It seems obvious now that we’ve seen the movie, doesn’t it? We don’t have confirmation and I don’t know if anyone has asked the question, but the pile of rubble that Kylo Ren rests Darth Vader’s burnt helmet on…are those Darth Vader’s ashes? If that’s the case, then it adds another level of creepiness to Kylo Ren’s shrine to Vader. Not only does he have the most imposing symbol of Darth Vader’s fearsomeness, but he may also have his bodily remains and keep them in an open-air urn. Weird.

Could that have any additional impact on the trilogy? Can Snoke and Ren conjure some as of yet unknown dark side power to bring Darth Vader back? With the old rumor that Vader will return in some form in Episode 8, I have to wonder if those ashes somehow play a role in that return.

Pure speculation for the moment!

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