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30 episodes already? Time flies and we’ve come a long way in six months talking about the galaxy far, far away! Join us this week as Cory and I recap of all of last week’s big Star Wars Rogue One news, and then tackle a few listener questions from faithful listeners Ads, Brian, and Josiah.

  • For starters, we congratulate James on the arrival of baby #3. Another Jedi youngling has landed happy and healthy! Everyone is well and we look forward to having James back next week, assuming things shift back to normalcy!
  • We then talk about the official character profiles, vague as they are for the main characters in Rogue One!
  • We touch on Mon Mothma’s expanded role, giving praise to those who gave her the reigns instead of writing in a new character. They had the best route laid right before them and they made it work.
  • James Earl Jones is back for another turn as Sith Lord Darth Vader. How many more turns will he get? Who knows, so let’s cherish this go-round with all of the fervour and zeal that Star Wars fans are known for!
  • In addition, listen to Cory describe his experiences in giving birth to children, and his thoughts on Star Wars mainstays like Sam Gerrera and Dave Filioni. You know those guys, right?
  • If you listen to the show, you’ll hear the promo from our friends over at Talk Star Wars. Be sure to check them out for another tremendous Star Wars podcast! You won’t regret it!

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