Rebels taking us to Tatooine?

Have you seen Holocrons of Fate yet? Have you read our review? Ready for another round of crazy speculation? No? Me neither, but I’m doing it anyway!

In Holocrons of Fate, Ezra reveals to Maul that he wants the key to destroying the Sith. Maul says he’s looking for hope, whatever that means (I say it’s a trick). So they merge the Jedi and Sith holocrons, and drink in the visions, which point them to Tatooine…we think.

Given the way Maul staggered off in post-vision shock, he probably assumed Obi-Wan dead. Not many secrets seemed to have eluded Maul over the years, but this was one of them. In a daze, Maul completely abandons his broken down space station, the Sith holocron, and the crew of the Ghost and immediately departs for Tatooine…right? He’s had a long-running feud with Kenobi that he believed to be over, but apparently it’s game on!

And what of Ezra? His interpretation of the holocron’s image showed him an image of twin suns, an image we fans know all too well. Maul knows it well, too, as he was there about 30 years earlier to kill Queen Amidala, but instead had to settle for round one with Qui-Gon. We don’t know how long it will take for Ezra to figure out what the image of the twin suns ought to lead him but it’s not hard to see this season leading up to heated confrontations on the burning sands of Tatooine.

We already know that Ezra and Maul both fail in their goals; Ezra doesn’t destroy the Sith, and Maul doesn’t take down Obi-Wan. So what would happen, assuming there’s some sort of clash there?

Once on Tatooine, Ezra would want the participation and support of whatever / whoever the key to destroying the Sith is (remember, at this point Ezra doesn’t know). Obi-Wan would certainly deny Ezra access to Luke at this point. Would Obi-Wan even reveal what he’s doing on Tatooine, or who he’s protecting? Remember, Luke doesn’t even know what the Force is in A New Hope, so there’s no way he can join the conflict.

We’ve seen Ezra’s temper flare more than once over feeling like he isn’t powerful enough to protect his friends. Could Obi-Wan’s refusal to help Ezra gain access to Luke provoke some kind of fight between them? It’s difficult to imagine Obi-Wan “the negotiator” Kenobi being incapable of de-escalating the situation, but if it went down this gut-wrenching road, it would signal the beginning of the end of Ezra.

If Ezra and Obi-Wan is a simmering kettle, all we need to bring it to a boil is a dash of dark side mischief. Enter Maul, who still wants to kill Obi-Wan for well-known reasons. Maul, ever the pro trickster, seizes an opportunity to tip the scales in his favour, and lure Ezra closer to becoming his apprentice at the same time. Maul prods a frustrated Ezra, telling him that Obi-Wan is really the enemy. With a common goal of destroying the Sith, why is Obi-Wan withholding the key to destroying the Sith? It’s not hard to believe that Ezra would buy in to this.

Ezra is an open pipe of natural gas, and Maul is the match. Kanan, not to be forgotten, tries desperately to reason with Ezra, but the die have been cast. Maul pushes Ezra beyond his breaking point, and chaos ensues. We get a four-way battle on the sands of Tatooine. In this corner, Maul and Ezra vs Obi-Wan and Kanan in the other corner, no holds barred!

Dire consequences would have to ensue after this kind of throw down. Who stands, and who falls? Surely another meeting between Maul and Obi-Wan has to be Maul’s last stand, doesn’t it? If Maul were to discover Obi-Wan’s secret, there’s no way Kenobi could let him leave with that information, right? What about Kanan? Would he survive such a battle? And where does Ezra’s allegiance lie when the dust settles? My kingdom for a mid-season finale where Maul escapes with Ezra in tow, and Kanan’s fate unresolved!

This potential storyline will have a ripple effect, and may reveal whether we ever get an Obi-Wan standalone movie. I know my imagination is running wild (it wouldn’t be the first time), and I bet yours is, too! I’m dying to see what the team at Lucasfilm have in store for us. More than likely, all of this is bunk and we’re in for something completely different. Or maybe you have a wild imagination of your own and want to share your version of events! Please feel free to do so in the comments below, on twitter, or facebook!

What do you think of this potential direction?


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