including the potential of a legacy character finally embracing their power, and a bit about Luke and Rey’s relationship,
  • Insane Star Wars collectibles so authentic (and pricey) that we couldn’t help but fantasize about them.
  • Adam Driver’s absence in social media – keeping things frosty between audience and antagonist?
  • Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, a theory brought to us by our friends over at Talk Star Wars
  • Jedi / Sith power sets, and what we would change about them (Jedi super speed is stupid – there – I said it!),
  • Comic books, industry gimmicks and cheap tricks, like turning an iconic hero to evil,
  • Guilty pleasure movies. Cheesefest, or just plain hated? We have our say because we love them anyway!

We had a ton of fun recording this episode and it feels as much a chill conversation than any show we’ve done so we certainly hope you enjoy it, too.

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TumblingSaber podcast - talking Star Wars collectibles in episode 28!

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